PS Vita vs 3DS. Is The 3DS Winning The Handheld War?


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  1. Acid_Snake says:

    I don’t understand why people keep coming back to the same old mario/zelda/DK/etc ***, I’ve only played those games on the GameCube and got bored of them afterwards. Where’s all the innovation that Nintendo continues to sell us? all I see is the same gameplay mechanics, same characters, same ideas copy-pasted over and over again each new generation. Even Smash Bros has become tiresome as heck.

    • bob says:

      i agree with you to a degree. the games do use the same features, but if you are like me and like those game, then you will buy them.i liked mario and zelda on the original NES. some people like playing racing games so they get new versions every now and then, i like playing as a super plumber. smash bros, in my opinion, is better then sony all stars (i love using a baseball bat to know people out of the map). the point is that some people like to play the games each generation for the simple fun of it.

      P.S. i hate the new pokemon games. ruby/saphire and gold/silver are my fav for handheld. my fav console pokemon games are pokemon stadium for the n64 and pokemon snap also for the n64

    • DANTE123 says:

      they stopped being innovative after the Snes ! ,their last good home console everything came after that was pretty much the same.
      but i have to admit that most of their games get more polished in every new generation and nostalgia feeling and the fact that most of the fans don’t want these games to die and the lack of game genres Nintendo provide while other 3d party devs keep shoving shooting games down our throats , those in my opinion are the the main reason why people still buying Nintendo *** again and again .
      now take A link to between worlds for example that game is exactly the same as A link to the past , regardless of the top-down 3d graphic , it’s the same with minor changes , now why did i buy that *** and waste may money just to feel the nostalgia with upgraded graphic is beyond me , i just did! bought it like a stupid ***.

      • Quicksilver88 says:

        Not sure I fully agree on that….its like saying Nintendo has innovated nothing new in 20 years which is hogwash. I own both Vita and 3DS and I want to love the Vita and because of eCFW, media, indy games, ps1 games I do get some use out of it. But for gaming the 3DS gets way more time. Fire Emblem was an awesome game that many people like a monster hunter put 100s of hours into. Nintendo has done very cool things with street pass and spot pass. The new Pokémon game totally changed pokemon by both finally updating the grafx to a cell shaded 3D, but also added robust online multiplayer and trading aspects that Pokémon never had, then they brought on the Pokecloud. These are very modern additions. Same thing with animal crossing. I am not a huge fan of either of those series but about 10+ million people are so it isn’t all BS like you claim. I did greatly enjoy FE and many other JRPG on 3DS and also it is great for platform games which any old school gamer is going to enjoy.

        Look just like Nintendo has done with WiiU, Sony has done with Vita….which is a *** job positioning, pricing, and promiting the device….as well as not getting the right games on it from the start. Drake on Vita is an excellent, console quality game that came at launch, nothing has really eclipsed it in an action/adventure console game. Still no good FPS (maybe Killzone) which with creative multiplay could rock on Vita. I like VitaTV as a cheap game machine/media streamer/game service streamer. Now make a new vita with a damned HDMI port and you could have a nice convergence with Vita/Vita TV as a platform for casual gamers to come to that is cheap

    • lolwut says:

      totally agree with you

    • The Z says:

      Same could be said about CoD, BattleField, SimCity, Civilisation and so many other series.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Yeah same thing could be said, but we’re talking about Nintendo here, I don’t know where those games you mentioned come into place in this conversation.

    • Techni says:

      Agreed. Ive played so many zelda and pokemon games that im bored of them
      You can only play the same game so many times

    • sure bro says:

      I don’t understand why people keep coming back to the same old Killzone/Jak & Daxter/GoW ***, I’ve only played those games on the PS2 and got bored of them afterwards. Where’s all the innovation that Sony continues to sell us? All I see is the same gameplay mechanics, same characters, same ideas copy-pasted over and over again each new generation. Sony even made a Smash Bros. clone

      • Acid_Snake says:

        You’re also tired of playing Uncharted, inFamous, Heavenly Sword, BioShock, LittleBigPlanet, Gravity Rush, Dead Space, etc from the PS2 days? blind *** fanboys.

        • Remi says:

          Look who’s talking, are you sure smash brothers has all the same mechanics? oh wow I think you only played Melee? Do you even know that Melee is still in MLG? the love for the game for *** 13 years? . I both like Nintendo and Sony but the difference from this two is that 3ds is really meant to be a mobile game system then on the psvita part its just like you are playing the same thing on ps3. The love of Nintendo for their games is just different than Sony, you can play DS games on 3ds while on psp to psvita you just can’t. You come here and say wow they are just the same mechanics and *** “blind *** fanboys” there is a difference from being a blind fanboy and being loyal to the games we love, I still do play ps3 because I had a ps1 and ps2 as well. I bet you don’t even have a 3ds and all you play is CoD all day you filthy casual

    • Martin says:

      Uhm, coz they are fun to play? Not dark and depressing most of the time? cheerful, colorful, easy to pick up and play but deep enough to be engaging? well balanced for the most part? Need more?

  2. anonanon says:

    >expandable to 32GB
    Forgetting the 64GB card now are we? 😛

  3. Raymond says:

    The psvita is winning everything except the price

  4. DrROBschiz says:

    Wow so much misinformation is this… Where do I even begin?

    First who posts outdated pricing specs this late in the game. Vita has been 199 (the same as XL) for awhile now. And comes with a game and 8GB memory. Get your facts straight.

