Alienware Alpha: A Possible Console Challenger to PS4 and Xbox One


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  1. :v says:

    people who buy consoles don’t pay $549 for the pure console+controller

    • ZgamerR says:

      Think of this, a computer is basically an open source machine, you can do whatever you want with the system, whereas with consoles you can’t

      • kesh9_2s says:

        that’s why consoles do exist.. :v
        gaming companies see profit in consoles rather than “pc’s” where theres more piracy.. ๐Ÿ˜›
        and consoles are here to stay.. :3

        • Morky says:

          That’s the stupidest post I’ve read all day – congrats!

          Did you know that the PC outsells all consoles combined for the same released game? 10-1! When you buy a console you get to buy proprietary accessories that wont work on the next generation again and again. That’s why consoles exist. It’s called a ‘stroke job’, companies like EA stroke Sony and MS and visa-versa they each make up a bunch of licensing deals and exclusivity deals, and around and around until your eating XBOX flavored Doritos. Its a huge stroke job. You cant do any of that with an open source system. You are right about one thing – consoles are here to stay because too many people work at McDonalds and cant afford a high end gaming PC.

          • Acid_Snake says:

            where did you get that 10-1 statistics from?
            I’m not doubting you, I’m just doubting anything I read from the internet. Also, there’s a reason why companies like rockstar decide to release on console’s first and PC later, so they can at least get their investment back.
            Oh and piracy aside, people buy consoles for comfortability, it’s a true plug-and-play system where you don’t need to sweat a bit to get it working.

          • LOL says:

            Does your tinfoil hat give off a flowery scent to block out the BS that comes out your mouth?

          • Odanyaelo says:

            I’ve got to agree with Acid here… 10-1 is just garbage statistics from inhaling oven cleanser fumes.. I’ve got both a mid-highend PC and Consoles from most generations, as well as all competitors on the market. I love the comfort and options consoles have, as well as their communities. I’m also a diehard pc gamer. I have a slue of games ranging most genres. With current prices, google, a little know-how, and saving cash here and there… anyone can have a top notch pc.. The thing I like most about my PC is like most the people here that contribute, is the ability to learn. I learn more from my pc then I do anything. With that learning, I’ve been able to customize my pc, my games, and where I can lend a hand to others out there as well. I do see my pc as a learning tool as far as the gaming world goes. Since we’re all here on this board, if you haven’t learned anything… Go read a book… Wololo, -hacks, hackinformer psxscene, brewology… GBAtemp, I’ve followed them all for years and learned a lot… I’m average, but have a quick understanding… I also frequent MMOchampion, Ac-web, I’ve worked in putting together DB for WoW servers too, until… MC now I can build without being limited ;-)… In that my babbling will be put on the side… I’m tired
            LONG LIVE GAMING
            ALL SCENES

      • drd7of14 says:

        That’s actually one of the issues. As soon as the SteamOS comes out, I hope it will solve the OS-Processor Demanding tasks of Windows. Windows is great for multi-tasking, and does a lot because of it. It doesn’t dedicate to games. Not saying that consoles nowadays are 100% dedicated to games, with background tasks, but it is soooo much less. That’s why Skyrim, with a less framerate, could run on a PS3/Xbox 360 from 8-9 years ago respectively. I assure you, a computer with the same specs, not compensating for the real-world power, would not run Skyrim. At least not at the bar quality of the consoles. This machine means nothing to me until the SteamOS is fully released.

      • Melon_Bread says:

        No, this is not a Open Source Machine

      • reaper527 says:

        an open source machine… running windows 8.1?

        • Odanyaelo says:

          It’s not open source until Steam-OS or similar distribution is installed… My pc at the moment triple boots Windows8.1, Ubuntu, and OS-X Mavericks…. I got all bases covered if I need one… run into hiccups with Mavericks every now and again, but it’s a hackintosh what can i say? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Carlos says:

    Yea… no. SteamBox has a small chance of becoming relevant. But this… this is just going to fail so hard.

