Smartphone vs PS Vita Gaming. Is The PS Vita There Yet?


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  1. reaver sniff says:

    a smartphone (iOS iPhone, samsung galaxy android) can’t play quality graphic games, while in psvita cant’t call or install skype

    • 71r3n says:

      Wrong! You “can” install skype. I dont know how it is in your country, but i germany you definitly can.

  2. Pirate Cat says:

    It’s pretty simple, you pick up a Vita if you want to play proper games, since phones barely have any (unless we’re counting p2w and paying for glorified flash games), and you get the benefit of controls that don’t totally blow.

  3. NNNRT says:

    Are you trying to kill the Vita in this post while we can’t find a way to revive it? Really?
    And btw, my Galaxy S4 Mini has 1.5GB of RAM, which is triple of that on the Vita, but can’t run any emulated game smoothly. The Vita can also play PSP & PS1 games a hundred times better than the best phone out there, it can even emulate the whole PSP OS (TN-V). Plus it’s a PlayStation device, & let’s not forget all the PlayStation-only features or even Vita-only, including remote play, cross-buy, & Near, but I won’t be listing them here. And the bigger screen & controller-like buttons are better. You can use a 3G Vita for phone calls/messaging. And finally, the Vita has some AAA games almost similar to PS3.
    Such a block of text to prove that Vita is better than anything.

  4. rclr says:

    One word #xperiaplay 😉

  5. Eliteforce1uk says:

    Stuck by the Vita for a few years now, Same old games and lack of features.
    ANY touchscreen smart phone can play videos online and play simple games like candy crush
    yet the Vita cannot.. even my budget Android device beats the Vita hands down when it comes to gaming .(Only hackers can save the Vita)

  6. Hakumen says:

    easy, if you dont like it, buy wat i think is one of the best system out, NVidia shield
    that is a bad boy.

    • whitnom4 says:

      seriously under-rated device. i love mine, paid the price for a good device 🙂

    • RandQalan says:

      My thoughts exactly after reading this and the comments a lot of Fans just Hoping some day Sony will do something fantastic with this and as the post below stated they have F up before on hand held devices
      I have to admit Vita would have been great but just like DC it is a failing product and that means Sony will not probably back it much now it is a gloried PSP with a few just like DC great games

  7. monte carlo says:

    Ha Ha on me I guess, I got the $ony Xperia Play at Launch and feel a little deja vu with the Vita. Thought I could have the best of both worlds but, not so. Lots of promises from $ony on that device as well and while in my opinion an excellent idea, they failed to follow through with their own promises or even a worthy successor. Don’t get me wrong, I have and will continue to use it as my daily driver phone for 3 years now but it is so underpowered in todays cell phone market that the emulators and physical controls are really all that there is left to do with it now. It looks almost exactly like my PspGo but at least there I can play great games but, no phone functions? I love their products but $ony is messing up big time with their support of them. Just my two cents as a somewhat fanboy who keeps spending good money on empty promises. I am pulling for them to get things right. One day….. hopefully soon!

  8. mooney says:

    were you paid to write this?

  9. KiraSlith says:

    This kinda sucks… I bought the Vita over a Nvidia shield. and for usefulness… the vita fails wholeheartedly. I’m going to remedy this year for my birthday! (The upcoming July) -cho choo-

    I’ll still test stuff though, I won’t mind as much if my vita brix on any of these tests. So Devs contact me if you need someone to test something dangerous. (I’ll even crack the damn thing open if needed)

  10. dfhfhd says:

    erm hello? BUTTONS and STICK/DPAD!
    end of discussion

  11. Stephen Mohos says:

    I personally would prefer to take my laptop with me and simply tether off my smart phone for wireless access when I need to. If I absolutely must go the portable route, until I get a smart phone with a physical keyboard I can settle for a PSP or PS Vita for emulation of older systems.

  12. Bongo says:

    Actually I must disagree a bit. Phone you posted doesn’t have higher specs than Vita. The first problem is RAM. High quantities of RAM are often used to lure clueless customer to buy some product, e.g. you have old radeon 5450 and 5670. While some versions of 5450 had as much as 2 gigs of ram, card was too weak to use that amount of memory and 5670 with 512 mb video ram was much stronger, of course I’m talking about video ram now but same can be applied to phones. Also they never state what kind of memory do these phones have, to they have super old SDRAM ? DDR ? DDR 2? some special phone variation ? Noone knows. But to be fair it seems that we don’t know what kind of ram Vita has either. Now another thing is that Vita has dedicated video ram which this phone doesn’t seem to have. Also I checked graphics and it seems that Vita’s graphic card is more powerfull, from benchmark it seemed to be at least 20% more powerful but im not sure as they compared a tad older version of Vita’s gpu family. Higher resolution is another thing. While it might seem that Motorolas smaller display with higher resolution might be +, in fact in mobile gaming it’s sometimes -. Higher display increases CPU and GPU demand and thus it was smart for Vita, as a gaming device to have a tad smaller display so that they can create better looking games at native resolution. Also they tend to put insane resolutions to mobile phones nowdays, which have no positive effect at all, just put more strain on system (we are talking about Full HD on displays below 5 inches) but fortunately that’s not the case of phone we have here, nor Vita. Of course that mobile phone has more storage space, while vita has 0 to 1gb and that’s a huge – for Vita also expensive mem cards suck very much. And as for CPU I could not find benchmarks but it seems that motorolas CPU is never generation of different brand of CPU’s than Vita has and might be more powerful. But if we take into account purely gaming side of both devices, more powerful GPU, dedicated Vram and smaller display wins against more powerfull CPU, higher overall ram and bigger display but I admit that this smartphone is closer to Vita specs than I thought.

