Total_Noob is back, with PEOPS & TN-V9: A Plugin that enables sound for custom converted PS1 games on the PS Vita!

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  1. Wopa says:

    …they should focus on enabling the PS Vita to play backups instead of working on getting it to play PS1 and PSP game backups. It’s pointless supporting something like this unless for those wierd people that buy a PS Vita to play PSP games and PS1 games on it instead of a normal PSP… D:

  2. trashdinner says:

    Hah! I just sold my Vita since I wasn’t interested in any Vita games and PS1 iso didn’t have sound … When TN annouced he would leave the scene that was the final push for me but now this!! I asked for PS1 sound so many times and now that I sold my Vita there it is 😉

  3. Kepohe says:

    Hello, i had the old exploit gravity crash but i updated with the next firmware. I haven’t my vita with me now but i think i have a firmware 2.xx… I see that some game with exploit have retourned to PSN (for 3.xx) … So can i install one of this exploit or i must wait for a new release? Thanks

  4. ramenking says:

    well done Z for finding this big step for sound for our ps1 games 😀

  5. ponxpunks says:

    i already installed final fantasy type 0 full english patch on my ps vita tnv 8 version sadly its not working im stuck on loading menu i hope this coming tnv 9 final fantasy type 0 will work jahbless you total noobs to all stuff of this site!!!!

    • Edzo says:

      In the VSH menu (press select in the xmb) change it to the inferno driver. the translated game works

  6. noobrstxk says:


  7. ivo says:

    its odd atleast that any exploit reults in a segmentation fault when loaded in an emulator on pc
    except Uno.

  8. ivo says:

    what u do is as following
    install ps3 proxy server update the update file by selecting the proxy in ur psvita
    then update this link with file that fits ur firmware as latest

    then u can go on psn with any firm u like … ps3 proxy server gui that is
    next u can go on store and buy those games and install the savegames exploits
    and even the tnv9 softmod (pspfirm emu cef) will work if its a release for any exploit like last time …
    the kmode only needs a umode house …
    so once u got a game working with a usermode exploit ur all set to find the tnv update for it

    allthough it will be some messing to findout with cma and witch opencma hack u need for ur firmware.

  9. lemski07 says:

    Ill be able to hear now Diablo 1’s epic sound right am I right?!

  10. Awesome work I hope this can be launched I still on 1.81 and i dont want upgrade my psvita works incredible congratulations. TN

    • Don Li says:

      Same here great work but I am too also on 1.81 running TN-V exploit. Would be amazing if it’s launched to work in the same version can’t wait.

  11. Nnuma says:

    Yeah ! ! I was sure that TN haven’t left the psvita scene ^^

  12. RypaFire says:

    I hope this is a new CFW for ver 3.15 vita users. Good Job TN!!!

  13. kineticUk says:

    Wow, this is such great news as Ive missed out so far and wish I had TN software on my Vita even though Ive still got my PSP. Total_Noob work so far has been brilliant. I’m very happy to hear this news. I must research now what I will need to do and be ready.

  14. icyheart says:

    I always Lovein your work TN, please support him every time.

  15. dean says:

    it would be really nice if this can run on 3.15.

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