Sony’s Reason For Creating A New Western Name For The Vita TV


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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    Also seems stupid to me. If something is doing bad and you want it to do better you dont hide it you should show it off more. So having it as the Vita TV would put more attention on the Vita and help the sales. Keeping the Vita name quiet will do more harm than good as now people will hear it less giving it less attention and less sales.

  2. Davey says:

    Well does it really matter? If you dont own a PS4 the PS TV is kinda worthless. Most people have smart TV’s, Roku’s ect. for getting Netflix and stuff. Would have preferred an interface for TV out on the Vita and a wireless controller/PS4 controller for it.

  3. yo says:

    Jay What about de psvita tv out???

  4. konit_oo says:

    The reason is that they can’t make games or anything else.. so they create names

  5. Leires says:

    There’s quite a few things in there that are extremely troubling.. Sony is essentially Cerberus, with the closer head to us being EUR, and he’s telling us things like ‘is the vita going to be what we originally hoped? no, but it’s still got a place as a PS4 peripheral!’ ._.

    • sathriel says:

      Well, he pretty much confirmed that Sony doesn’t give a flying toss about VITA anymore. They are not going to create any triple A totles for them and they are not going to invest any more money to make it succeed. They will just try to cut their losses with bullshitting people about Remote Play and Playstation Now.

  6. guritchii says:

    It’s similar to how the Sega Megadrive was renamed as Genesis in the States due to copyright infringement if I remember correctly.

    As for the Vita, it’s pretty much dead in the water, until it gets hacked.. :3

  7. Obito says:

    When I had a N64, always put it in its box after playing and kept it in a wardrobe. So i really had no problems to play it in whatever TV i wanted, I just took the box there. Like I would but another TV console just to play PS4 from another room LOL. For that, I would either move the PS4 itself, or use the Vita.

  8. solidsnake says:

    all i buy is used ps vita that are 50% off. in that way i save more and enjoy my ps vita more. there were only a small handful of great titles for the ps vita. no one wants a system that doesnt bring any new games to it.

  9. ChrisHighwind says:

    So, basically, the Playstation TV’s main function is for PS4 Remote Play. Yeah, the one thing Sony thinks the Vita’s good for, and even that’s getting taken away from it. Can you just stop supporting the Vita already if you’re not going to do anything with it?

  10. ismail says:

    Remove Vita from the games wwant do nothing,Playstation tv will fail even more then Vita

  11. clambake says:

    And this is why the west is terrible.

  12. asger says:

    Oh, goodie! More groundless speculation.

    You should’ve just left it at the announcement.

  13. Antichrist84 says:

    Sony seems to be ashamed of the Vita and don’t want its name on anything lol. wonder why

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