So where’s the next VHBL release for US users?


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  1. James says:

    Great News 🙂

  2. ErnieBall says:

    As an EU User i was lucky with Space Invaders, but of course a Kernel Exploit would be even cooler. Do you have ( and are you willing/ able to share) any Information about, which Regions will have access to the game?

    • mlc says:

      Kernel exploits are in the PSemu/firmware, not the individual game. So unless this kernel exploit is unique, it should be compatible with every game that has a VHBL release. (until after it is patched in some future firmware)

      As in anyone with TN-V below 2.02 is using the 2.02 kernel exploit, and everyone with TN-V below 3.01 but above 2.02 is using the 3.01 kernel exploit. Assuming there is a kernel exploit in the future, it should be able to work with any of the currently released VHBL exploits above 3.01 but below whichever firmware patches the kernel exploit. (as long as people port it to each game exploit, and the new kernel exploit isn’t dependent upon some bug that was introduced in a particular later firmware)

      • ErnieBall says:

        thanks for the clarification, i mixed something up here. Also thx for giving this detailed reply, instead of calling me a *** noob, like some people would 😀
        It is most appreciated!

  3. chronicar says:

    Bummer. Was looking forward to the US exploit, new Vita owner here. Would have grabbed Space Invaders if I knew this was the case, nonetheless looking forward to potential releases in the future.

  4. lolwut says:

    unpatchable exploit ?

  5. israfel07 says:

    What is a vita retail? Please, thank you!

    • wololo says:

      It’s a Vita that regular people like you and I can purchase, per opposition, for example, to a debug unit

  6. gamr13 says:

    “additional hacks we do not want to be patched right now (it would feel like a waste for a “mere” VHBL release). ”

    I suspect something big coming soon?

  7. Unsatisfactory says:

    Turns out the “If you’re in North America, don’t worry as we’ll have something for you very soon.” statement was false.

    And the “good news” is rumors..

    gj wololo, gj.

    • Alextwolf says:

      Not necessarily true. These guys and girls bust their butts trying to get something to us rabid users. So I can appreciate bad or good news as long as there is some hope. Also if you read the article of 8 days of gaming by Acid_snake; then you would know that he is going to be announcing something on the last article next week. If you don`t like being patient then go troll somewhere else.

    • wololo says:

      @Unsatisfactory: everyone makes mistakes, and we have a pretty good track record of delivering results on this site. Look at all the things Acid_Snake and qwikrazor87 have delivered so far, don’t look at the one time they overlooked a limitation!

      • Dockotis says:

        @wololo, people usually only care about what they want and not care too much of anything else unfortunately… I see and understand what is entailed to get these exploits good and ready because I tried it myself (patched lol!)… I did a generic buffer overflow exploit and even that was annoying (awhile ago, before UNO, and been using KoP now)… I have respect for them and yourself… with that being said, I repeat, some people care only about what they want and nothing else… Regardless of what’s said, this isn’t always going to be easy, and *** happens… People whom can’t understand that, and look at the track record of hard work that has been done, are just being greedy…

      • JCK07115 says:

        Wololo, I would like to know if you know whether a new Vita comes with firmware lower than 3.15? Thanks and I, personally, and I believe a huge amount of other people sincerely appreciate all the effort being put into granting us a chance to relive our childhoods and enjoy other user-developed software. \o/

        God bless

    • DarkDante says:

      geez man give ’em a break…..this site has brought more joy to my vita than ANYTHING sony has released (mostly thanks to tn-v!) and these people are doing all this for free. there’s no room for negative comments here, ask a question, say thank you, donate money and you’ve done your part

  8. brunoso says:

    seriously, im only return to see the psvita scene when some more important discovery was found. Im tired to buy a game to run a psp game, then sony patch again. Its only a waste of time and money….

  9. Buzzcut says:


  10. Sascha says:

    As a non-US user (EU) who first got his vita days after the space invaders exploit was released, exploited and patched I can see how this news might be frustrating for US users. But then again, wololo and friends are providing a free hack for you and when they “cancel” a release for whatever reason I think it should still be appreciated that they are up front about it. Nobody is perfect, mistakes can happen.

    • Tad Watherson says:

      lol wololo and friends? sounds like an 80’s super hero club. next release should have a wololo and friends gameboot or something included.

  11. Dylan H says:

    Ugh. Can we seriously stop with the VHBL ***? Sure, it’s nice to play PSP homebrew, but that’s the only thing you guys work on. We need a Vita exploit, if I wanted to play PSP homebrew or PSP ISO’s, I woud buy a PSP. I’m not bashing the hard working people porting VHBL, but seriously, we need to focus on trying to exploit the Vita.

    • mma _jedi says:

      Ignorant much?

    • wizardinblack says:

      Then go buy a *** psp, because it is a lot cheaper then the $5-$20 game you need for an exploit and quit complaining. Seriously, do you even know anything about coding? Let alone what it would take to reverse engineer a console that was was probably created with security being the highest priority?