    • Odanyaelo says:

      Still a Steambox will have it’s limitations.. Depending on the Linux Packaged Steam DB… I’ve not checked Steam on Linux in a minute

  3. :^) says:

    They’re mental if they think anyone’s going to buy it. And let me tell you – these aren’t killer specs. My laptop which isn’t meant for gaming has better guts then the best option of these.

    • ZgamerR says:

      Thats a very stupid comment to make.. you don’t even know what the GPU is…… No one does, everyone seems to think it’s going to be some crappy little onboard chip, but it’s not going to. And for that price, you can’t even get a laptop that is that good. A laptop which you can game on (With recent products) will cost you around 800 dollars or more depending on specs. Stop trying to make yourself look like you are above everything because you do not know half the stuff about this machine. I think it’s going to do well, It’s in the same price range that consoles are at. Meaning everyone can stop saying things like ‘You need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming computer that’s why I went with a ps4/xbox one’ This argument will become invalid, and best of all, this is a computer, you can do anything on, even turn it into a hackintosh at some point probably even.

      • lolwut says:

        we’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • . says:

        You’re a *** ***, do you really think they’ll put a good graphics card with a crappy i3 processor.

        • ZgamerR says:

          Funny thing is, you can game perfectly fine on a i3 processor

        • don17sch says:

          follow the link he provides they say what the gpu will be โ€œcustom-built NVIDIA GPU that uses Maxwell architecture and will have 2GB of dedicated RAM.โ€

        • Burrito Bob says:

          There are plenty of systems with graphics cards that outclass their processors. I believe the Raspberry Pi is one. If I recall correctly, the FAQ for it says somewhere that it’s got the processor of the original XBox but with “much, much swankier graphics.”

          I don’t know much about how computer parts interact with each other but this would suggest that it their relative speeds don’t have as huge an impact as you would make it seem, with your apparent need to swear for no good reason.

          • David says:

            The Raspberry Pi is a barebones unit with a few ports, I don’t imagine it has any graphic prowess. It can probably be expanded to do so, though. People use Raspberry Pis to mine bitcoin with so one of us is definitely right, but I’m not positive that it’s me.

        • David says:

          Swing and a miss. Has nothing to do with the graphics processing power.

      • DANTE123 says:

        here is the main problem with this pseudo-upgradable gaming PC , you can’t actually upgrade the GPU!! which makes it not optimal for pc gaming whatsoever,so what’s the point of having a PC/Console hybrid when you can’t upgrade the GPU, and yes for these specs the price are too damn high , usually Alienware products are overpriced but at least you can rely on their performance/specs, but this? i don’t know .
        this barley can compete with MAC mini (value wise) let alone compete with gaming rigs or consoles . just mark my words, this is a failure.

        • claymores says:

          DANTE123, screw you for that! The mac is a worthless pile of s*** (this AW machine easily overpowers the stupid useless weak mac mini). That Alienware alpha machine is more powerful than the xbox 1 dumb dumb. Also please show me a computer with Superior specs to that, that is the same price or lower ignorent fool -_-

      • Morky says:

        Well, the crappy GPU probably is a crappy GPU with this price point. Your too emotional, go take a mydol.

        • ZgamerR says:

          Why is everyone coming to assumptions that it’s going to be a bad GPU, the CPU is good for gaming, you don’t really need anything better than a dual core for gaming at any level in this world currently. About the GPU, you never know what it will be, it might be a variant of a gtx 760 which would most definitely be good enough for gaming

          • mlc says:

            Most people expect their console to last for several years of games. As a PC, this will likely quickly be unable to play new games at a reasonable quality.

          • Cheesethief says:

            Because this machine does not cost nearly enough to warrant a high quality graphics processor. Any decent GPU is $200+, and those are mid range at best. If you want something better, you are looking at something costing the same as this whole PC or twice that for the top of the line GPU.

            Since both PS4 and XB1 went with AMD, Nvidia was a poor choice to go with on this machine. Most games (ports from consoles, which make up a large portion of the market) are likely to be better configured for AMD’s architecture than Nvidia.