    “In terms of pricing of games, PS Vita and 3DS are pretty equal. ‘AAA’ games on both handhelds cost around $40. Although, I believe that over time you will spend less on 3DS games.”

    Accurate until the second sentence. Vita games have gone free and are discounted weekly and constantly. You are far more likely to save money on Vita than 3DS. Retail games for both systems are discounted regularly. FACT.

    His next points about the disparity of support are somewhat accurate but also obvious and expected from Nintendo. Its tough to crack that brand and they have been no slouch at finally getting all of their big names on the system (though it took them over a year).

    “Sony on the other hand, never did this. We got some titles that you can typically expect on PlayStation. Uncharted, Rayman, Sly Cooper. Then, they is whole load of first time names, new games, miscellaneous. The games are fun to play, don’t get me wrong, but the are missing something that 3DS seems to have:”

    Very opinionated and biased. I understand that a majority of people love and revere Nintendo games, myself included, but call it out as what it is instead of pretending that Sony games are without merit because they aren’t Nintendo.

    “Sony’s goal was for the PS Vita to bring a console experience to a handheld.”

    Very true but only during the first year. After the initial slump they quickly changed focus of the system to get behind smaller titles and introduced PS Plus to promote Indies, Localizations, and rekindle focus on exclusive games. Didn’t really work the way they expected but Vita now has a niche following pumping money and extending the systems reach.

    “The 3DS has games optimized solely for a mobile experience, and the PS Vita has games that are supposed to make you feel like you are playing on a console.”

    Again only true if you adopt the NARROW focus on the Few big games that stand out. Completely ignoring launch games that are perfect for portable play like Lumines, Super Stardust Delta, and others that all hit at LAUNCH. Lets not forget the amazing suspend feature that allowed easy jump in and jump out gameplay for ANY game.

    The issue with Vita has more to do with Excessive cost, Bad Marketing, and lack of focus. Most of which has been corrected over the past 3 years but no one has given notice. Its sad that Sony has instead chosen to trumpet remote play and completely undermine all the great progress they have made.

    • Antichrist84 says:

      Do you feel better now after all that?

    • anonanon says:

      I have to say – I agree with everything you have mentioned, Well done!

    • Bongo says:

      In my opinion Sony has not corrected any of 3 main issues you have mentioned in the last paragraph. Prices are still ridiculously high, especially for memory stick and account binding on mem sticks killed it all. Marketing is terrible, indies indies indies… If I wanted to play indies or *** like flappy birds I would have bought smartphone already. No colours except for black for the rest of world even though colours were one of main propaganda points of new PSV, stupid bundles only option of obtaining new console, forcing you to buy games you don’t want with micro sucky mem sticks (4gb and 8gb), and fatal delays in introduction of new models to the west. Sony created great handheld, then kills it with their stupid decisions. But, you know what’s best ? When I asked them if they plan to bring bundleless version and more colours west they told me that they can’t answer to that question.

  5. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    To be honest, for me, they’re pretty equal. The Nintendo 3DS (and Nintendo as a gaming-name) is built around Casual Games (…if that makes any sense), while Sony tries to bring full-fledged console games on the go – more towards the hardcore gamer. Both have their pros and cons, to be honest. I like both.

    • Sakuryu says:

      Totally agree on this. If I wanna do something for five minutes and close the console or put it into sleep or whatever. 3DS wins. If I wanna game and enjoy myself for hours? Vita.

    • machomuu says:

      I dunno about that. The 3DS’ major titles aren’t even really the First Party ones. Bravely Default, Inazuma Eleven, Etrian Odyssey, Virtue’s Last Reward; these games are far from casual, and unlike the DS, Nintendo has shifted its advertising and presentation from the Casuals to the core gamers (The E3 presentation was a good example of that shift), and I’ve spent who knows how many hours on some of these games that could easily work on a console.

  6. Rolenzo says:

    I get horrible cramps trying to use the analog on the 3ds. The UI is slow and unresponsive as well.

    The playstation vita’s UI is so fast and seamless, it puts my samsung galaxy s5 to shame.

    The club nintendo rewards are pretty cool, but sony’s ps+ is a lot more robust.

    Playstation all stars was better than brawl IMO. Hopefully that becomes a staple franchise.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Thanks to Nintendo fanboys constantly criticizing that game up and down we probably won’t be seeing a sequel, which is pretty sad.
      Those people are the most arrogant fanboys of all, make one game that slightly resembles one of their copy-paste *** and they go up in rage until the game eventually dies.

      • drd7of14 says:

        I love both games, and I like how SONY could have completely ripped off Smash Bros., but instead took inspiration from the style, using their own properties, although I wish they used more, and created a unique game which by the lack of ringouts alone, completely changes the formula and how to play from Smash Bros. They are both really fun games! I would love a mode for percentage though, like…as an option, in a sequel, if they try for that. I really hope they do. 🙁

      • Wimzy says:

        Ironic considering how fanboyish you are in these comments. People will believe what they want to believe I suppose

      • Pshhh says:

        “Thanks to Nintendo fanboys constantly criticizing that game up and down we probably won’t be seeing a sequel, which is pretty sad.”

        Actually because the sales were ***. But no, it’s nintendo’s fanboys fault.
        Your blind fanboyism is showing dude.

  7. solidsnake says:

    Yes, Yes, thank you. This is what I have said, that the Vita is not focusing on the games as much as it should.
    But I can also add something too. I think sony spent an awful and I mean awful lot of time on social *** like Near and such apps that people would only use one a smart phone. I have never been in a situation where I would connect my vita to someone elses vita or chat about what game im playing when im playing a handheld. Its another example of a failed business strategy in assuming someone playing a vita game has hundreds of friends to chat with at the same time they are playing by themselves? I dont get it?

