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PS Vita: And the new VHBL exploitable game for Firmware 3.15 is…


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  1. st0rmHC says:

    Hello guys!!!

    This game available on UK PStore!! Go Go Go!!


    I would really like to see a new US exploit TN-V9.6 can operate on. I am still sitting at 2.61 but am going to have to update soon when Minecraft releases in August. : (

  3. xthyan says:

    it´s delete!!

  4. someguy says:

    Still up in AU store

  5. sd says:

    dont miss it, guys!!!!! GOGOGO!!!!

  6. Jefphar says:

    Got the game! Where’s the exploit? Lucky

  7. mahmoud zidan says:

    i am totally new to all of this , so i;ve downloaded the game , what should i do _
    i have to wait until the site publish thie files write .? ,

  8. piratmbsemu says:

    muito facil de encontrar ja vi antes voce tambem viu

  9. brkaka says:

    Valeu wololo o/

    Gostaria de um tutorial passo a passo do processo de instalação da vhbl, CMA, essas coisas. Alguém sabe se eles postam? Pois é a primeira vez que irei fazer o processo. Ajudem-me, please.

    • MARCOSLACK says:

      Você ja comprou o jogo?

      • brkaka says:

        Já sim. Sei que preciso aguardar para que seja liberado os arquivos (saves), mas preciso baixar o wagic ou o TN-V para rodar as isos de psp? Tenho a intenção de jogar snes também. Vi um tutorial no youtube que ele executa o wagic, mas não entendi se é necessário intalar para executar as isos ou é uma homebrow opicional. Saberia me tirar essas dúvidas?

  10. jonas says:

    how long does sony usually take to take down a game after an exploit annoucement?

  11. mma_jedi says:

    C’mon US release! Tired of no Bookr. Been playing the heck out of Unit 13 via PS+ but it ends next week and I’d rather get some modd action than reup, especially since there is pure *** games on there right now.

    • My partner and I stumbled over here by a different website and thought
      I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am
      following you. Look forward to looking over your web page yet again.

  12. sean z says:

    Man the *** I went though to get this game being U.S. lol had a buddy in Australia run out and grab me a psn card at the local eb games and bought a new mem card.. cant wait for psx games and n64!!!!!! And by the way ……Yes people you buy the game then sit and wait patiently for the exploit files

  13. revo606 says:

    stop exploiting games you are ruining the games for everybody find an alternative way of doing it
    i dont own a ps vita only ps3 but if i did i may have been interested in this game

    • inside says:


    • someguy says:

      “I dont own a ps vita”

      Well at least that explains your ridiculous comment. This exploit allows us to run homebrew, meaning GBA emulators and so forth. The next exploit “up” allows you to play old psp backups. No one even develops for psp anymore.

      No one is, has been or most likely ever will pirate vita games. That is not the goal here. So don’t blame us for the increasing decline of the vita. You should educate yourself before you post.

  14. sean z says:

    Wow you are clueless huh? why exactly do you hang around this page….. and this only allows you to play emulators on your vita…. which oh by the way i can do on my android phone without an exploit.. and how is this ruining games?… everyone raced out to buy this game and just banked probably the most downloads in its lifetime in two days time … your point is invalid and moot…. how can you ruin a hand held that sucks to begin with whats there now 15 good games for 200 bucks and two years of being on shelves..hurry up and hack it i say..bc if sony doesnt care,….. well then im breaking our little warranty agreement the first chance i get

  15. Aymeric says:

    I’m ready for the release 😀 can’t wait !


  16. Frank says:

    I won’t buy any more VHBL or TN-V exploitable game before a real Vita hack goes out. I use my PSP for other things but that’s a great work ! Continue in this way !

  17. sugarshock says:

    Game disappeared from GERMAN PlayStation Store, sometimes in the last 3 hours

  18. Fisch says:

    NOOOO! i was too slow… =(((( It’s not in the store anymore

  19. Night says:

    Got it from the German Store Around 13:00 GMT+1
    Wuhu! Lucky!

  20. Aymeric says:

    The game is out from the store for me, but i have it already 😉


  21. Badi says:

    Hey. If i install VHBL, can i later update the firmware to the latest version and use PSN for buying other games and playing online?

  22. mrbelou says:

    can’t find game from EU store, must be delete from

  23. treble says:

    Yep, its deleted from AU store.

    Release the exploit please! I can’t wait 🙂

  24. sugarshock says:

    What I’m really wondering about, does SONY have some employees who actually check sites like wololo.net and TheZ’s Channel, only to report their bosses when there’s an exploitable game found? 😀

    • 240-185 says:

      I think they check the stats on which games have been downloaded during the week.
      They then notice there’s a spike on one particular game, whereas it wasn’t successful the previous weeks.

      It doesn’t take very long from Sony to take the game down.

  25. Juanmahl says:

    I have the game from eu store, im waiting the files!

  26. titout says:

    can’t find game from EU store, must be delete from

  27. Dannytaylor says:

    Hello hackers! Can you hack on ps vita without any exploitable games from psn store? You should able to hack on ps vita just like psp. Wow y’all are a such noob or lacking of knowledge !!! I wish that alex dark should not leave psp scene . #justsaying

    • sugarshock says:

      A real PSVita-Hack would be the of the Vita, cause no one would buy the games anymore. But I think it’s okay to play PSP ISOs in the Vita, cause lots of people (like me) still have their UMDs and want to play them on Vita

  28. 110706 says:

    Forget it.Vita will probably never be hacked. Simply because of lack of interest. And when it will be (probably in a decade from now) ppl wont give a sht about it anymore.

  29. Alex Magnei says:

    Missed it, what a f***ing surprise…`

  30. Jefphar says:

    For a price How much would a hacker or a group of Hacker teams demand to Port Android environment to PS Vita or make a homebrew of Android games like Candy Crush? $________?

    • wololo says:

      This would require them to have a full blown hack, which in itself I estimate could be valued to around $10’000 (explanation for that price here: http://wololo.net/2013/03/10/the-market-value-of-console-hacks/ ). Then you’d have the porting costs of the Android environment or of the game (of course, Candy Crush would need to be ported by the specific company that owns the rights for the game, not by a group of hackers, so that specific request makes no real sense?).

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