      Why don’t you bring us an exploit because apparently it just needs “more focus”…

      • Dylan H says:

        I know how to code in simple HTML and I am very proficient in JavaScript. I tried to learn C++, but it looks like ***, so I gave up. I’m not complaining, I’m trying to get you guys to listen, it’s been 2 years now, and all we have is VHBL. We need to focus on trying to find an actual vunerability in the Vita. So, I know a lot about coding, do you? And more people working on this means the sooner some results turn up, look at my reply to Acid Snake.

        • JCK07115 says:

          Hey Dylan, are you a registered user on I would love to add you as a friend. Also, great programming resume. I learnt Java a while ago and C++ is quite similar, syntactically. So Java might be the way to go first and afterwards, C++. I also learnt some basic MASM using Visual Studio as an IDE; it was quite fun. Alright, cheers for now and hoping you see this.

    • gunblade says:

      Well the vita pretty cool.

    • Dylan H says:

      I’m not a leach, I would try to help out with the community, but I just don’t have the coding skills. I know it’s pain a pain in the *** to try to look for it, but we gotta try, I would try to help out, but I don’t have a job yet, nor do I have the money or the hardware to test any of this. I’m not a “leach”, I’m just trying to get you guys to focus a little more on actual Vita exploiting. No need to rage and get angry at me, I understand that the work is hard, and I had VHBL at one point and it was nice, I even tried to make my own exploit, I didn’t get far because I did not have a PSP to create custom save files to test. I understand the current situation, and I tried to contribute to the community, don’t get angry with me when I am telling the truth, we all need to focus on exploiting the Vita. Not trying to sound like an ***, but it’s true. I am grateful for the work you guys have done, but I think it would be wise to put more focus on moving on, yes? Now, don’t rage at me again, please.

      • darkdream says:

        I dont want a native Vita hack for at least 2 more years. The vita is at that point where it can pick up an pace and end up getting good games and support from Sony. A native hack can ruin all of that, as devs would have even less of a reason to make games for the console than they already do.

        I’ll stick with my vhbl.

  12. mma _jedi says:

    I think it’s time to buy a second Vita. One for PSN and multiplayer and one for ecfw. I had TN on 3.01 but updated. Will be nice to see another kexploit.
    thnx guys, keep up the good fight!

    • Kira Slith says:

      Don’t bother buying a 2nd vita. Get a Nvidia shield, install XPMB and PPSSPP, it will do literally everything a eCFW Vita or CFW PSP will do until a real haxploit gets going. but if you don’t plan on buying a 2nd device, just stick to eCFW and VHBLs

      • alpmaster says:

        No buy the JXD S7800B 7 inch 4 point touch screen dual analogs android Quad Core Processer. Just buy the shield if you have a gaming computer if not you will have to purchase a video card to utilize pc streaming. Also the price of the JXD is cheaper.

      • alpmaster says:

        Also thats a lie ppsspp does not play every PSP game like ECFW the compatibility is very low.

  13. Great news! Really looking forward to that Kernel Exploit! Can’t wait to see what envelops…

    Keep up the amazing work Devs! Once again the work you guys do does NOT go unappreciated!

  14. solidsnake says:

    Nice work!

  15. arz02 says:

    Thanks a lot Wololo, Acid_Snake, qwikrazor87, Total_Noob and every one of you guys who on despite of all the jerks that post *** here and there, still give us these hacks and things for do more with our consoles

  16. fsss says:

    I hope TN’s new ver can bring some more amazing funtions , just like unlock 64m momery or give a path access to psv hardcore mod.

    • ... says:

      You really don’t understand the state of native Vita exploits, do you?

      • zkin says:

        forget about native vita exploit you guys always metion about it but never find it

    • gunblade says:

      Usermod It’s a sandboxed psp or virtual psp a good psp emulater tough. So the emu limited to the firmware. cools like that u can make a ps3 speicialmode. Wish I keep my ps3 at 3.0 or below 3.70.

  17. Dante69 says:

    Thanks for keeping people updated on the exploit progress on the latest firmwares Wololo! I have 2 1001 PSVitas. One with 3.01 KoP TN-V kexploit and one that is on the latest firmware. I recommend for people to invest in a second Vita because purchasing a exploited game every firmware release could cost you more money in the long run.

  18. Jackattack says:

    I’m definitely fine with waiting for a proper exploit so I can play my PSP games that Sony and or publishers absolutely refuse to release on PSN so I can buy them yet again. Emulators are nice and all but frankly it’s the dumbest thing to do on the Vita given how cell phones are, I.E nice larger screens and plenty of horsepower, and the price of Vita memory cards. It’s a nice bonus, sure, but pretty stupid to devote so much effort towards when far better things can be done by focusing your energy elsewhere.