    • lolwut says:

      No, Near is similar to streetpass/spotpass. Vita current situation is more to devs fault rather than Sony’s fault, smh devs doesn’t want to go near Vita when it’s totally has better hardware, all money raping company likes 3ds, i.e. Capcom with their super ugly Monster Hunter 4.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        The console doesn’t sell because it has no games because it doesn’t sell, etc, etc, etc
        It’s an infinite loop that 3rd party devs are mostly responsible for (take a look at Hideo Kojima when he said that he won’t release MGSV until next-gen sells more, it’s games that make consoles sell more dumb idiot).
        The only one who can break this loop is 1st party devs, who have to invest in studios to make more games and attract more consumers, which will eventually attract 3rd party devs, but we all know how much Sony cares about the Vita outside of patching VHBL and eCFW.

        • AlexTWolf says:

          Exactly…that`s why it makes me grateful every time you guys release a vhbl or hopefully soon a kernel exploit for 3.15..ill be happy being able to dump my psp games and playing on the Vita(cant believe I paid for FF7 again)

  8. drd7of14 says:

    Samus, you can’t show your face in that picture because so far, you have yet to be on a 3DS game. And I don’t count Smash Bros. later this year. Metroid does not get the love.

  9. Guild says:

    Please stop.

  10. drd7of14 says:

    “In terms of pricing of games, PS Vita and 3DS are pretty equal. ‘AAA’ games on both handhelds cost around $40. Although, I believe that over time you will spend less on 3DS games.”

    Ummm…This is Nintendo we are talking about. They are notorious for almost never dropping their prices on games. So….What? That statement is confusing, they are about the same price, Nintendo has more games, and yet you would end up spending more on the VITA. That would mean the VITA has more games worth buying, but that’s contrary to your opinion.

    I don’t get it, do you, or people, just enjoy finding things to hate. It’s like, you don’t want to hate it, but start reading something, start believing said something, and then are sad when you believe it to be true, when in fact, it’s not. The VITA is a fantastic Indie device for instance, where the 3DS fails at. The VITA has free games every month, from PLUS of course, which the 3DS doesn’t offer. The VITA has car-wazy sales almost every other week or more on many games. The VITA actually has support for old games, and a lot more than the 3DS, with a huge fraction of the cost.

    Annoying things like the lack of a physical UMD slot suck, because much of the support is gone, but that was almost an eventual truth. And…I do assume people haven’t forgotten that the DS supported GBA games as well for a while, and that was cut out in future models. It’s nice that the 3DS support DS games, but the real truth is that it’s not much of an upgrade. It’s expensive. Much like the Wii was a gamecube with motion controls, the 3DS, in a lot of ways, is a DS with a small bump. The VITA is not a PSP2, it is a “new”(at the time) SONY portable console.

    Also…The VITA does have a built in emulator for the PSP. The issue, as is always the issue, why don’t we have everything offered digitally on the Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo Network/Steam/Windows Live is that there are agreements with the companies that make said games. Older games on the PSP/PS1/NES/SNES did not have this future within hand. Maybe the PSP to some degree, as it came later, but the companies that make the games, it was their decision to allow that in their agreements or not. It’s why we don’t have KH: BBS or FF: Crisis Core available for digital purchase on the VITA. It’s why some games digitally on the PSP aren’t on the VITA. It is all business. And they can’t legally offer them for the platform. They could. And they are trying to find loopholes, which is moreso why Playstation Now is being done, to access an older library without leasing digital rights for games that don’t/never did offer them. Some PSP/PS1/Mini games get patched with support for the VITA. Some games don’t. It’s sometimes due to HD versions possibly, but that is not SONY’s call most of the time. It is the people who own the games. And of course they know people would buy their older products, but them having to pay SONY/Microsoft/Nintendo to have their older games offered, and turn a profit with those costs, is not going to happen. Plus they are too busy making new games that do turn profits. They are all business calls. Some companies believe they can turn profit. Maybe SONY does specifically contact certain publishers, and they agree or not, but that is not SONY’s call. They all have to be tested as well before going live on the PS Store. It’s a process. It costs money. I post this specifically, because people don’t understand that process. Somewhat of rant. Sorry

    I have a 3DS that I got on sale during Christmas time, and have yet to buy a game for it. DS games, a couple, but no 3DS. I’m waiting for Smash. My VITA gets constant use. I’m sure a lot of that is based on preference of course, but the VITA has given me way more options. It’s more accessible.

    My point is, I think I had one, is that the costs/availability of various games on both platforms is huge. They are different in all aspects of pricing, variety, and availability, but they are fun. There are games for both platforms. And for people’s information, the reason I have yet to buy a 3DS game, is because it’s all been done. I have yet to see something truly innovative that is worth my $40-$50. I love Smash, so I don’t have a choice. Metroid would probably grab me too. But I do not want to spend those $40, or even $30 in some cases, cause they finally lowered the price a couple of months ago, on games that I’ve played older versions of, and still work/play just fine. They are too expensive. I understand they take time, but again. Nintendo sucks with it’s pricing structure and sales. The major reason is that kids, they don’t buy a lot of the games, they are gifted. Nintendo games are more giftable. And they don’t need to lower the price due to this, usually. Jeez…Just check the prices on some Wii games still. It’s laughable. Jeez…I just checked Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros. Brawl prices. SMH….

