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PS Vita Debug Firmware 3.15 spotted at Japan Expo 2014!

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  1. icurafu says:

    These only work on the devkit, with the double ram.

    • fate6 says:

      IDK if the Vita dev kits have 1GB RAM but they do have an extra board used for yifan knows what.

      Firmware would still work tho as all the other devkits have shown us.
      (if you could get it to install and run that is)

  2. Jefphar says:

    Anywhere this Vita can be bought to be studied by hackers? to produce custom Firmwares.

  3. fatman01923 says:

    Got time to record? You got time to steal it! Sarcasm aside, this is quite interesting, if only we can get a dev to somehow study these debug enabled vitas. Nice find and video. 😀

  4. arcangelnew says:

    Good video, but completely useless, is like recording a video about how a medicine is curing the cancer, but without explaining the components of it, and/or a sample of it, so yes the only way to get a copy of that firmware is getting a ps vita developer kit, and I believe the real ps vita firmware will never be released, why?? because we need hardware hackers for it, and the first step to exploit a console is not by the firmware, is by fooling the system, by example: the reset glitch on xbox 360, and the pulse exploit on the psone. I’m really disappointed of the ps vita scene (yes I can’t create an exploit by myself but I can feel disappointed if I want) . Maybe Yifan will save them releasing something useful (not the video out hack), as he is the only one i think can accomplish something, but is a shame he doesn’t want to disclose his work (and I respect his decision). Bottom line: I believe ps vita is gonna fade away before someone is able to exploit it, new sony portable must be in development and maybe we will see it (expo or E# showcase) in 2 years or less.

  5. DarkenLX says:

    this is like Kiosk Firmware/MFW(Modded Firmware) the ps3 had/has it has a pkg installer too which it totally useless unless you can install correct pkg’s which have to be officially signed but i digress fact is with the ps3 MFW can be made easily from existing OFW so its just a matter of you know someone doing something about it for once 😛

  6. Chasez671 says:

    Sorry for my ingorance, but how does this help if we can’t get a hold of such a device?

  7. somebody says:

    this news is just useless, why does The Z even bother to post this? seriously?? this doesn’t help the scene one bit. i wonder how wololo even allows such useless news -.-‘ god they sure hit rock bottom.

    • wololo says:

      Everything that Sony does not let you access on a retail console is potentially interesting. About the “hitting rock bottom” comment… feel free to show me a site that has more accurate and up to date information about Vita hacking 🙂

      • somebody says:

        vita hacking? xD you only do PSP emulator news.
        sidenote: Stop babysitting a *** german teen who thinks bragging about having FWs, that not most people have, is fun.
        I enjoy the other articles like the “WTH happened” and the “Days of gaming”, but now that i think about it, wasn’t this supposed to be a blog?

        • wololo says:

          Even though those are technically happening in the PSP emulator, technically this is still the Vita device being tricked into doing stuff it shouldn’t do in the first place, so both the words “vita” and “hacking” apply here. We’d all love to have more “native” news to share, but hey, I don’t make the news 🙂

          Also not sure about your comment about this being a blog, really. Does that prevent us from writing about some specific topic?

          I’ll have to ask my manager.

          Yeah, no, he says we’re good, last he heard this is still my website and I can do whatever the f… I want with it. Phew, you got me scared for a minute.

        • TOPLEL says:

          Sounds like someone is jealous…

  8. 8pcd says:


  9. Z!Z says:

    nice reply

  10. taronish3 says:

    It the website for all vita new views I love it + 1 to wololo .net wololo u rock and news like this is so cool I first don’t open any site not even my mail wololo is it .

  11. kof2k1zip says:

    This is the best site i’ve visited about vita and i’ve become a regual reader of it. i like it so much and i think may be wololo pass throug the first comment of the unknown guy since the best i can do as a member of a site is to respect the comunity and if i do not contribute at least do not say anything about other people’s work.

  12. 11770 says:

    gah, damn you debug vita you have disgaea 4 already >.< i really want that game no us demo yet even .. and 1 month till full game release too.

  13. TravisAxel says:

    VHBL does kinda suck. Id rather take an ePSP exploit any day.

    I updated my firmware for the Conception 2 release and am now regretting it.

  14. raden says:

    there’s REGION SETTING!!!!!! aww… i wish sony let that setting available in vita retail

  15. Ntertainer says:

    Is it possible to make a zip application in the psm. So after installing in the vita we could get to know about the file managing system of the vita. And which may help in making the cfw. I was thinking of making one but psm despot support my country as yet.

  16. Johanny says:

    Hey! Don’t be unffair on Wololo, I like almost everything has been posted on this blog, what I don’t like I the fact of the haters (nobody likes it indeed), I think hacking like everything in life is a process, and hacking the psp emulator into the Vita is part of it, it’s a rudiment of what ever is gonna happen in the future with it. I think any opinion you say or any thought you have in mind can be told in good way without offending anybody or without to pretend to be of any kind of superior human being race capable to think right in every single matter, I trust more in Wololo criteria that’s why I keep reading this site almost everyday given the fact that I don’t longer possess a Vita, congrats Wololo and supporting team, great site. 🙂

  17. Jax says:

    Vita Hacking never going to happen!! buy your vita… like me. It is a piece of ***.

  18. gunblade says:

    Cool a debug vita. Reminds me of the display vita at like Wal-Mart gamestop or target. So the vita tv/PlayStation tv like coming out so and I thought that be cool was thinking if I got a vita tv that played umd games I could backup my psp games.

  19. gunblade says:


  20. 110706 says:

    @Jax sadly he speaks the truth. A few more Shield revisions and Vita is going to be fked!

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