PS Vita Video Out: Initial Analysis


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  1. Hugo Mundo says:

    Nice work!

  2. Albatar says:

    A W E S O M E

  3. dboyz says:

    Katsu will be missed…2014-2014

  4. Nazar_Ops says:

    Personally, I didn’t wait around. I just went ahead and bought the modded PS Vita video out. If you really want TV Out that badly, then I would advice you to buy the modded Vita.

  5. Yifan Lu says:

    Continuing to milk this video out story as always I see 😉

    What ever happened to your “source” who was “gauging interest”?

    And I see you’re finally coming to reason and saying what I’ve been saying four months ago when you’ve been hyping up this video mod craze.

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      You mean this guy?

      And I do realize that the mod isn’t going to be easy. I’ll do my best to make something out of it though.

      • josh_axey says:

        I like the part where you take all my research and months of telling you how it is not a sensible idea, and then pass it off as yours with a mention of ‘special thanks’.

        Pretty cool read. 10/10 would read again.

        • josh_axey says:

          I think you may have missed the point, but thanks for your input none the less. Your comment understands none of the context involved in the issue at hand.
          If I wanted money, I would have asked for some. Do you see any reference to me and wanting money or free things?
          I was unhappy with the use of “a lot of” instead of “all of”. Something tells me most people would feel the same having their work passed off in that manner.

          I tackled this as a research project to see if it was viable to produce a product that a general consumer could readily use with the intent of having the whole thing open source, PCB design and all. I am an open hardware advocate, so cut the ***.

          You know nothing about me or my contributions, so perhaps you could refrain from attacking me personally next time.

          If you do actually want to know the story, you can feel free to message me on the forums any time.

        • josh_axey says:

          Also, could you please educate me on what entitles you to the information I gathered with my time and equipment that is paid for with my own money? I’d really love to know. Open information is available because people are kind, not because you are entitled to it.

        • josh_axey says:

          Might I also add that it’s not people like me – who are doing the work – that are bad for this scene. It is people like yourself. The ungrateful, entitled, abusive end user. Ask yourself a simple question of logic: “Why did he not disclose the information himself?”
          You’ll probably come across the answer of the information not being ready, or not being useful.

          If you think talented developers and researchers aren’t holding their cards close to their chest or holding unfinished work back, then you’re a bigger idiot than you convey here.

    • alpmaster says:

      Yifanlu why can’t you release your firmware you had when you had your native exploit that was not blocked

    • josh_axey says:

      And as I have been saying, even if you find a cheaper method via another supplier, or via use of a custom FPGA solution, or even pixie dust, the real issue remains the infeasibility of having end users that can either install it, or get it installed for a price that isn’t the same as an off the shelf SCE console. As I said, why do you think the USB solution exists as it is, and at it’s current price and difficulty to get installed for an average consumer.

  6. alec says:

    Maybe there is another way to get the video on a tv than hdmi?? And by mipi you are talking about the organisation?? Then this is a dsi signal? I’m fairly interested in those type of things and i’d like to try it on my side just to pass time.

    • alec says:

      Also i’ve been checking out the way the touchscreen works and it’s communicating by i2c with the vita.. So i’ve found the protocol manual on the web and bought another touch screen that i’ll get soon. I hope to get some results and (maybe) find a way to use the vita with a mouse 🙂

    • josh_axey says:

      Yes, DSI lanes. You should find I2C on the touchscreen bus and the LCD bus (but you probably know this). Good luck.

  7. antbird says:

    Just wanted the vita cfw hack so that we can play vita games without buying.

    • Will says:

      People like you are the main reason I hope that never happens. PSP has a ton of games that never made it overseas, and tons of franchises that were left to die because you think you’re above paying for something that cost money to make.

      • Jackattack says:

        Too bad it doesn’t work that way in reality. Piracy can actually be linked to keeping the PSP alive when it was struggling. With piracy and proper emulation, people were still buying the hardware despite the lackluster games. Plus, people like him aren’t exactly great contributors to the gaming financial pool as it is…

        Frankly, I think it’s idiotic to keep thinking that the Vita will suffer if people crack it open. It already is suffering. It’s just an indie *** to Sony. Unfortunately, to properly crack it open to proper homebrew, piracy would be enabled. Who cares at this point, Sony has made it clear they’re not going to assist localizations like they did on the PSP and devs are already making it clear they don’t care about the western market because Sony doesn’t care.

