An English release of Final Fantasy Type-0 is already available, and it runs perfectly on the PS Vita. No thanks to Sony.


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  1. dboyz says:

    Those guys really deserve a trophy T.T

  2. Masamune says:

    Yep! Currently playing it on my Vita with firmware 3.01 and the 101 in 1 megamix exploit TN-V8 😉 I also signed the petition for a release on Vita : let’s hope SE will hear us but I’m a bit pessimistic about this one seeing what they’ve been doing lately…

  3. Baadaq says:

    when i buy my vita, i never liked the idea of a homebrew in the console that could destroy the development area of games, now i only hope that vita get totally hacked!, im pretty ***, first was with Ruin(ARPG like d3),then 0 games other than jrpg with a lot of them made for pedobears(cute lite girls with big axes and stuff) and we can keep going with the lots of monster hunter ripoff, pretty much saying that vita didn’t need 3A games killed me.

  4. :v says:

    “press the touch screen long enough to see the menu”
    Hold the PS button in recent firmwares!

  5. Obito says:

    Square Enix is not very renowned for his translations. KH:DDD, for example….

  6. anonanon says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the article written by a se staff member, on the psn blog? So the fuckup would be SE’s fault and responsibility not sony. Very upsetting news none the less.

  7. The Z says:

    I would recommend the 6.20 L/ME-2, the 6.39 L/ME-10 or the 6.60 L/ME-2 for this game.

    And yes, the ME/LME now has the Inferno driver : P

    • RandQalan says:

      Ok were is the 6.20LME-2 with inferno drivers I looked around and nothing or is that something you are working on

  8. lolwut says:

    i might pick PS4 version

  9. zero one says:

    Normally I wouldn’t say anything but your negativity should go towards squareenix. This has nothing to do with sony whatsoever. Square enix just has something about releasing their games digitally; hence the reason why crisis core, birth by sleep, and countless other games aren’t released on the psn. It isn’t up to sony to release them.

  10. Leires says:

    What really gets me most about this is that ENG PSP users were pushing for this in america, so it only would make sense it’d come to vita. Hey, vita is doing pretty poorly, people regard it as a portable indie handheld, lets give it an AAA title (final fantasy). Well, then again, PSV isn’t too popular in the US (makes me cry btw, sir wololo, that ya’ll get visual novels on your vita. I’d cry for that option.) and hey! We can make more money if we port it to PS4 and xbone! What’s that? Vita too? Ehhhh we don’t got the resources or the time for such a device.

    Vita is flailing in the water, it’s not going to drown any time soon but when such a thing of beauty is begging for a life raft, it’s pretty messed up that nobody is willing to step forward.

  11. Blue says:

    I understand that people are upset, but at the same time, in light of an earlier article about how Sony seems to be killing the VIta step by step, is it really that much of a surprise that Square would choose to bring Agito to platforms with what I am assuming is a substantially larger base? (ps4+xboxone)?

    To be certain, a large reason for the Vita’s troubles is the lack of games, but I don’t think Square would count on Agito being a system-seller.

    • Kevin says:

      Yes and no.
      They could have given it to us digitaly.
      I mean, they have to translate it anyways.
      And a PSP-Version is avaylable.
      But Square: “No, we cant just put in the translated text from the next gen versions into the psp game and make our customers happy!”
      And im a 100damn% shure, its isnt more than a few days work.
      They have all the edditing-tools etc. Copy & Paste to make your customers happy and gain an extra buck or 2 ist worth the work (haha work!?!).

      • Acid_Snake says:

        It’s the infinite loop of failed consoles. The console doesn’t sell because it has no games because it doesn’t sell because it has no games because it doesn’t sell……..
        The only ones who can break this loop are 1st party devs (look at Nintendo with MK8), but Sony doesn’t seem interested in opening studios to make 1st party AAA titles for the Vita.