    • ErnieBall says:

      I actualy play allot emulated games on my Vita. Yes my phone could do it aswell, but there’s no way i can play jump n’ runs with touch controlls. I like buttons! And i’m not going to take a Dualshock3 with me anywhere.

  19. DERP says:

    thank for the nice work!

  20. GREGAR1000 says:


  21. SecondVitaCrap says:

    Are you seriously buying 2 vitas just to get VHBL on one and play *** emulators you could play FOR FREE on PC, NVIDIA Shield, Android, iOS… What a bunch of idiots..

  22. Sleeping Booty says:

    Is there any possibility of any exploit game being reused? For example, persona 2 being able to exploit 3.15?

    • mlc says:

      Theoretically yes, but I believe it rarely happens. I’ve forgotten what game it was now, but there was at least one game which was exploited again on a higher firmware.* But that was due to finding a different exploitable mistake in the same game, after the original exploit had been patched by Sony.

      So it’s fairly unlikely, but not impossible. I would assume it’s fairly uncommon because the “easier” exploit will generally be the one that is found first, so few people will be looking for new exploits in a game that someone has already searched through. So it’s highly unlikely that any particular game you choose (like Persona 2) will be re-exploited, but it’s entirely possible that it will happen eventually.

      *Actually it looks like it was a lot of games. (the “Arcade” games had multiple exploits)

  23. Greg says:

    Final fantasy type-0 English patched version on my vita is awesome

  24. Leires says:

    Still happily sitting on the Megamix exploit, there’s not been anything i can think of that i want off PSN as of late, but it’s always good news to have more people added to the VHBL/ksploit pool.

    That said, personally i say that it’s better to wait for a great release, rather than a release because everyone wants one. There’s been -tons- of releases so far, -plenty- of chances for -years- to get in the pool. If you’ve had to wait this long, what’s a few more months? You (assumedly) bought your vita to enjoy it more than homebrew, since otherwise you’dve just got a PSP anyway. Just be patient, ya’ll.

    Also also, though everyone begs and pleads for a vita exploit, lets look at a few facts..

    1. The vita library (from a pirates perspective), is -very- lacking. If the vita was hacked now, there’s no doubt sony would ditch support even harder for it (at least in the US, lucky japan has all those great visual novels).

    2. Building an SDK and such (if you read around) for this is -way- harder than a PSP. Coding differences of a PSP vs a vita is apparently like fixing a bike vs fixing a car. It’d not only take a -long- time for an exploit to be useful to people like us, but as it sits, really, all it would do is free up ram and a stronger of a CPU.

    While that miiiight enable better emulators/homebrew, for the cost of a vita you can probably get a better homebrew/emulator device elsewhere.

    3. If they released an exploit now (assuming there is one that possibly works on current firmware), before the above points (a working SDK, a decent library), it’d only get patched immediately and we’d be back at square one, with a HUGE loss on our side.

    There is -no- current reason at all for a vita exploit. It would solely harm the vita. I know people don’t read around, and there’s always gonna be people who read things like this with glazed eyes, but this is the reality. Maybe in a few years it’ll be more viable, but currently, outside of epeen ‘YEY WE DID IT’, there’s no useable reason period i can think of to release a vita exploit right now. (not that there is one >_>)

  25. Waffle_Towel says:

    It doesn’t work on retail Vitas? … What kind of Vitas are the Devs using?

    On another note, you guys are doing amazing on all of this. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to giving us this!

    • Yifan Lu says:

      They are using PSPs, which technically isn’t a retail vita. It isn’t a vita at all. In fact, wololo could have said “the devs have found that the exploit does not start properly on toasters” and still be technically right (which is the best kind of right) 😉

    • gunblade says:

      Right I mean I won’t my vita with like double the ram built in hard drive better WiFi antenna with a sliding keyboard or and a umd drive so I canplay my psp games.

      • gunblade says:

        Well maybe and a umd drive seems prety simple to set up with the fat vita atleast thinking thinking about it.

  26. Shockwave says:

    Whats a PSP Kernel?

    • Lord Darton Staker says:

      If you put your PSP in the Microwave it becomes insta-hacked! You don’t need any fancy software, just set the timer for 1 minute and you are set!

      I have heard better results with ovens though…


  27. slcfr says:

    its just like an apricot kernal but has psp written on one side !!!

  28. Dero says:

    This is great news. Thanks for the info. Really grateful for you guys bringing stuff to the vita. Just imagine if you were 3rd party developers for games. I know you guys will do the vita justice if Sony won’t. Good job everyone! !

  29. nishant says:

    Hi wololo u are doing a great job bro….dun knw frnd brought a psp vita with all my saved money…i am from india …i somehow got it from canada….its 3.15….went to market on shops they cant be hacked…..every game is very costly here bro….feeling depressed….searched for space invader extreme its removed….what should i do feeling so depressed why i brought this vita

  30. nishant says:

    Tell me what best can i do which game i should buy which might be exploitable anything