        • daniel says:

          Morky… and some of you other users… where do you get your information? the nVidia GPU is a dedicated card not onboard.. so I’m pretty sure it will be a high end 2gb card that is small form fit, considering it’s Alienware. That being the case, as long as external media and internet activity is at par with most pc’s you could probably either put a different card in it, and I bet someone will… Also with it being an i3, the processor socket will support i5 and i7 as said and most speeds. In actuality, its a desktop pc with a controller based ui add-on.. As far as pc prices and what they are capable of.. the pc I am on at the moment is an HP-Pavilion 500 from wal-mart, 2.5 i3, over clocked to 3.4.. 8gb of ram and a 6gb dedicated ATi graphics card… shopping between the net, wal-mart, staples, and best buy.. I spent %679 there hasn’t been a game I couldn’t play with the graphics as high as possible with no lag… So I got no idea what you people are smoking.. My only problem with the Alienware, as well as any new Windows 8 based pc’s is UEFI software.. Having to kill UEFI and secure-boot in order to install Hackintosh, or Linux is a pain in the ***!!

        • claymores says:

          gee and yet im still able to play crysis 3 at max settings on an 8 year old computer. Do some research guys.

        • Z says:

          Stop thinking that Alienware has to pay MSRPs like us consumers. They’re buying the GPUs straight from Nvidia and in bulk, so it’s obvious they’ll get way cheaper prices. Just like Sony and Microsoft do with AMD.

    • daniel says:

      right acid it’s a glorified proprietary business desktop with a spiced gpu… reminds me of Packard Bell, and Compaq, they used to stack components on on the same card, like sound card/modem in one… so if you were online you had no sound.. All proprietary ***… I’m sure people will buy em, and modify it… I mean I’m a pc gamer too, but I’d rather build something useful, or buy something I can upgrade and modify to what I use it for.. Another reason I complain about UEFI.. It often rejects Linux distros assuming it’s malware… or you will get linux to run and install but UEFI see’s grub as malicious.. oh guess what UEFI is a product of Microsoft… ……damn you Bill Gates you clever ***.. “Hey guys can you program our next windows to block other OS’s? We’ll tell everyone it’s for their protection!!”

      • Acid_Snake says:

        The way I see it, PC’s have the advantage of being open, customizable, adapt to your gaming needs and powerful, while consoles are cheaper, better for party games, big TV screens, easy to use and have games with really good storymodes to compensate for the lack of graphics.
        This thing here has the worst of both worlds, it’s not customizable nor powerful like PC and it’s not as cheap and easy to use as consoles, nor does it have console games.

    • claymores says:

      Acid_snake, stop being such an ignornent console fanboy. Please show me a supieiror spec’d pc for a cheaper price. Also the pc has more uses than the PS4.

  4. Radphil says:

    Heh, it’s typical of Alienware….overpricing on their products JUST because it has their name on it.

    • ZgamerR says:

      Doesn’t sony and every other company do the same, yes alienware is known for doing this but, so are other companies, and people do not notice or care …….

      • drd7of14 says:

        The one’s that notice don’t care and don’t but their products. That’s why I shop from MSI. Good value/Good products.

      • radphil says:

        Yea other companies do this too, but Alienware goes overboard.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        The PS4 is pretty damn cheap for the hardware it has. When it comes to console you don’t want to overprice it, quite the contrary, as the console business is all about competing in sales and price.
        An overpriced console is not gonna do anything when there’s more powerful PCs for the same price, or much cheaper consoles with the same power.
        As I said above, consoles are underpowered but cheap and out-of-the-box while PCs are overpowered but more expensive and require more work. You can’t really make a product that takes basically the worst of both worlds.

    • claymores says:

      Screw you! Look at stupid overpriced and weak apple. Also :censored word: please show me a Pc with supeirior specs for cheaper and then we can talk dumb dumb.

  5. Dorothy Gale says:

    I don’t know if I like it, when a common PC, obviously, thinks it’s a console.
    What will this trend bring us?

  6. AL13NCRY says:

    I am really happy to see this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now i can use my Alienware M17X R3 3D to play MY games and my girlfriend can play on this ‘console’ HER games on an 23″ Alienware OPTX 3D Monitor when she’s at my place.
    Yes I am an Alienware fanboy but I really have to say their quality and support is one of the best I know.
    My Laptop is about 2 years old and hasn’t had any problems till now.
    I still can play Battlefield 4 on Ultra on 35FPS.