      • Blue says:

        Hm. I see what you’re saying, but a few things:

        1. If what Sky and is team have gone through is any indication, it’s not that simple to just copy and paste the text in. My impression is that it is actually a fairly time consuming bit of work to make sure the text fits, etc.

        2. Square may be worried about digital sales cannibalizing the more expensive PS4/xboxone sales. How good were sales of games that got remastered, like God of War, Final Fantasy X, Prince of Persia, when compared to the original?

        3. Conversely, they may be worried about the opposite. They may go through the work of bringing the PSP version over, only to find a few people are willing to buy the last-gen version of a game when they KNOW a prettier, possibly with more stories, options, items, quests, etc version of a game is going to come out relatively soon.

        4. I’m fairly certain that Square is aware of the fan-translation. Why would they want to compete against it? I’m sure there are people who downloaded the patch who are also willing to buy the legitimate version of the game, but what percentage? It has to be enough to make a decent profit, or else any company would rather pursue a different project.

        Basically, what the current situation breaks down to is this, IMHO: ardent fans of the game already have access to the PSP version of the game, and it’s pretty darn close to perfect. And Square is bringing over a more refined version of the game for the less devoted (and the more, if they’re really passionate). We are getting both versions of the game, so I see very little to actually get angry about. (Now if Square found a way to shutdown anyone providing access to the patch, or something, then YEAH, I could see cause for rage.)

        • Dav_Dabz says:

          Actually Mr.Blue. If you check the trending sites for psp games, example nicoblog. 90% (including) have stated time and time again that we would buy the Vita release even though we already own a physical legit import and the translated merged iso. 80% of the Vita owners were and most likely still are PSP owners.

          • Dav_Dabz says:

            Also I meant 90% (including me) and that it’s a HD remaster not a new story, not a continue, no new quests, no new monsters. It’s the same game just in HD.

  12. ThatGuyBackThere says:

    You say to people that are “no vita no buy”, yet people are purchasing the Japanese version of the game to the developer who DIDN’T put it out for the vita, and people are blaming Sony.

    I can understand the malice here, but c’mon people.

  13. Joel16 says:

    One of the greatest psp games I’ve ever played 🙂

  14. JukeIt says:

    it’s kinda funny to call this a patch because as much as they team urge you to not pirate the game, you’re just patching a partially edited disc 1 and the entirety of disc 2 onto a disc 1 ISO for a game nobody should technically be allowed to legally own

  15. Techni says:

    Its not Sony’s fault the publisher won’t let them. See crisis core for examppe

  16. kratos says:

    when i press the touch screen to assign the right analog control to the D-pad. IT doesnt work on my vita…. i have a 3.01 TN V-8

  17. Memento says:

    I thought this looked like *** on my PS VitaTV and I have it connected to a Monitor which isn’t nearly as big as a standard flat screen TV. Its truly amazing on PPSSPP and excellent on Vita for portability.

    BTW if you want to cheat. Go to a savepoint and click on save before saving it to memory activate your cheats go back to game and continue to save it to memory. Exit out of the game and run it again and load your save game.

  18. angelic_sedition says:

    I’m on ch5, and it’s close to perfect so far. The only problem I’ve noticed is that when you take classes, the text is totally messed up (names, text, and timing doesn’t match speakers and is sometimes repeated for multiple classes).

    • Sky says:

      Hi there!
      Don’t worry about that; it’s intentional and happens in the original Japanese game too. Subtitles are not supposed to match what they are saying during classes ^^.

  19. k3nn says:

    wow! awesome work!

    i’m sure this type-0 not coming to psv has nothing to do with $ony dumping their Squeenix stocks a few months back

    • sathriel says:

      Yet it is coming to PS4? This does not compute.

      Anyway, those are great corporations not kids on the playground we are talking about, Sony did not sell its SE stock just to spite them.

  20. Comura says:

    This works on hacked PSP 3003 right?

