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Total_Noob is looking for Beta Testers for TN-V9


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34 Responses

  1. BakaOsaka says:

    Hopefully TN will be able to fix the issues with installing on the Vita TV.

    • mightylol says:

      he should fix his ADHD too then if he wants attention each time he “leaves” the scene,sissy head he is

  2. Mizu says:

    Wasn’t it not possible to run translation patch’d games in the PSP emulator on the Vita? Is the new version of TN-V going to solve that?

    • xfrostx says:

      No, TN-V with 101-Megamix exploit runs my english patched Type-0 just fine.

    • mlc says:

      The issue with Final Fantasy Type-0 was that the merged files were over 2 GB, which required the Inferno driver. That was fixed with TN-V8.

      There might be another problem I’m not aware of with someone’s method of patching, though, but it seems like the Type 0 patch is running fine. (I haven’t tested it yet cuz my Vita is full presently)

  3. ponxpunks says:

    reporting blue screen on my psvita 3.01 king of pool exploit…sad 🙁

  4. ric says:

    blue screen on 3.01 king of pool
    thanks for your hard work WOLOLO

  5. Plastic says:

    Total Noob, please, before you leave the scene again make your project open source so it can be ported to new exploits.

  6. perfig says:

    I wish I could help but Im on 3.01

  7. Charles Fasano says:

    I updated my Vita to 2.10 because TN-V4-8 wasn’t working on 2.06 and earlier. Lost my UNO exploit but thankfully I had Arcade Darts in the wings.

    It would be nice if someone found a Vita exploit that only allowed us to run PSOne games in Vita Mode which would give us proper sound. I’ll take what I can get. I did manage to download 3 PSOne games that you normally can’t download on the Vita when Sony sc*** up the black list weeks ago.

  8. 1998adam8991 says:

    That would be me… How do I start?

  9. tokia says:

    how about 3.12?

  10. kenshin says:

    N’oubliez pas d’indiquer dans votre signature que vous ête un de ces testeurs, et si vous testez des trucs même pas annoncé, indiquez le aussi.

    Etaler votre richesse aux yeux de tous.

  11. rypafire says:

    Type-0!!! I want you in my vita too.. please Total_Noob.. 😀

  12. DarkenLX says:

    past and present exploits… uh we don’t have a kernel exploit for 3.15 for the public yet do we? so how can that be correctly tested unless TN is testing the 3.15 himself… is he?

  13. erick says:

    tela azul arcade darts 2.60

  14. Gurukai says:

    I’m playing Type-0 on 1.81 Gravity Crash exploit with TN-V1… atleast i’m pretty sure it’s V1, i haven’t updated in 2 years

  15. LennyVita says:

    If anyone can help please do so. There is a lot of people here that has the firmware Total Noob is looking to beta test.

    It is easy to test and don’t take long to do. If you have a requested firmware that has not been tested yet, please return the favor. The sooner things are tested, the sooner things can progress. For all the hard work and dedication, this is the least we can do for Total Noob.

  16. Lucas says:

    To install TN-V I need exploit games right?

  17. ponxpunks says:

    at last i already play final fantasy type 0 merge on my vita tnv 8 3.01 king of pool exploit all you have to do is disable all the plugins and that it…

    • Chad says:

      No that is not it. The plugins have nothing to do with being able to play it. What is needed is TN-V8 with the Inferno driver enabled, because the ISO file is over 2GB. Where some of you come up with the things you post just amazes me I can’t imagine what the thoughts are that you keep to yourself.

  18. Meler says:

    LoL I wish to try the exploit right now for beta testers tn-9 but there so much goin on in my *** life 🙁 Luck of time ever for myself,still got the megamix though running fine,without that litle bug in camera in psp mode 😀 maybe it can be fixed as well with public realise 😀

  19. bopz says:

    news of the year! thx TN

    r.i.p. psp1000 🙂

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