    Mine will be with an i7 like my laptop. F**k the price. I like quality. And Alienware.

    • mlc says:

      We’re glad to hear you like Alienware, Alienware! I know your target market doesn’t know the actual value of what they’re buying, but nerds in general really don’t like advertising ***

  7. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    Huh, another “glorified PC”. For once, I like Alienware’s exterior designs, they look sick. But the prices are way too high, the specs I’ve seen aren’t exactly killer (yeah, you will be able to choose from more powerful versions, but God knows how overpriced they will be). We’ll see how this will work out.

  8. rowjack1993 says:

    Why would any one buy this? You can get better for cheaper, just not alienware branded

  9. ChrisHighwind says:

    Oh, good, something to anger both the console fanboy and the “LOLPCMASTERRACE” fanboy.

  10. NNNRT says:

    A person would simply choose a PS4 over this & without thinking. Really.

  11. z2 says:

    For $540, I could buy a PS4, Xbox One so no thanks..

  12. garrettcorn says:

    Part 1: (this is about the article)
    This looks pretty sweet! Yes i looks overpriced and if you ask me will probably fail… BUT it really depends what else this thing has packed in the box and if upgrading to an i5 or i7 is too pricey and which i3, i5, and i7 they are putting in here. To me i’m guessing it will pan out “great idea, bad execution” i hope i am wrong though.

    Part 2:(about some of the comments)
    If you think a PS4 or an XBOX one is better then a gaming pc you are flat out wrong! I’ve never owned a gaming rig, but this time around i’m going to build one instead of buying a console. You might ask why and call BS, but i’ll give you my take on it and you can give me yours after:) I will just make a little pros and cons.. THERE IS NO WAY I’M GOING TO GET ALL THE PROS AND CONS, so if you want to comment below with more go ahead, but don’t be all “but you forgot such and such”. You are probably right I forget a lot of things haha…

    *Upgrade able
    *Run games at higher quality and better frame rates.. unless the devs “suck”
    *Better prices for games! (steam sale is going on right now… just take a look)
    *You can use it for other things besides gaming, some people like just having a dedicated gaming device like a gaming console. Makes no sense to me i want a few things as possible that can do everything instead of a million things each for there own purpose.
    *Mods and communities are way better. You can buy a game and 10 years later people are still making mods and adding hundreds of hours of FREE content!
    *Dont have to be told by Sony or Microsoft (or Nintendo) what you can and cant do… And don’t have to wait for something to be added to your console (most of the time we are requesting basic things that every PC can do out of the box).

    Cons: yes there are some ๐Ÿ™‚
    *Not as quick to just sit down, turn on, and play (with an SSD i’m not sure if this is true, but i’ll throw it as a con just in case)
    *cost more (upfront cost is a lot, i’m trying to save up for that part atm and is tough not going to lie, but in the long run i think you save money between games and being able to upgrade)
    *Not as many of my friends have one (well maybe its because they have never seen one and after you show them they will want one)

    To me its pretty clear cut that a gaming computer is better, but i also might have a biased opinion on the matter. Seeing how i have been a console gamer my whole life and seeing the *** Sony and Microsoft tell you, you can and can’t do on there “holy” consoles and high prices has driven me away. Let me know how you feel about it though, i am really interested in hearing more opinions on the matter!

    • Zike says:

      I don’t blame you for wanting to build your gaming rig, but here two pro and cons that you’ve overlooked and is the reasons why I often don’t buy it.

      1: Graphics on PC can be tweaked at your own rate
      2: It can be geared toward media, gaming or both.
      3: oh, and forgot, you can add on more hdd

      1: drivers support on newer OS lacking
      2: GPU drivers update requires if game crash and certain games are often build using either ATI or Nvidia
      3: Oh, and I forgot, temperature wise, pending if you’re overlocking or not, will be expensive as you seek either heatsink, watercooler or some other method.

