Release: Total Noob’s TN-V9 eCFW


Technology is cool

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  1. Hedonism says:

    Hi guys, just wondering what to do here. I downloaded Numblast but cannot transfer it over from PS3. I am running 3.01 on the Vita. Thanks in advance.

  2. MEK says:

    guys i installed tnv 9 but mvspsp cps1e CPS2 emulators and not work right menu of roms
    someone can explain thanks!!!

  3. MEK says:

    Hedonismo donwload the “CMA 3:01” and “vita update blocker” run on the pc if you have doubts as vita update blocker search the net works, download the game to your pc
      sony has a program that read files use to read and find the address of Zeus in the numblest game file, I do it with my pc for the vita will be difficult but it works

  4. Max says:

    Can you play Vita ISOs with this?

  1. June 21, 2014

    […] E é isso ae. Para diversas informações relacionadas a instalação, configuração e compatibilidade do novo TN-V9, visite a página oficial do release no blog do Wololo. […]