        There’s a *** ton of later PSP releases and most of what didn’t make it here had nothing to do with piracy but everything to do with localization costs and a small market having even a smaller market for niche games.

        • fate6 says:

          Let me clear something up for you, Did piracy kill the PSP? No it did not as more people ended up buying the hardware but the software sales if anything went down, Why does this matter? Well just look at the Wii.

          It sold like crazy but no one was buying games so 3rd parties simple decided to not support the WiiU since they would very likely end up at a loss again.

          • fate6 says:

            I also would like to point out what made Playstation famous to begin with. All dat JP games.

            I know SCE promised AAA quality games on the go and it is possible but they are so set that GFX = sales, So they figure no one would be interested in PS3 quality any more.

            I personally love JRPG’s and am happy with what the Vita is becoming but I also understand these kinds of games are not for everyone and unfortunately many western devs think that since they can’t push PS4 quality graphics that no one would buy the games, To me it has always been gameplay first then story and finally graphics.

            This is how I see it at least.

          • zorak_torok says:

            Hey :-> I totally agree with you here!

          • Acid_Snake says:

            yeah Japanese games used to be top quality. But with the *** Xbox 360 brodude community becoming a norm, worldwide Japanese developers have started to werternize their games and now they don’t have that charm anymore. Look how brodude Metal Gear has become.

        • Smith says:

          It amazes me that developers AND publishers have come out to talk about how they didn’t want to make PSP games because software sales were too low, especially in USA, and people STILL deny its what lowered support. Vita on the other hand has high software sales which is what prompted Xseed, Bandai, and Nisa to start localizing as many vita games as they could. Vita has more games planned for it than 3DS, and allowing piracy will stop that.

      • 110706 says:

        Haha yea Will. That’s why Monster Hunter, GT, GoW, GTA sold like hot bread for PSP.

        Piracy does affect games but not as much as some point it out. Or maybe you can tell us how the above mentioned games managed to sell millions when PSP unlocking (piracy) was achievable even by a hobo watching a YT tutorial.

        • Will says:

          MH sold because of japanese sales. Japanese don’t pirate because consequences are much stricter there. GT, GoW, and GTA sold because that was at the point when piracy was still not as high as later years when you didn’t even need to run out and buy the exploit game which were normally small hard to find titles.

          *** 2 was released on Steam only because PSP version of *** 1 sold nothing due to piracy

          • 110706 says:

            Piracy was florishing then. By the time GoW released, there were pandoras batteries everywhere. You have no idea what you’re talking about bud.

      • gunblade says:

        And around itouch and droid gamers shifted from psp. but still a tuff market umd probly cost as much and memory cards. But the psp I think I heard was easier to crack then the ps3. Ps3 dude works fo google now so cool.

    • faiz says:

      it would be intelligent to let another 2-3 years until a kernelmode (cfw) hack,unless you want these games and no more?
      im saying wait for more aaa games

      • Nazar_Ops says:

        There wont be anymore AAA games. Which is sad. The Vita is already dying, so why not finish it off with a native Vita Kernel Exploit? At least it will come to an use lol.

        • hgoel0974 says:

          Sony said less first party games, they didn’t say no AAA games, and the Vita isn’t really dying, it’s a good platform for indies

          and any sort of native exploit is easier said than done.

        • theWizardinBlack says:

          This is just plain untrue… apparently sony has SOMETHING that they are working on 1st party wise, although who knows what. And you can’t definitively come to that conclusion until sony comes out and says “Hey! We are no longer making vita games and are handing development over to indie devs!” *crickets*

    • Nazar_Ops says:

      Lol, at least someone is being honest lol. But seriously guys, the Vita is kinda dead. At first when the Vita launched. I was against a Vita CFW, because I didn’t want the support to die out. But looking now at the way Sony is treating the Vita. I kinda want this device to get hacked. At least it would come to an use, rather than being a 200$ doorstep with indie games.

    • eighthdayregret says:

      That’s not a very smart comment to make around here at all.

  8. Jack says:

    Hack is not the only solution to have homebrews. Sony have just to release a free sdk with limited options only for pro devs.
    So everybody can do free apps and if you want to do a big game you have to pay a devkit ^^
    If Sony do this we can have a lot of good free games or apps on the store and someone can make an emulator with all the power of the ps vita and share it on the net.
    I think Sony can sell a lot of PSV if they publish a free sdk.
    But don’t dream guys Sony just want to make money not have a good open device for indie devs.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Ever heard of PSM SDK 2.0 :/

      • fate6 says:

        That^ It has Unity support and iirc more of the Vita will be available soon since there are going to drop the “must be playable on all PSM devices” ***.