  21. Kevin says:

    Theese guys should work for Square.
    No… bether, Square should work for them.
    Im am so fu***** happy that i can play FF0 (once i got me a PSP again xD), but it *** me off, that Sony/Square/WhateverfuckedupbigCompany isnt able to do the work, homebrewcoders do at home.
    Maybe its time that i should leave gaming.

  22. CycloneFox says:

    Now I really need the Europe exploit release for Vita FW 3.15… I already installed it on my PSP. But I want to play it on my Vita.

    Square should just ask the fan translators (after a few QA stuff), if they may release their game with the fan translation in North America and Europe and all the hate would end. No Vita owner will complain about Japanese voices.

  23. Sky says:

    I’m VERY grateful to read this article in this blog, that I’ve been following for years.

    I think I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say: Thank you very much Wololo, for this unexpected surprise. And of course, thank you for all your work in the scene, that also helps projects like this one to be in everybody’s PSP’s, and Vitas.

    By the way, now that I finished this, I’ll consider picking a Vita and go exploit hunting for a bit… It may be fun!

    Thanks again 😉


    • CycloneFox says:

      Thank you a lot for your really hard work. The translation looks really professional. I even doubt it’ll be as much fun to play the official HD release, as it is to play your release.

      The Vita is the perfect match for this game, as it does not only look prettier on the bigger sharper (upscaled via filter) screen, but you may also map the directional buttons to your right stick to rotate the camera while moving.

      I have a question, if it is not inappropriate to ask, of course: Can you share any information about contacts between your team and Square Enix? Maybe they are interested in doing something with your project.

    • wololo says:

      Sky, thanks for your work and that of the rest of the team. This translation work is truly impressive, and I can’t praise you enough for the dedication you’ve put into this project!

    • sathriel says:

      You and your team did a great job. Thanks to you all.

    • Mira says:

      Thank you for all your efforts ^^
      even though i had now a fullbreak on my psp now xD
      (not cause of you and the game!!!!! xD)
      i would be really happy if i could someday play your translated game ^^

    • Awesome job!!!! I humbly thank you for your work and all of the team.

  24. Frank says:

    This game runs perfectly on my PSP or on PPSSPP for Windows too. I tried both and on my PC I’m using a dualshock 2 connected by USB. I assing the camera to the right analog stick. I wish I could play it on my Vita too but I don’t have any hack funcitonnal. If this game is released someday on Vita, I will buy it certainly because I’m a big Final Fantasy fan.

  25. Jdub says:

    Don’t really care who is at fault here, the only thing that matters is……this is awesome!! 😀 Well done to everyone involved and thanks for bringing this article to my attention. I love everyone.

  26. SxyxS says:

    Seeme some people don’t get that the game not being released on vita has nothing to do with Sony but Squares only decision.
    You can’t force square to bring it on vita though i don’t understand why thereis no release after great ff10 hd sales on vita+ you can be sure that type would never ever sell that much on xbox1 as they could on vita as most american xbox1 owners are not interessted(they even don’t know that this game exist) and there is no and never will be install base in japan.
    But ,well that”s stupid square.

    imo the thing that really upsets me is that type o was announced just at the time the type o fanboy translation got finished:
    That’s no coincidence.Square will steal the translation and slightly modify it to make it look original.

    • Blue says:

      IIRC, US and Europe sales of FFX HD were abysmal. Like, 150K total for two continents. And I don’t know if that number is effectively doubled because they separated the two games for the Vita.

      Second, Square has earlier claimed that they already had a nearly finished script years ago. Dunno if they’re lying, but also consider that E3 was happening at the same time (it’s a good time to make announcements about games), and if the screenshots are any indication, they were already working on an PS4 version. Also, Sky’s team really surprised everyone with their sudden release (originally scheduled for two months from now), so I’m inclined to think it’s a coincidence.