    • The Z says:

      “Some PSP/PS1/Mini games get patched with support for the VITA. ”

      None of the PSP/PS1 games have to be patched to work with the PS Vita, as long as they were working at a regular PSP before.

      It is just a bad excuse of sony. Even without using a CFW, you can play those games (if you got them in the ~50 hours of the PSN being without its whitelist for downloads).

      • drd7of14 says:

        That was a nice time. I still don’t think this has anything to do with SONY though. Why would they not allow it. What sense does that make? Also, that isn’t really true. Probably with PS1, but there are some games where the adhoc/internet stuff does not work at all with the PSP. But besides those few scenarios, you are right. But, I was referring to the games being patched to be supported, I mean them being patched in on the store, or via firmware updates and such on the VITA itself.

    • faiz says:

      i thought u cpoied and pasted the article into your comment,sheesh with the essays dude

      • drd7of14 says:

        lol Just kept writing, supposed to be a short comment. >_< Oh wells. That's kind of like a complement…I'll see it that way. 🙂

    • R.O.C.K. says:

      …man, I love my Vita, but sincerely, the 3DS is in a way better situation. It really doesn’t matter our personal tastes and preferences to qualify a system as a good seller, is the numbers that counts. The 3DS has a very strong support, something that Vita lacks hard. And it doesn’t matter the graphics, speed, UI, any of it. And it’s all Sony’s fault.

      …and c’mon, the 3DS is comparable to the DS as the Vita to the PSP. To say the 3DS is merely “an upgrade of the original DS” is lame…

      • drd7of14 says:

        Say what you want about Nintendo, but they are lazy. When it comes to innovation, they kinda just do a little bit, and don’t change much of anything else. The GC to Wii, GB(C) to GBA. They’re improvements sure, and not necessarily bad improvements in some cases, but they don’t go far enough. For the price they charge, it doesn’t do enough. The VITA really was an attempt at not just matching console experiences, with mistakes learned, apparently Nintendo didn’t notice why nubs suck with the PSP, and that real analogues are the only way to go. Then they try to throw in a lot of different inputs that are actually cool if developers want to experiment with them, but don’t break the system. For instance, the reartouchpad, it’s there. If a game doesn’t use it, no problem. The design of the unit isn’t sacrificed, like the Wii…Or like with the Wii U. Great idea. Poor execution.

        It’s sad. They are a great business. Great at making money that is, and yes, they make quality games. It’s just that they are the same quality games. The rate at which 2D Mario platformers come out is way too frequent. But, they are easier to make, time/cost-wise, people still buy them, and they can charge the same amount as the Legend of Zelda! Again, good games, but they’re still good on past units. Splatoon is the first innovative(in a good way) thing I have seen from Nintendo since Metroid Prime. Again, that may be subjective and all. But experimentation? That’s a company like Media Molecule. That’s the Indie crowd. That’s allowing Gravity Rush to happen. That is all apart of the design of the unit. It allows for innovation, rather than fighting it. And if you just want to make a simple platformer or anything, the innovation doesn’t get in your way.

  11. Sinsi says:

    With all of the PS1 classics and some PS2 classics avaiable on the vita. I would say Sony has provided me with the abliity to play high quality console games on the vita. I just finished FFX and it was great. I am looking forward to playing Xenogears, FFVII,and suikoden 2!

    • The Z says:

      There is not one PS2 classic available for the PS Vita.

      Those are either PSP games or they got re-branded as PSP HD remakes aka. “PS Vita games”.

      • drd7of14 says:

        Truth. I wonder if they will ever add some support for PS2 classics on the PSN storefront, surely they can be supported. They came so late in the PS3 error, so unless they add support for the PS4, which I think they may at some point, the VITA seems like the obvious choice. It could handle it. I would have adhoc support for splitscreen/multiplayer games though. Love!

      • Sinsi says:

        FFX and God of War = PS2 classic to me.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        So Metal Gear HD collection is not a PS2 classic? then what is it? cause last time I checked they both directly came from the PS2.

        • mlc says:

          It is sold as a port, not as a “PS2 Classic.” Now maybe that’s just an excuse to give it a higher price, but you’d expect Sony to port more PS2 games if it was so easy. Calling it a PS2 Classic when “PSone Classic” has a real meaning, and by definition it is more of a port, isn’t very accurate.

          • drd7of14 says:

            Yeah, I agree. PS2 Classics are anything that the PS3 currently uses in it’s PS2 emulator. They are unmodified. As they were minus some upscaling or anything like that. And yes, the PS3 does still have support for a software PS2 emulator, cause it uses it for the list of games it has added to that collection.

        • Conjo says:

          It’s understandable by “PS1/PS2 Classic” the original game running on a emulator on the system, not a port/remake.(Collection’s and Trilogy’s)
          The Vita is only capable of run PS1 classics, while the PS3 is capable of run PS2 Classics (I know nothing ’bout PS4 so i won’t walk about it)

      • Techni says:

        Mgs 2 and 3 were on psp?

    • AlexTWolf says:

      Yeah…after paying for them for like the 3rd time right??? Sony should just make psone and psp games free. Why do they keep trying to make money out of older games? We who have supported them since their Playstation days keep having to re-buy again and again just to enjoy it on a large portable device. You want the Vita to sell Sony….Make every psone game free and charge one dollar for the psp games….its not like your loosing any profit out of it.

      • drd7of14 says:

        I think the idea is to make money, and publishers that put games up have to pay fees to have them their. It’s not free.

