Upcoming VHBL release for the latest PS Vita firmware


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  1. ivo says:

    surprising ?.?

  2. Franz says:

    Done with this *** a long time ago lol no tn-v anyway my phone and tablet can run emulators just fine and i can still play killzone online

  3. Ryan says:

    Wow Wololo, I’m sorry about all the people giving you a hard time that it’s not TV-N. I’m happy that it’s anything at all, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Thank you!

  4. Zul says:

    WOW.. I really love to hear it… Thanks wololo

  5. vjshot says:

    I wait patiently, thank you 🙂

    greetings from Chile

  6. DAX-XIII says:

    hei….i want to play PSP game on PS VITA on FIRMWARE 3.18…..Please Help Me…..

    • Setzer Gabianni says:

      Let me explain you: there are two tipes of releases: 1) A VHBL release or 2) a TN-V release. With the first one you only can run homebrew that run in PSP and with the second one you can run homebrew and ISO’s from PSP.
      This depends on which “deep” (to say it somehow) it’s the security faillure of the launcher game (the one you have to buy from PSN).
      In this case you only can run VHBL (homebrew only) in your vita, but with a little of luck (and some time) wololo and his team could make it happend that this exploit can run PSP ISO’s (this isn’t allways happend) so to resume:

      1) you have to update your psvita to the last oficial FW and create an account in the PSN the game it’s selling (this is gonna be announced in a few days) and activate the vita in that account, this is to buy the game, also you need to buy a PSN card for that PSN to buy the game (it could be anywere in the planet but almost always is a USA, EU or Japan).
      2) you have to became a forum member to know the name of the game when the ninja release it’s avaiable (and buy it the faster you can).
      3) you need to wait a little (about 1 week) to download the necesary files to do the hack (it will be public in the page when sony pulls down the game from the store)

      Also I recomend you to install the Open CMA in your computer (it’s in download’s section) because when the game it’s pulled down from the store it would be inpossible to transfer from your pc to the vita if you deleted from the vita.
      And that’s it. Sorry if I say something bad, I’m a spanish speaker.
      Good luck.

      • JCK07115 says:

        There is no such thing as a TN-V release, although I do know what you are implying. There are two types of exploits namely, usermode exploit and kernel exploit (or commonly known as kexploit). They are both based on the PSP environment; meaning if all these exploits are based off of PSP games (which have unsigned code, which can be used to trigger these exploits). A usermode exploit, arguably, is easier to find, hence, the usual initial release of usermode exploits (which grant (V)HBL privileges) before the game is worked upon some more and the usermode exploit is used to trigger a kexploit (which enables us to port TN-V or ARK which are originally PSP-CustomFirmWare, but on the Vita we refer to them as eCFW or CustomEmulatorFirmware, because we are emulating the PSP custom firmware environment on a PS Vita).

        • JCK07115 says:

          It is only the kexploit loader files that are provided for us, that help us load TN-V or ARK; the exploits are the real issues. Sorry if I seem harsh or redundant but you have to use jargon (vocabulary specific to a profession) correctly.

  7. sera says:

    Oh I cant wait for this!

    I lost my exploit :/

    Running 3.18!

    I hope I can grab this before Sony takes it down…

    Thank you Z !

  8. Erlandi Gomes says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been following this site a long time, and you guys have been doing a great job. I’m very thankful for helping me a lot. I’m very excited for the new ninja game and I suspect that is Numblast game. 😉

  9. Willager says:

    Hi, I was wondering how I would be able to download said exploit game if I can’t even access the PSN store on my vita without updating to 3.18 from 3.15???

    • James says:

      This exploit is for 3.18, go ahead and update if you want it.

      • Setzer Gabianni says:

        And even in that case you can do the Charles proxy trick to download the game from that firmware.

    • JCK07115 says:

      The Z explains how to use the “download queue” of the desktop version of the PS Store to obtain games while on a lower firmware (not the most up-to-date OFW):

      The Charles proxy method bypasses the update by tricking the Vita into thinking that you are updating to the latest firmware when in actuality you are not; you tweak the numbers in the update file. I don’t think you will be able to gain access to the PS Store even after doing this, this will only ensure that the Vita doesn’t force the update on you (hence, you won’t mistakenly patch the exploit). Your best shot of getting the game on a lower firmware is the link I gave you, watch the video.

  10. bear says:

    So this is a separate exploit for just vhbl which only allows homebrew use. TN-V4 will require a completely different game to use with iso’s cso’s etc. Just curious is all. I’ll get it either way.

    • stars-light says:

      i have the same question so please anyone to answer??

    • eirurainon says:

      You guys need to research the forums and learn. the reason no one answers these questions is because they have been asked a thousand times. you need to understand what a vhbl is and then you will get your answer. I’m still new to the forum but even I know the answers that your searching for simply by doing some light reading. stop being lazy and read up on VHBL.

    • JCK07115 says:

      Just a ways above on this article, Setzer Gabianni and myself say a little about usermode exploits ( [V]HBL ) and kernel exploits. Use the /talk forum to learn more about the Vita hacking scene.

  11. stars-light says:

    would you please tell us if this new exploit will lead to k-exploit and CFW TN-V finally for sure ???

    • JCK07115 says:

      “Obligatory disclaimer required here: VHBL is a user mode loader for PSP homebrews. It does not allow you to run PSP isos, let alone Vita pirated games. However, the exploit attached to it might be useful in the future for any potential PSP Kernel exploit triggered within the PSP emulator on the Vita (which would allow to run higher level tools such as TN-V).” (The Article Above)

      It might be able to trigger a PSP kexploit which in turn will give us the privilege to run eCFWs such as ARK or TN-V. They might not be able to say for now, be patient. Also, almost all games released solely for VHBL have been further exploited to produce CEFs.

  12. Aeroth says:

    It will be surprising if it’s avaiable in PSN-BR. I’ll be walking in the clouds if it happens, I have been waiting for that for ages .

    I believe this time I’ll get it \o/

  13. Longboardb says:

    bro, way to go! stoked over this. i cant wait!

  14. ROXXERO says:

    l hope there ls a way to use the sim card for phone use 😉

  15. marios92 says:

    I can create psn account with pc so in this way if exploit is released i can use on buyed psvita immediately?

    • Ricky D says:

      Yes, if you go out and buy a Vita immediately before the game gets pulled from PSN. If you wait til after it’s pulled you can’t use it

      The key is to get the game downloaded and backed up to your PC before it gets pulled from PSN

  16. rus25 says:

    Can it be that the game is arcade pool?

  17. Aeroth says:

    All I want is that it’s avaiable for PSN BR =D If it’s, I’ll be happy forever and play SONIC WINGS on my vita \o/

  18. JCK07115 says:

    Can everyone please just shut up about what game they think it is? lol :\

    • stars-light says:

      would you please be polite and speak normally with people?? who are you to ordering others to shut up??? don’t be silly more than what you are

  19. cjro11 says:

    hola soy nuevo con la consola psp vita tiene la versión 3.18 me podrían ayudar para la liberación y cual juego debo comprar para poder liberar mi psp

  20. cjro11 says:

    hi i am new to the psp vita console has 3.18 version could help me to release and which game should I buy in order to release my psp

  21. Link2sai says:

    I saw that fw3.30 is coming is it true? N is this going to affect the ninja release

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