    As for article it’s not a bad one, states some good points but seems to be a bit biased and weaker research was made.

    • lars.b says:

      No offence, but u got pretty much everything wrong and no idea what u talking about.

      Besides, the hardware inside Sony’s PS Vita – a system-on-chip with four ARM Cortex-A9 cores, PowerVR SGX543MP4+ graphics engine (accompanied by 128MB of memory) and a memory controller – is at least a generation behind leading-edge mobile devices today

      • Bongo says:

        No u didn’t understand what I have written and I don’t think my writing is that crappy. I was comparing Vita to mobile phone in this article and criticizing some of the practices used in today’s mobile phone industry. Leading-edge mobile devices are more expensive than Vita is but yes, almost everyone of them has better specs than Vita. But as for games for them that’s another thing. Mobile phone industry is oversaturated and Ill, of course i”m no saying that sony manages Vita well and I have stated so in the first post. But perhaps my understanding of how mobile hardware works really is wrong…

  13. sloppycrap says:

    If the Vita had lived up to it’s promise of being a PSP2 I would have one by now. But it hasn’t, so I don’t.

    If I’m going to move from my PSPGo (after having owned a 1000 and 3000) the hardware has to be able to play everything I’ve already bought in addition to the games native to the system. At my last count, I have paid for 19 PSP games that don’t work haven’t been licensed to play on the Vita. If I’m dropping more than $200 on a piece of hardware, I might as well buy something that can play everything I’ve paid for, right?

    In my 32 years of video gaming, the Vita has been the biggest disappointment so far. And I owned a Jaguar!

  14. Zik says:

    huh. I don’t know what going on but personally…You shouldn’t really be playing games on the Smartphone, you know?

    There are actual pro and cons on it. And one of the reasons why apps are cheaper on phones than on PSVita are mostly because of the in-apps purchases (IAP).

    Angry Birds IAP often includes something that expand the levels, more lives, hints and whatnot. Angry Birds on Vita probably won’t have that option, hench the $40 because they have to tweak it to includes those levels you’ll probably end up buying. Not to mention, additional stuffs that prob be cheaper if you paid the $40 than getting the free version.

    But then, there are battery issues. It true that you can call and send text on the smartphone, but when you throw in gaming, and the standby hour that was posted by the manufacturer, would you REALLY want to spend most of your time hooked up to a charger simply because certain apps are certain to drain your battery? On a smartphone, you have many thing running in the background while playing the games…in that cases, i rather have a Vita.

    Oh, and you didn’t mention which generation of Vita…because, if I recall, the new one that came bundled with Borderland uses LED for the screen instead of the OLED…and by honest standard…OLED is better and more anti-glare than the LED was…

    • Zik says:

      Seem like I can’t edit my post, so I’ll also throw this out.

      Vita FTW because I don’t want to spend $.99 per IAP and I REALLY like to be able to make a call and not worry about battery issues if my smartphone is used for both gaming and calling/texting.

  15. aim says:

    Why not compare to tablet example Xiaomi MiPad

  16. Danule Feichko says:

    I have a galaxy 3 it runs ppsspp ( psp emulator for android) extremely well however lack a fiscal buttons sucks . Touch screen dosent respond as well as I would like . U can purchase a blue tooth controller . I still prefer the vita lol

  17. Gaurav says:

    the ps vita is loosing sone apps like youtube..etc…

    I think its going to lose support from sony so I prefet for going to android /Windows phone

  18. Tommie says:

    This article sucks.
    Why are you comparing the vita to cell phone games? “Oh man, I think I’ll get a ps vita this christmas so I can finally play angry birds” – said no one ever! The same goes for emulation. You suck. Compare apples to apples or gag yourself with one.

  19. PulloGorko says:

    I can’t believe people think controller is a huge deal when in fact you can buy a physical gaming controller that fits your smartphone quite well. I have one from Moga with dual analog sticks. It works perfectly for GTA San Andreas, that wave racer game and other 3D games on my Nexus 5.

  20. Wasabi says:

    This has got to be the most biased review ever.

  21. Chick the FiFi says:

    Either the reviewer is ignorant or he has some beef with Sony.

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