        • AlexTWolf says:

          You really believe that third party games are paying that much money to have psone games in the store? Come on guy…..look at the break that Sony has given indie devs to give us Iphone games on an advanced machine

          • AlexTWolf says:


          • drd7of14 says:

            I do. They give them a break because it’s a whole lot of PR. And the truth of the matter is, new things sell better. Even beloved classics like FF7, do not sell as well as new games. They just don’t have the shine. At this point, the faithful have played, re bought multiple times, and enjoyed it. And that is one of the popular ones. I’m sure it made them more money, but the same can’t be said for every game out there, even the “popular to some” ones. If they wanted to make a good amount of money, to usurp the fees that come with them on the store, they’d have to sell a good amount. I’m sure of it. The fact is, storing said games on their Playstation Network service isn’t free, and they want to make money as well.

            It may be penny costs, but the revenue/risk is so low, that I’m sure many publishers just don’t bother.

  12. 007 says:

    I have PSP 3000 and 2 x PSP GO, I have a 3DS that I barely turn on. The PSP still has me happy, The 3DS I got for a few nintendo exclusives. I dont see me needing a Vita any time soon.

    That being said I favour my PSP over my 3DS. If I didnt have a PSP I would of got a vita for sure.

    • AlexTWolf says:

      And thats the whole thing….I have Final Fnatasy type O ready on my psp and played five minute of the game….Then cursed myself for having updated to 3.15. The game not only looks excellent on a Vita(my friend showed me:-( ) but plays better since you can switch the control scheme…I hate myself right now….Its worth getting it at least used

  13. Aime says:

    PsVita not lose 3DS because 3ds had better than Vita, but lose themself. Sony destroy his Brand

    – We know brand name Playstation Portable is died in western market within 2-3 years,only Japan they can continued because monster hunter series help them(see best selling in platform) but sony never try to revived PsP in western market and now in Japan Playstation is brand name for Otaku game too.

    – Hidden price is bad impression

    PsP with memory exclusive,UMD is failure why history is repeat with
    Vita had expensive memory card.
    And compare price game apple/android is make them down

    – Sony rebrand name to PsVita but they never change in Japan they had more Otaku game (the worst Hikikomori) that why game Moe character is so many in Vita.

    Parent will not happy to buy gift for their child to grow to Otaku.

    – Sony so proud with their powerful handheld and their reception so they’re not care some third party or try to contact them.that why
    Nintendo got monster hunter the system seller PsP to 3DS.
    Japan is the end

    Bad marketing
    – they put ps vita in segment between 3DS/Smartphone/Tablet
    it’s Red ocean to sink Vita like titanic

    -vita power like PS3 ? It’s lied GPU ipad4? Can’t compare to PS3
    No game port power like FFxiii,MGS4,Skyrim,Last of us,GTA5 etc.
    And game bad impression made in down.(e.g call of duty and clone copy game nintendo like Kart or smash brother made them look stupid)

    – Nintendo try to made 3DS is success , price cut ,contact third party find great game exclusive , made game system seller like Pokemon

    See Sony………… ?they tried
    but they take wrong way to lost in red ocean.

    • drd7of14 says:

      There’s still hope yet. They just need to get some more mobile/3rd party support. If the PlaystationTV/VITATV gets a proper footing in the West, then they could possibly get a lot of developers to work on their platforms. But…Who knows? They are trying. I’m sure it’s difficult trying to position 5 platforms at once. PS3/PS4/PSV/PSTV/Project Morpheus.

    • Kevin says:

      I dont understand what i read there. ^^

    • machomuu says:

      But remember, the 3DS also had a slump at the beginning of its life. A big one. People thought it was going to be a failure, but it came back from the jaws of death. The Vita isn’t finished yet, there’s always time for redirection.

      • ragepanda says:

        It came back because Nintendo decided to make a lot of first party games. Then everybody bought the 3ds, devs noticed that it was gaining popularity and started making games for it. Meanwhile the vita has been out for a while now and it seems Sony is now pitching it as the ps4 companion rather than as a console itself

  14. Okay, so the issue your going to run into here is the your looking at two entirely different fan bases. I feel the answer your trying to look for is “why is the 3Ds doing so well in its market” well from what ongoing debates I seem to find on the internet, it goes back to what the consumer wants. The big factors when comparing the PSvita and 3Ds are that when the PSvita was launched the american audience was promised a console expierience that was going to rival the PS3/4 as in Japan the users were not promised a thing instead they were given another PSP handheld enjoyment and because the PSP was doing so fantastically well with there core they were given the revenue and promise of making that exact money back.
    The PSvita in america wasn’t and still isn’t doing very well and that is because the fan/user base in the US are still expecting that visually stunning console expierience but here is where we jump into the conflict of where which console is more effective as a handheld not which is better but whom has the best lasting apeal.

    SO from this drawn out debate it comes out to what games the gamers want and were promised and I can tell you now that this wont come as very shocking or suprising but the reason the 3Ds won is because the games were easy to bring over and alot of originality can be put into a handheld which has alot of revenue to back it up. For example if i told you were re-inventing the an IP for our handheld system that you know and love “insert amazing Nintendo game title” it would assurely come to be because thats what gamers want!
    part 2 below

  15. Now for an example into the PSvita game pool CallOfDuty and there newly released title Borderlands 2 when initially launched they were promised that 60pfs counterpart graphics copy paste right? well WRONG be as it may Borderlands2 does look well it is not using the full console not because they didnt try trust me they did but they went about it wrong the game is just that an exact copy. How could I forget about CoD this second hand rate of a rip off title wasnt what anyone expected but I digress when announced for its PSvita handheld this game was screaming dont look at me with its 10 min cgi trailers and little to no PR released gameplay and little by little that game became less appealing thus killing a franchise on a handheld that little to no chance on a new device that just begun its life.