        Correct me if i’m wrong of course.

        • josh_axey says:

          Unity for PSM is the most fun I have had sitting down, for a while.
          When you take the ability to create great games easily and run them on the Vita, the only motivation that is left for gaining homebrew – or more – on the Vita is the challenge.

        • Jack says:

          PSM SDK is for PS Mobile you can open your app with your Vita but is very limited.
          Unity is a good thing to make games for PSV but a real PSV SDK can be nice to do some usefull apps like emulators, PC remote play and good stuff like this ^^

  9. techni says:

    Would it be easier to make those external or go with dvi instead of HDMI? It wouldn’t need the encryption at least

  10. Nazar_Ops says:

    To be honest. The only thing that can save the Vita. Is a native PS Vita hack. At first I was against this idea because it would bring piracy and kill off new games. But look at it now… Sony has given up on the Vita, and devs don’t want to invest their money in Vita games anymore.

    So yeah, the only thing that can save this is a native PS Vita Hack. It would be sick to have a Vita version of CXMB.

  11. averhoe says:

    more about psvita-utp out and iphone emulator+jb for pc

  12. Weed42003 says:

    They said less first party titles they never said they will stop making vita games.. Only in the usa vita gets no love even here in the philippines their are a lot of vita owners in my school if us devs support the vita then look at the sales go up ea doesnt give a *** about the vita infinity ward etc

  13. Sky Yuki says:

    Indie as main game isn’t true
    PSM is not even world wide
    So if sony going all out on indie then it’s should be worldwide
    Oh wait the main topic isn’t even about CFW
    How did comment lead to that i wonder………
    Main topic
    Just as i about to buy a vita tv you come up with another video out news =_=
    Still want a vita CFW thought
    So i can do this that,etc any not being limited by sany

  14. 110706 says:

    Hey Jay is this attempt of yours based on OLD Vitas? which have the necessary chips for built-in TV capability as confirmed by Muneki Shimada. Because the Slim version is stripped of it.

    • josh_axey says:

      It’s a study of mine, and yes it is based on the original Vita.
      No there is no easily available means to get video out and no the port in it’s current production state is not for video. All of these quotes from people have been taken way out of context and hyped up by people writing ‘click and bait’ articles.

  15. Smoker1 says:

    I am just wondering what the heck Sony is going to do about the Connection Port on top of the Vita???? It was clearly placed there for SOMETHING yet you never hear anything about it making it a big waist. Least they could do is see about making it a HDMI Connection, or make a Adapter for HDMI capabilities.

    • 110706 says:

      It was already confirmed by Sony it is for TV-out. But they decided to sell another Vita version just for that 1 single use. Vita TV.

      My guess is that Vita sold so terrible that Sony just said : screw the existing tv-out port. Vita is sinking fast. Let’s make another one and advertise it as a dedicated Vita for TV, so we can atleast recover our money invested in PS Vita’s.

      • josh_axey says:

        It may have been for some sort of adapter long ago in the production cycle – but it is NOT for video in it’s current form. And yes, I have confirmed it myself.
        You’re talking about something you don’t understand. Everyone has been so sorely mislead about the “accessory port” and the possibility of video out my some means beyond an FPGA or custom chip that you all don’t know which way is up.
        Take my word for it.

    • wololo says:

      That’s exactly what this is about, katsu has stated he would not release his stuff, so other people are investigating the possibilities to reproduce it. It turns out it would be too expensive to design/manufacture

      • josh_axey says:

        His was achieved in a similar fashion anyway. It was public misconception and language barrier that proliferated it as a cheap solution. Also, this research was geared around a product for consumers, not a design for enthusiasts.

  16. faiz says:

    well clearly,every 4-7 months sony releases a aaa game,also afer they sed less aaa titles,there was another announcement that said more and more first party develpors

  17. Buck Knaked says:

    Seems that the PS Vita 1000’s mystery port has been investigated, and that mods are out there for it enable video-out on the PS Vita (original model):

    Maybe somebody has a test unit that had built-in video-out? There were some of those for Developers. Might be able to reverse engineer what was done to establish the video-out port on a Developer’s PS Vita:

  18. gunblade says:

    Was thinking the vita got nice speacial firmware.

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