3DS: Smealum postpones Homebrew Loader release, in light of new 3DS announcement by Nintendo


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47 Responses

  1. Albatar says:

    I hope gateway will be compatible !

    • The Z says:

      Seriously, f#ck Gateway and their *** 3DS warez flashcard…

    • SsJVasto says:

      @Albatar The point of this hack is to put Homebrew directly in your SD Card, no Gateway or other flashcart required.

      Did you mean “I hope gateway will be compatible [to run the exploit]”, then No, because this is an exploit for a 3DS game, not a NDS game…

    • chingon says:

      why buy a DS when you can emulate just about all DS ROMS through Drastic DS Emulator???

  2. Theswweet says:

    Understandable why he would want to try and get 2 birds with 1 stone if he can. That extra processing power and RAM could be invaluable to some homebrew, and the new built in features must certainly be enticing.

    I’m fine waiting a little while, if it means potential n3DS homebrew within the first few weeks. Either way I get to try out some new homebrew eventually, either with my regular 3DS or my new one, so a little extra time to investigate the new system makes sense to me.

  3. Hackmanjenkins says:

    Nice write up as always. I was anxiously awaiting this release like everyone else yet I don’t see the need for all the hate he got on Twitter. Yes it sucks but we aren’t entitled to this release. It is his work and it’s up to him what he does with it.

  4. BillyBobThor says:

    I totally agree with the desiccation. Better to wait and have a hacked new system with homebrew than blow the only publicly exploit there is for a system that wont support some of the new 3DS games.

  5. nohax4ever says:

    Nobody seems to realize that manufacturing lead times are months in advance. There is a reason the new hardware code is in firm 8.0, which was released in july. It makes no sense to wait, the release firmware is already hacked.

    • lel says:

      they can just release the new 3DS with a newer firmware that patches the exploit…
      the new hardware code is on 8.0 probably just for testing purposes from Nintendo, and also it might be related with developers making games for that hardware.

      • Kiwiwi says:

        The New 3Ds are already in prodouce and nearly ready for the jp release and the fe eill be lower than the current one!!

    • wololo says:

      @nohax4ever, that’s a fair point, looks like it would be a logistics nightmare to bring a new firmware to the units less than a month before the units ship to resellers

      • Jorsher says:

        While Nintendo is highly unlikely to go back and reflash the manufactured hardware, it may limit the amount of hardware that’s sold with the exploited firmware.

        While this is extremely exciting, I would prefer he wait. As said in the article: the extra performance and hardware would be great for homebrew.

      • The Z says:

        Not really. Apple does the same.

        After 6 weeks after a new iOS version has been released, it has been installed at every newly bought iPhone, as long as it is not lying in the stores already.

        They update their devices before they ship them to the carriers.

        • roswell108 says:

          A new CPU, new controls, and NFC are substantial enough to require a new firmware either way. Apple releases a new iOS version before each new device line to account for the new hardware. That would be the valid comparison.

          • yo says:

            I’m fairly certain there’s going to be a day one(or close to) patch for the New3DS as well as an update for the older 3DS units for compatibility reasons.

            As for Apple: they don’t actually update the device prior to shipping. Like everyone else it just depends on when the device was manufactured. eg. iOS 7.1.2 is released so all the factories switch the install images over to 7.1.2. Earlier devices are still going to be using whatever was latest when they were made. They do however, update replacement units for AppleCare exchanges as those are not sealed units. Those units are made specifically for AppleCare and do not even have real packaging.

            Apple stores also have this annoying tendency to “set up” your device for you as well as update it when you first purchase it. If they ask to help put in your SIM card or set iCloud for you say no if you plan on jailbreaking. Even if the latest iOS is exploitable.

  6. Enigma says:

    Smart move on his part. Just wait for the US/EUR release. Damn 3ds’s are regioned lock so let’s make sure the whole world can have homebrew. The hombrew scene would benefit from the extra power in the new console. And scenes need as many people on board to thrive. The only way to keep people on board is to make the scene worth supporting. i.e. if you can play n64 on the newer models and not on the older ones, everyone will want a newer one.

    • Kiwiwi says:

      You don’t know when N. will release the N3DS in EU/NA …so maybe we’ll get it in september 2015 and I can’t wait that long

      • chad says:

        @Kiwiwi You can’t wait that long? Just because you can’t, I hope you have to. What terrible thing will happen to you if it’s not released on a date suitable for YOU? If the release date is to far in the future for you, you could always start working on finding an exploit for yourself that way you will be guranteed to have it before Sept. 2015. After you find it just make sure you release it at a time suitable to someone other than yourself and all will be well in the world.


  7. lex3a says:

    Smea – the biggest troll on the 3ds scene.