    So I come to my conclusion in this rant yes the PSvita and 3Ds are remarkably great at what they do and honestly its going to take some time from converting the PSvita US audience from what PS4 expierience they wanted and go back to being a handheld. but before I end this I know this will come up “but the 3Ds doesn’t have the games I want!” well look no further the games you want are there just not what you expected from it. I can now wrap this up so the 3Ds is doing so much better because time and games that were to be expected and they were done well! the PSvita will need to learn from this and time does fix all devices.
    – Lion_Amongst_Men

    • drd7of14 says:

      Speaking of the copy/paste BL2 being their issue, they should have instead did what many PC games that came to console did. They modified a lot of their games. Specifically remembering Deus Ex -> Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. They could have made some of the areas smaller, or buffered the areas differently. Or kept it less detailed to keep the framerate, but it’s a showpiece. They didn’t want to change what the game was, just the visual quality/framerate where necessary while keeping everything else entirely untouched.

      • See I agree with you but im a old gamer lol I got my first PS1 in ’97 when i was six so when i was seeing games getting ports there were entirely different games compared to what you would see on there console counter parts alot of them did well but alot were just dreadful to look at so with graphics and games getting so much better and hardware becoming more advanced I feel there is still much more room to grow but until than we must see what is working and work on that first and this is why the WiiU is doing much better now I know its not a handheld but its the same folly that the PSvita is making.

  16. sathriel says:

    There is hardly any point debating who is winning the war when one of the sides is waving a white flag. Sony has admitted that they are not interested in VITA being a force in the handheld market, they have just resigned it to be a way overpriced peripheral for PS4/PS Now. They are not planning to make any big titles for VITA and they are not going to talk with anyone to urge them to do it. So as a portable console VITA is practically beaten and dead.

    • drd7of14 says:

      I think they are trying to market it in a different way, cause that would be, and is, a big interest to a lot of people. Offering Remote Play or whatever, would help its sales tremendously. They never said they aren’t going to support the VITA anymore.

  17. NNNRT says:

    3DS sucks. Same games brought over again, sucky hardware, sucky software, & let’s not forget that Nintendo bought that 3D technology from Sony. I tried it & it burned my eyes in 2 minutes anyway.
    The Vita has a better screen, more controls, 3G version, more apps (& not any apps, the PlayStation experience is fully brought with PSN apps, & those other social apps like Skype, & TuneIn, etc), PSM, PS1 & PSP game support (it can even emulate the whole PSP OS with TN-V) , the hardware is awesome in games like the rear touch pad, motion sensors, cameras, etc, it has remote play & other cross-features, & idk what… I’m kinda rambling because of all the things the Vita has but the 3DS doesn’t, & I’m too lazy to mention them.

    • Your counter argument is so one sided you namely featured what that vita has that can be said about any handheld device these days. Im wondering when are you ever going to need your 3G tuned on from Tmobile and how often are you going to be able to use it due to a data cap. but most if not all the social and media features can be found on an Idevice or android device for half of what a vita costs.

      • drd7of14 says:

        Don’t confused costs with a contract. The iPhone is way more expensive than the VITA. They just get you suckered into an overpaid contract for 2 years, and advertise the iPhone as $200 on top of that as an initial cost. The VITA doesn’t have a contract, otherwise it would be completely free, and they’d give you money as well.

    • grr says:

      A handheld is to play video games, not skype or use facebook, the vita does have so much tech to it but why?? Have you ever heard anyone say “oh sweet I got a vita, time to Skype and use facebook. ” get real dude, I have both but I really only play my 3ds because it has more games to choose from.

  18. gbro says:

    Nintendo is better, deal with it

  19. Timber says:

    PS Vita may have better hardware and graphics, but even the Original gameboy is still better than the VIta, nevermind the 3DS. My opinion is based solely on game quality.
    Screw graphics, sure they look pretty on Vita, but what’s a pretty game when it plays like ***? That’s been the problem ever since next gen consoles arrived. Story and gameplay take a back seat to visuals.

    3DS has countless quality games, and is backwards compatible.
    Vita has very few quality games, and is on its way out already.

    • drd7of14 says:

      Looks life someone is in denial. Gravity Rush…Tearway…Soul Sacrifice…Uncharted…Killzone…Thomas was Alone…Guacamelee…Persona 4…Dragon Ball Z…Borderlands 2…Little Big Planet VITA…Spelunky…Sound Shapes…The Walking Dead S1 and S2…Hotline Miami…And many more.

      Now, some of these games are multiplatform, or even 3rd party, and some try to shine with their graphics, but that’s not what makes them good. What makes them good is that they are quality/fun/great stories/Easy to control enjoyable experiences. I had a great time with all except Persona 4 on my VITA. And the only reason I have yet to, is because I’m still playing the Persona 1 port for the PSP, prefer over the PS1 version, which can also be played on the VITA, so I’m not quite there yet.

      Quality. Yes, the resolution is better. So…That doesn’t mean graphics are the focus for HD 544p 60FPS Always! nonsense. It allows for a more indepth art direction. Graphics are a positive force if used in the right mindset. The VITA is just less limited than the 3DS. That is always going to be a good thing. It’s limited compared to a home console, yes, but it has plenty of power to do what a portable could ask of it.

