Do you wanna learn exploit hunting? Now’s your chance!


I like beer.

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  1. Kryptek says:

    Hey does anyone know any links to the BEST tutorials I wanna learn how to find exploits and I have a lot of PSP games to use

  2. Name says:

    o_O You kids still beating the dead horse “PSP Emulator”? When will you start start moving onto actual Vita coding/hacking?

    • Kryptek says:

      We can’t as of right now, the vita’s security is too strong everyones waiting for someone to find some kind of ‘exploit’ that will let us tap into the vita. lemme know when you can do that

    • goth1k says:

      So how far have you got in the Vita scene fella?

      If the PSP emulator is the weakest point of the Vita software then thats where the devs have to start. So how about you stop criticizing and either help or ***.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      This is the typical comment from leeches that only demand but never give back. Just because we don’t show anything public doesn’t mean there isn’t work being done. The big difference between PSP and vita that prevents us from going too public about it is the fact that we don’t know what information we can give away without Sony patches it all. The last time a native hacker went public with his work was yifanlu’s uvloader and it got patched, and uvloader doesn’t really have much difference from vhbl and it didn’t show the actual exploit to get it working.

    • APRON-MAN says:

      What you somehow can magically tell thats DAX or something?

    • FonFon says:

      You leecher make it sound so easy how about you try hacking it yourself ohhh wait you can’t so ***.

    • :v says:

      Based on how he wrote…. he seems to be nasser luffy or however was called that guy from KOALAteam.
      Or maybe other f*ucktard form that team, who knows

      • Acid_Snake says:

        yeah that’s probably nasser luffy (or abdou, or however the *** he wants to call himself) or that koala guy who is nothing more than a tattoo “artist” wanting 5 minutes of fame on the internet (we actually know koala’s real name and where he works btw).
        They have been calling us “kids” and “script kiddies” (as if they even know what that term means) but have provided nothing for the scene other than publicly humiliating themselves and looking like a bunch of ***.

    • Negrodamus says:


    • The Z says:

      “I actually figured out who this person is by the way he typed his comment”

      “I can tell by the pixels that this is a shopped image”, yea, sure.

      As long as he is neither Dark~AleX, nor Nem or some of the other old dogs of the early 1.xx PSP scene, he is not important enough to be “better than the 6.xx CFW and Vita eCFW scene”.

  3. tar says:

    I will get there

  4. guy_mah says:

    i wanna learn how to find a exploits

  5. Guy_Mah says:

    I wanna know how to find a exploits

  6. frostyrose says:

    Seems interesting, if scientist can use a collective network of gamers to speed up the solving of diseases, no reason we can’t use a collective to speed up home-brew development.

    PM sent

  7. TheHollander says:

    Hey… Just wanted to say thanks for the Info… That’s cool… I’m gonna have to give it a go once, whenever I get a chance to…

  8. Fudo says:

    Hi, i wanted to ask if anyone know why when i use remote play some of the games force me to return to XBM before starting? ^^

  9. afehst says:

    if sony already patched the games, can you release the name of the games and maybe the exploits for it, i haven’t updated my ps vita yet

  10. Alex says:

    I honestly think that the best the scene can do for now is the psp exploits, which is fine with me. I’m not a dev even though I’d like to try, so I can’t sit here and say y’all ain’t doin ***. Y’all do great work just because. Somewhere along the line something might get “accidentally” leaked by Sony like the Pandora battery and magic memory stick.
    I’m not saying it’s the only way, but it’ll definitely give the possibility of a native Vita hack a push in the right direction.

  11. Darth Agnon says:

    What are the requirements (equipment, previous experience, time, risk of bricking) to become an exploit hunter, Acid_Snake?

  12. Ricky D says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier or at least better in the long run to maybe just walk people through how an old exploit was found and put to use so they could have an example right in front of them to compare what they’re doing with other games

    I have a fairly large number of PSP games and a PSP Go with CFW that could be put to use for the cause

  13. siferx says:

    10 games sounds like you have a leak that needs plugged

    • matt123337 says:

      Or Sony is also checking games for common exploits (like bufferoverflows with strings, those are the easiest ones to find) now.

    • anonanon says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just going through a backlog of crash reports.

  14. hene193 says:

    Is there somewhere a list from those patched games? I remember that The Z has an access to the file which has the list but I don’t know if he already released the list?

  15. R!s says:

    well im wonderin. have you taken advantage of the delain bugs or the fact that if you delete a video there is a possibility that with system restore you can have it back in your that I THINK that the programing of vita defers in the language,which i asumed because it cannot understand the type of some files like photos and videos that psp did.its also a good reason for the very high security.JUST SAYN

    • R!s says:

      it could explain the delay of the system too . i dont think that sony would make a console like this with cheap chipset

  16. Zach says:

    So are these 10 games going to be released to us, if any of us have by some chance of luck downloaded them already? I am kind of annoyed that these have been on the back burner and are now gone.

  17. gbot says:

    This a pretty good chance actually if you are into exploit hunting

  18. 『  』 says:

    Hello Acid_Snake, I sent an message to you on Wololo Talk, but you haven’t replied yet. It might be that you are busy but I hope that I can get a reply soon.