  13. oo7 says:

    for someone like me who has always had a pc dedicated for gaming and emulation, im typing this on my wall mounted 55″ tv from my logitech k400r cordless on my gaming rig in my living room all i can say is console where? its a pc in a alienware box. it will fail and fail hard. if someone wants a console they will buy a console if someone wants a gaming pc they will buy a gaming pc not this bad marketing joke

  14. Zike says:


    For that much, and shipping out with a Xbox 360 controllers???? What if I want to play with the ps3 controller? It frigging Bluetooth? Oh wait, a lot of the pc games nowadays are forced to use the x360 controller layout…

    and Open Source console? 2 USB ports? what part of this is a computer? My laptop has 4 ports, run Intel Core 2 Dual Processor T6600 a Nvidia GeForce GT 230M GPU and I can still play some games decently as long as there aren’t too many pixial on my laptop screen.

    One of the reasons I buy consoles is because I cannot afford to upgrade the parts in the desktop, but for this? No…For that much, I probably can build it using the lesser parts and still play BF4 decently.

    Not to mention, able to use CPU? Isn’t that more for if you’re planning to do works instead of gaming? I5 with the right GPU, RAM and HDD can play any game decently, and while AlienWare are well renown brand, sometime…they overprice it unless they promise free hardware upgrade…and if they sell them in various mode…does that mean the GPU is upgradable? Cuz if that the niffy feature, then I’m game…but if it Open Source, does that mean we can mod the snit out of this without voiding our warranty?

  15. don17sch says:

    follow the link he provides they say what the gpu will be “custom-built NVIDIA GPU that uses Maxwell architecture and will have 2GB of dedicated RAM.”

  16. Timber says:

    Those specs are garbage, I can build a pc pretty much the same for the same price, what’s the point.
    it should come with the fully upgraded version stock.

    • claymores says:

      please show me a pc with supeirior specs to this for cheaper then it -_-

      • progamer1515 says:

        You apparantly aren’t imaginative. This is the same comment that you have posted multiple times. Please, instead of sounding like a broken record provide PROOF!!!!

      • Herp derp says:

        Developers aren’t going to sell pc parts for cheaper than they are worth. That’s called not making money.

  17. Burrito Bob says:

    “A Possible Console Challenger to PS4 and Xbox One”

    “The new Alienware Alpha is Windows 8.1 console.”

    Don’t do that. It will make nobody take you seriously.

  18. Brandon says:

    I’m here eating my popcorn, watching as the pc master race comment.

  19. Jonny says:

    I would have made some popcorn had I known how entertaining (and pathetic) these comments are

  20. Antichrist84 says:

    Sigh more pc is better than consoles arguments and vice versa, who gives a fk? let ppl enjoy what they want. *rolls eyes

  21. oo7 says:


  22. Cheesethief says:

    Buying a PC for the same amount of money will get you more. Besides, your PC will be in a bigger, cooler tower and it will be much more upgradeable than this overpriced piece of junk.

    Alienware does have something in common with Apple, both charge a premium for having their brand name plastered all over your device. The main difference is that Apple actually provides their own, premium (if limited) software experience. Alien just puts Windows in and calls it a day. Maybe a skin or two.

  23. Claudio says:

    I don’t get why people often compare consoles with gaming PC. In the past, console gaming was all about exclusives and ease to use while PC was about performance, online and upgradabilty.

    An old gamer myself, I can tell you that in the past PCs vs consoles were more about which genre you wanted to play. Fighting, JRPGs, platformers, racing and adventures belonged to consoles while FPS, RTS, MMORPGs and Point-and-click belonged to PC, with little exceptions. Nowadays most non first-party games are multiplatform.

    With indie gaming, increasing power of consoles and online infrastructure, Steam with ps3 controller support (big picture), one could argue that the PC usability has improved a lot and getting close to gaming consoles level even though is years away in terms of usability; while consoles are getting more powerful and more online infrastructure.

    In the other hand, while consoles biggest advantages is simplicity and ease to use, here we are trying to hack and exploit them to run unsigned code, recoding emulators, homebrews and excentric toolchains to fit in often constricted hardware specs and/or limited sandboxed environments, making it much harder to set up than any gaming PC (even with Linux).