      Gravity Rush was a wonderful experience, and I am eagerly awaiting the sequel. Don’t say there is not quality on the VITA. Yeah, maybe you have to look. But there is so much to be had on that little device. And yes, the 3DS has quality too. And they both have stinkers, that’s unavoidable, but SONY…SONY is all about High Quality and tasking risks as a publisher. What they allow on their platforms is…inspiring. And I applaud them for that.

      • Timber says:

        I guess it all depends on what type of games you enjoy playing. That list of Vita games you listed didn’t appeal to me at all, apart from Persona 4, which of course is a remake.
        I am a classic gamer, I enjoy Super Nintendo and jRPGs, the Vita offers none of that, the 3DS has a bounty. 3DS wins, for me.
        Nice rant though.

        • drd7of14 says:

          Yeah, it does depend. It’s sad that if it’s not something you’ve seen before, you don’t give it a chance though. I know a few of those are the familiars, but plenty of them are games that are unique to that platform, or just newer titles, that are really trying something different. It’s a shame that you don’t try to give more of them a shot, but if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. Can’t fault you for that.

          Just don’t make don’t say “Vita has very few quality games,…” when it’s just games you don’t preference. That is so subjective.

          Theoretical extremist version of your same argument:

          “I only like Pokemon games, so since the VITA has no Pokemon games on it, it has no games I like for it, and therefore no quality games. No games at all. It’s going to completely flop obviously.” -Signed, Ignorance

          • Timber says:

            Lol, thanks for that. You’re right, I’m completely biased against anything that isn’t the type of game I like, but aren’t most people? A console/handheld should cater to all audiences, not just the new age of gamers, the market for 2d classics have been overtaken by 3rd person or FPS type games, which I personally do not care for since my Quaking days. I crave beautiful sprites and epic quests, not cinematic cutscenes and bombs.

          • drd7of14 says:

            Timber, then I really think you should check out games like Spelunky and Gucamelee…Yeah, they aren’t exclusive, but run great on the platform. Maybe you are missing out, cause they really do have a strong focus on sprites, colors, and fun adventures. Terraria is darn good on the VITA as well. There are plenty of beautiful sprites and epic quests on the unit. If you like asteroid/adventure style twin-stick shooters, pixeljunk ultimate just came out as well, that is a blast on the VITA. Lots of fun stuff to check out. Rogue Legacy when it launches, anything from nippon ichi software, Dragon’s Crown has beautiful art…They are there man.

      • machomuu says:

        Don’t know if I’d include Battle of Z in that if you want to persuade somebody about the good games on the system <_<'

        • drd7of14 says:

          Hey…That game is fun. Reminds me a lot of Dissidia, if it were more than 2 player.

        • drd7of14 says:

          It depends on preference of course, but I really enjoyed that game a lot more than the past few DB experiences. I like when people try something different for once.

      • efgjf says:

        gravity rush sequel is canceled

        • drd7of14 says:

          Where did you hear that? No confirmation it’s coming to the U.S. or Europe, but it’s still in development. I expect to hear more at TGS, if not beforehand.

  20. Techni says:

    Vita is expandable up to 64 gb not 32.

    Like psp before it, vita is wining in game quality. Like ds before it, 3ds is winning in sales. I play games not sales

    • drd7of14 says:


    • grr says:

      WHAT GAMES ARE U TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! the psvita doesnt have much games so your probably playing previous generarion games and if u r then sell your vita and buy a psp, if u already have a psp then sell ur vita and buy mcdonalds

  21. minkmendor says:

    dude seems like a nintendo fanbro.

  22. Charles Fasano says:

    I have both but I find myself playing more on the 3DS than the Vita. So many Vita games have frame rate issues. Most of the Vita games I play are remakes of PS2 games.

    All I care about are the games. I don’t use any other features other than playing games on either handheld. I’ve been playing so much Pokémon Y lately. I haven’t used my Vita in weeks.

    Nintendo is mostly for casual gamers.

    In my opinion, both handhelds are not made to fit people with bug hands like mine. I can only play a few minutes before my hands cramp on either handheld.

  23. Memeto says:

    Quote(THE JAY DOCTOR)”Think about it like this: would you rather go from, after getting used to it, an iPhone 5 to 5S, or from an iPhone 5 to an HTC M8?”

    I actually I would not mind going from one to the other. Whether it be a phone or handheld. I enjoy learning new things.

    • drd7of14 says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. I love new devices! I just go “Oooooo” when I have something new. Even Windows 8 got that from me for a while. I wanted to master it. So yeah…I’d not be like, *** why is this so different? lol Especially if your experience on one sucked.

    • lel says:

      The answer is kinda obvious tho.

      HTC M8.

  24. TheTruth says:


  25. CycloneFox says:

    I don’t think, that the difference between games on the 3DS and the Vita is, that the PS Vita games are not as suited for mobile gaming, as 3DS games are. I think the difference is, that Vita games are more suited for an adult audience, while 3DS games are suited more for kids. It’s that simple. Adults have less time, play less, don’t care so much for gaming on the go. And if they do, they just use their smartphone to browse stupid mini games, because it’s more convenient, than dealing with such a topic. Lucky, in the circumstances, I have quite a far way to my work and travel with train for 45 minutes each day twice. So I have plenty of time to play and deal with the topic pretty intensively.