    • Fox says:

      A troll, but a productive one nonetheless. I hope during the downtime he finds out more stuff to make his hack more effective when he does release it.

  8. rg says:

    Save the exploit till the theres a second or at least till nintendo is done with the 3ds to get full potential out of all models who cares if its 5 years from now it will still be a fun console once homebrew becomes available like the psp for now gateway is fine hopefully they can add homebrew somehow soon

  9. lel says:

    He never had it to start with, the new data just gave him the tipoff he needed to hide behind a delay. Enjoy waiting forever.

  10. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    Though I highly doubt the new model brings any significant change in code, delaying his realase is the most logical thing to do right now.
    You can’t blame him for trying to recruit this new model in his advance, who knows, perhaps the extra power of this system will do good for emulators and such.

  11. psp revival says:

    Guy can do whatever he wants with his work, but the exploit game is from a narrow catalogue of games given the hints released so Nintendo will find it and look for others.

    Of course other hackers will also be in the hunt and may release before Smealum with a .iso loader irony.

  12. Anon says:

    I would even support waiting until the western release next year. Having a working exploit for the new hardware is a big deal, worth waiting for. People will have to deal with it, postponing is sensible.

  13. maskofsin says:

    really, the best smea would do if he won’t wait until 2015 is test his cfw on new 3ds on japan, that would be this year. if he releases and if it’s compatible, nintendo would surely patch the EU and US versions in 2015. I know I don’t have enough knowledge to do half of what he does and every member on the scene, but this delay doesn’t seem helpful at all. Anyway, I thank him and pretty much everyone else who at least tries to do something we can all enjoy for free.

  14. Mamimi says:

    Seems completely illogical to wait to release this because a new system that may not be released everywhere for a year, that hardly anybody will own for a while after, is coming EVENTUALLY, MAYBE, when the loader is working and available NOW. That’s what an update is for. If the loader doesn’t take advantage of the new hardware, update it when the new 3DS comes out, and let everyone use what works now for the months and months in the meantime until the new hardware exists at retail. The decision to delay makes zero sense. Why make everyone wait to use software for future unreleased hardware we may not even want to own, when we could be using it NOW on something we already have?

    • roswell108 says:

      It was obvious when he gave an ETA before even having the site ready that he is fairly new to projects like this. More pressure is only going to scare him off.

  15. Aneudi says:

    Just buy a budget phone, which most likely be stronger than two new 3ds combined for homebrew.

  16. Smoker1 says:

    I am wondering if this new 3DS will be the Small Screen variant, or will it be XL Sized or bigger? Due to more RAM, Power and 2 Additional Shoulder Buttons, then it should be XL or bigger hopefully.

  17. matt says:

    Im not sure what sort of homebrew i would use on a 3DS , i have an Android Tablet , phone , Ouya, PSP, Vita, and Pandora to play homebrew on already.
    Looks like you could be waiting a long time to play homebrew on the 3DS, not sure why the delay.

  18. Nintendo need sales improvements says:

    the company work hard times to release in this christmas a excellent hand video game console, strategy or is coming new games for this new 3ds XL?

    • Conjo says:

      Afaik, for now Xenoblade Chronicles is the only game that will come to the New 3DS3
      …for now…

  19. :v says:

    Can’t you wait around 2-3 months?
    As a human being you’re useless, please kill yourself.

  20. ss4gogeta069 says:

    What’s sad is you actually breathe air that a hampster could be using. Much more productively I might add.

    • waka says:

      Wow, I didn’t expect my post to be approved by mods. But since it has, yeah I’m the useless one. No one here, including smea, has contributed anything useful to the console hacking scene in years. It’s dead, done. You guys can go on and debate your overly entitled opinions about what’s best for the scene, but the truth is there is no scene. And most of you have had nothing to do with it when it was alive.

      :v it’s not about patience. What I’m saying is its too late. The window is gone. Nintendo will not slip up like that again. If smea knows an exploit, especially after explaining it for so long. Nintendo knows it. It will be patched in upcoming versions, start from step one with no back door.

      Jomariner that was less productive then what I said. Your statement about the usefulness of war shows the true mental atrophy. Marines are not cool despite what your friends think.

      You guys enjoy the dead scene and debating nothing.

  21. ??? says:

    dude, well said

  22. matt says:

    Good point about Nintendo patching the exploit on the next 3ds , looks like smea’s exploit could be vapour ware.

  23. widjaya says:

    We are know the new 3DS can have new feature, like improving CPU, and additional button. Smealum doing right decision have to wait right time and make sure new 3DS will enough for all user in market and look and gateway team, over 1 year they can’t exploit newer than 4.5. Be patient pal

  24. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve added
    you guys to my personal blogroll.

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