Untethered iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak is now available – Supports every iDevice!

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  1. Lic. Odnanref says:

    Sweet, keep up the good job guys. I always read every article.

  2. Bedle says:

    Important thing to mention is that, when jailbreaking with PanGu tool ALWAYS UNCHECK box below status bar as it will install rather buggy version of PPSync which can easily harm system stability.

    Original article on why PPSync is harmfull can be found here:

  3. lars.b says:

    lol, people still use overpriced iphones ?

  4. androidbetter says:

    Ewwwww icrap

  5. 5414h says:

    Well i dont think that they are still too overpriced , i recently got a new 5S (16GB) unlocked for 400€

  6. ethan says:

    it bricked my ipod touch 5. do not jailbreak until they update the launcher to fix a couple problems.

    • N says:

      You must have done something wrong. I jailbroke my 4S perfectly fine with this tool.

    • The Z says:

      It successfully jailbroke my families and mine devices.

      This includes an iPhone 4, a 4S, a 5 and a 5S.

      Did you do a clean restore via iTunes to 7.1.1 before jailbreaking?

    • yo says:

      Which I find rather amusing. Here’s why:

      1. It’s really, really, /really/ hard to brick and iOS device due to the clever way it’s set up. You will always have DFU mode to restore from. There are ways to brick an iPhone/iPad/iPod via software but they are incredibly complex or require damaging the baseband. The iPod 5 (or any of them) don’t even have a baseband because then it would be an iPhone.

      2. If you were dumb enough to ignore the warnings about backing up your device before running any jailbreaks then that’s your fault. Every. Single. Jailbreak for the last few years mentions this so it’s not exactly a new thing.

      3. I personally have used this jailbreak on 6 devices. Including 2 5S, a 5C, 2 4S and yes, a 5th Gen iPod Touch. It works just fine. 3 on 7.1.1, and three on 7.1

  7. reaver sniff says:

    I’m sorry for RIP ceo Mr. Steve Jobs

  8. NNNRT says:

    I just hope Apple doesn’t do anything wrong in iOS 4.1.2 :mrgreen:

  9. YamiJustin says:

    I did this with my iPhone 5S, but when I use iFunBox I am not given access to the var folder or other person things, while implies its not fully jailbroken right? Any help?

  10. ivo says:

    with the psm mobile suit
    its my opinion it needs an extra package
    like how emulators work … changing bitsets into assemblies and turning them back in bitsets for the hostmachine
    one for changing c# and c++ projects into csharp codes …

    whats the status on apple developments ? did they allso release a mobile suite in cs ?

  11. qwikrazor87 says:

    I miss my iPod Touch.

  12. sandy says:

    my fone got messup and got stuck on welcom to pangu jail break

  13. yo says:

    To those of you getting stuck at the welcome screen try the following:

    Reset the phone with the power+home buttons
    Shine a light on the area ABOVE the screen. (or be in a really bright room)
    Wait for the jailbreak to finish.

  14. MovingxTarget says:

    This is the disrespectful thing to put on your ios device if you respect the devs. We could of had a clear exploit for os8 but of coarse there are those untrustworthy people in the community willing to do anything for 2 seconds of fame.

  15. Phoenixkaze says:

    As a Chinese,I wonder have they put any annoying plugins in the software ?……

  16. ChrisHighwind says:

    I can’t wait until I get my PC fixed, because I just bought myself a used good condition iPad 2 this weekend and I can use this to jailbreak it.