    It’s not a 3DS game, but a DS game, but when I played Okami-den, after playing Okami on the PS2, I thought, something is missing. It felt more like some mini-game and so I had little fun with it. After that I played Okami HD on the PS3 and it was a totally different thing. Okami-den was not the console experience on the go, I was expecting/hoping for. With Vita games like Persona 4 Golden or Dragons Crown, which I’m playing now, it actually really feels like sitting on the couch before my TV when I’m actually in the train. It’s really immersive and is actually really good on the go.

    So I ask you, what is is that differs a game that is or is not suited for mobile gaming? I play about three hours on the go each day (longer sessions in the train, shorter on the bus or tram. So there is anything from 5 minutes to 45 minutes). I use the vita as a mp3 player in between. When I use a 3DS, put it out of the bag and open the thing, it takes seconds to get into the game. When I do the same with the Vita, the screen gets on, I go into the game, pause the song in less than two seconds. That’s even faster than any smartphone would make it. You can pause any game and put it into sleep, any time. So the length of a mission or story sequence, or whatever doesn’t matter.

    • grr says:

      What games?!?! Are u talking about all 10 of them?

      • CycloneFox says:

        Quite a bad troll, as you absolutely don’t know, or just ignore the facts.

        Not counting the PSOne, PSP or PSMobile games, the Vita has 642 games (meaning: games, that only run on vita) as of June 24, 2014. The 3DS on the other hand has 504 games as of April 8, 2014. The difference was not as clear as it is now, when the 3DS had it’s peak of third party developers.
        The big difference between the devices is, that People pick up a nintendo device to play mario and Zelda on it and that runs like heck, of course. Playstation devices are mostly picked up to play third party games. And for those games the purchasing power power is much stronger per vita. That and the fact, that the Vitas hardware is more console-like, so you can make ports for it easier, is why third partys develop more for the vita.
        Here is a great article about that:

        You should actually use a device or play a game, before hating on it in the internet. But sadly, that’s what most users do. The vita is in my opinion and in the opinion for most others who actually own a Vita, the best place to play on the go.

        • drd7of14 says:

          Thank you! Holy ***! I was getting close to saying this myself. I really don’t understand why people think the 3DS has sooo many games. If you aren’t into Nintendo games or Monster Hunter, there is nothing really appealing on the 3DS that can’t be found elsewhere with a comfortable design and better operating features.

  26. Nazar_Ops says:

    In terms of games, the 3DS probably wins (although I never owned the system and I much rather prefer the Vita games. But lets be honest. 3DS has more)

    In terms of everything else, PS Vita wins.

  27. grr says:

    I have both but I only play 1, I hate the fact that everytime I go to best buy or gamestop to buy a vita game I never see anything new, yeah the hardware is beautiful but what is it good for if u dont have plenty of games for it, the only way anyone can spend hours on a vita is if they play previous generation game, watch netflix, its sad for me to say that every psvita game that I want to play are ps2 hd remakes, honestly I even started checking out this website for the sole purpose of trying to hack my vita just so I can use it more,

  28. ivo says:

    i really hop the psvita pool gets more exclusivs from the ps3 ps4 pool
    but that being said a fact for vita cardridges

    10 vs 11
    1 – 0
    BE xD
    go Belgium red devils xDDD

  29. ivo says:

    ARCH noBD 4.55 CFW {CEX} by arachetous
    howto: flash without flasher softflash/softmod ps3

    is ther a solution in this area or is it still a grey zone
    like one ps3 emu has a ps3 bios but its spam only etc …

    is ther something working coming for ps3 owners without broken board ?

  30. ivo says:

    i wanne do actually something if somebody has the artwork …
    pk3 extraction of hud fps and boredlands

    i wanne code a html5game via phaser for my vita to play
    the game i had in mind would be a remake in html of
    return to castle wolfenstein
    plus castle wolfenstein
    plus multiplayer enemy territory
    just a fun game for html5 on your vita browser
    but id have to learn phaser … lol

  31. Aces says:

    “3ds is winning”
    Next on obvious news, scientists discover the sun is round.
    Heres a challenge for you, name a handheld console that flopped that had nintendos name on it (one could argue the virtualboy at this point), if theres one thing nintendo knows it has to be handhelds

  32. 100 says:

    100th comment

  33. zombiekid says:

    I like turtles

  34. Sohel GM says:

    totally agree with you

  35. ivo says:

    the 3ds wins in Nintendoland with Nintendo titles
    the vita wins with next gen titles
    just an opinion

  36. Ninjakakashi says:

    Meh just put pokemon games on the vita and it would do better but obviously that is impossible…

    It would be awesome if someone made a high standard psvita hombrew pokemon game and from my experience all the tiles you would need are already online. Obviously though we don’t know enough about the vita to start taking its full potential by creating all sorts of hombres and emulators :(.

  37. reaver snif mode says:

    maybe the r4 cartdriges help for load physically iso, cue and bin images in the nintendo 3ds, while the psvita depends only in the naboo tn xploit team

  38. mixedfish says:

    I had real high hopes for the Vita, games like Gravity Rush make me wonder what if the Vita was a huge success, we’d be getting beasty games by now. But now the sales are low and Sony has redirected it’s attention, leaving the Vita to live on indie games and some Japanese games, huge waste of potential really.

  39. crashas says:

    Would like to compare those to on my own but got only vita XD anyways when decided to buy it main reason for choosing vita was design, maybe coz used to have psp 1000:) but to be honest was really disappointed since expected to be able to pay old games for example ff:cc :'( for me that’s #1. now i have it but definitely no thanx to ps. Possible to say that buying book only by looking at its cover is a bad idea.

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