    Also, this console generation is getting closer and closer to PCs architecture (amd64), so at least in theory from now on games will be much easier to port to PCs (unless MS and Sony toolchains, SDKs and APIs are extremely funky) .

    Also, on the cost front, although PC games are indeed cheaper, hardware and (often crappy) software are quite expensive. And sometimes you have to upgrade your hardware just because MS decided to pressure hardware manufacturers to not support an “old” version of windows (windows XP anyone?), while dedicated console hardware is frozen for a 7 years+ window, running games with comparable graphic quality. Hopefully with Native SteamOS support, things will lean more toward PC in this aspect.

    So, in the end it all boils down to exclusives. Whichs IPs do you wanna play? You can have the hottest PC gaming machine around and still can’t run games before 2010’s properly (no GoW, Mario, f-zero or zelda to name a few) until many years later, or can but not without spending hours and hours tweaking stuff in an oversized hardware, not to mention the legal issues. Thats why even if I think that Wii U hardware is a piece of *** (with an even crappier controller), I will eventually buy it for the new starfox or mario kart, as well as a PS4 for the new GoW or new capcom or SNK hottest fighter, or even XBone for Killer Instinct (yeah, I love this game that much).

    To sum up, the discussion PC vs Consoles is useless, as both are converging in most aspects. The real discussion should be: “Do you care about which exclusives?”

  24. Timothy Tripp says:

    I’m pretty much the exact target audience for this device. I own both a PS4 and XBox One, and got out of PC gaming about 3 years ago because of 4 reasons (these were just MY reasons and might explain why I’m considering the Alienware while it’s not ideal for a typical PC gamer):

    1. I was sick of needing to update my GPU every 2 years, my CPU every 3 years, and my MB/Memory/PS every time I upgraded my CPU. I like to play the latest games at least at 1080p and high settings and that just wasn’t possible without continuous upgrading. On consoles, the same hardware gets better and better games through the years because developers know what you have and they optimize for it.

    2. I was tired of the hackers/cheaters in online games. This seems to have gotten a little better but I think it will take centralized servers like XBox Live or Steam to really identify and stop these “brats” of online play. With Azure and other cloud hosting becoming the norm, I think more powerful hacker detection will be reality for most PC online soon.

    3. I want to play on my TV. In my living room where I have a great sound system. I don’t want to use a keyboard and mouse, and quite frankly I don’t even want a corded controller (I don’t think this comes with a wireless 360 controller but it SHOULD!). The UI for Windows has never really been able to accommodate a mouse-less/keyboard-less user until Windows 8 so that’s a different animal these days.

    4. I was tired of the poor QC of hardware on PC in general. My XBox 360 and PS3 both lasted more than 5 years and never once had a problem (I got my 360 after the initial RRoD overheating problems). I’ve had more hard drive problems and fan problems on my PC than both consoles combined. I didn’t buy the cheapest hardware but I also couldn’t afford an Alienware PC. I’m really hoping this device has the same quality Alienware is famous for.

    So yeah, I’m considering this. I actually would prefer the i3 since it’s cheaper and probably powerful enough. I really have no interest in spending more than $500-ish for any gaming system, so if they can’t hit my 1080p on high settings goal, I’ll wait and see what they put out next year. Eventually they’ll get there even if this isn’t “the one”.

  25. claymores says:

    wow i cant believe the ignorent haters in these comments… That Pc is quite a good value. The specs are supeirior to the xbox 1’s specs, and the price is actaully very good. I dare you to show me a pc with superior specs to this for cheaper then it. You wont and $550 is a very good value for this.

  26. Hymness says:

    I think the price is good. It’s sure higher than PS4 or Xbox One. But I think it would be hard to build a PC this price with the specs…

    The big question here is what about the GPU? In any gaming rig, the most expensive component is the GPU. There are 2 possibilities in my opinion here:

    – It is a good card and every other components are ***.
    – The components are good and the GPU is crappy.

    Nevertheless, it’s still a good price, I think, for a gaming rig. Just how well will it perform, we’ll see in the future.

    I think there is a market. Probably a “good” (not more for sure) PC, an interesting price, great looking.

    FInally, I think there is way too more hate here.