  27. LAA says:

    Not Sony’s fault really. It was a Square Enix representive claiming it was on Vita, not someone from Sony. They just posted it on Sony’s PS Blog.
    The only weird thing was Sony’s Shahid posted on twitter that Type 0 was coming to Vita after the PSBlog post was made. Surely he would have known if it was coming to Vita or not, so I wonder how much influence and knowledge he really has within Sony after this…

    Regardless, I’m both happy and sad Type 0 isnt on Vita. I’m happy because we should get a better quality port, (And it shouldnt be the point, but I can remote play on Vita through PS4 anyway, but obviously not everyone can do that), although I am hearing rumours it won’t be so optimised for PS4…will be more disappointed if the port on PS4 looks like it could be easily run on Vita.
    The bad thing about it is really…Type 0 could have been the big game that Vita needs to sell the system. That and it seems Vita fans have been the ones to push Type 0 to come to the west and got nothing for it.

  28. Belmondo says:

    You are right about the mapping of the camera on the d-pad being useless.

    I would recommend anyone playing this on a pspgo to use macrofire 3.1.0 and switch the left and right d-pad to L & R and switch L & R to left and right. At least this way you have a little control of the camera like Crisis Core.

    Great game, thanks Sky and Team for bringing us this translation.

    Once the next kxploit is released will enjoy playing this on PS VTV with second analog stick remapped.

  29. rclr says:

    Ughhh! So manny games to play but I only have few times to spare 🙁 working 3 jobs makes alot of money but sacrifice a time to play -_-

  30. Haeralis says:

    Lol, what is this article TALKING about? Sony had absolutely NOTHING to do with this, why blame them? The blame rests solely on Square Enix for deciding to only put it onto eighth generation consoles. If Sony was at all involved in this, here’s a hint: it wouldn’t be on the Xbox One.

    • wololo says:

      You’re focusing on a detail of the article. The point is to showcase the translation. I didn’t do my homework and didn’t verify who was to blame between Square Enix and Sony. My bad. But move on, this is not what the article is about. Thanks.

      • Ricky D says:

        If you’re aware that Sony was blamed and shouldn’t have been, then why not edit the title of the article? Seems like it would cause less confusion

        • wololo says:

          I added a new paragraph at the top of the article. I hate changing content, it makes me look like I am trying to hide my own mistakes. The title therefore remains the same, but I added a correction in the article itself. Hope it makes sense

  31. Jdub says:

    So, I was still on tn-v7 and read that I needed to update to Tn-v8 to use the inferno driver that was added in order to get this to work. Long story short, I updated to Tn-v9 while still rocking the Persona exploit but now nothing work. Did I just screw myself?

    • Jdub says:

      N/M, i’m stupid. I just transferred back the save file that had 7 in it. I’ll just manually upgrade to 8.

  32. edukarlo says:

    Use the PSP3D plug-in with this one on the vita and be more astonished…. Yeahbah!!! ^_^

  33. Noorul Islam says:

    Hi I’ve got a Vita running TN-v9. Is it possible to play this game? I’m always reading that you need the original UMD disc one to patch with sky’s translation. Is there any way I can do this without the umd as I have a vita. Been waiting for this release for ages! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  34. x3angel says:

    Can someone please explain how to install & transfer Final Fantasy Type-0 (~2+,GB, single merged ISO) English patch to your PS VITA – Every time I try the Game does not show up for some strange reason? All other games work & FFT-O works on my psp and psp go but not on my VITA? – I’m running 3.01 TN-V9.6 eCFW – any help would be much appreciated! Please and Thank you

  35. Lee says:


    Can you please post here your settings for the ppsspp? i’d like to try it on my windows computer for bigger screen. Thanks a lot.

  36. I am so grateful that I got the patch dowloaded before this ridiculous drama. I was waiting for this ever since skybladecloud was contemplating on doing this patch and it is beautiful. Wonderful job operation doomtrain!!! and Thank you SkyBladeCloud for making it happen. and as always thank you Wololo for the true source for gaming and hacking knowlege! 😛

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