Sony Playstation Portable and the hacking scene – 9 Years of Development


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Max says:

    This article bought back old memories.
    the way we all use to play around with our PSP and taking it with us every where we went.
    the good ol’ Emulators and memory speed up mods were awesome.
    i hope something similar happens to vita too.
    it will be awesome for vita to have its own code running 🙂

  2. Jeffrey says:

    PSP Hacking was interesting then everytime there is something new.

    • Joel16 says:

      I agree, looking at the forums, I always stumbled across new content. Miss the old times :/

  3. egzek says:

    Dat Flashback font.

  4. wuestion says:

    Little irrelevant but i decided to post this here. Is anyone capable of writing a how-to(a guide) find a kernel exploit inside the psp emu on the vita? Like wololos guide on finding usermode ones but about the kernel. Maybe some1 like wololo, Acid_Snake , fate6 or qwickrazor86??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Omega2058 says:

      There are a handful of people capable. The thing is, most of the information regarding kernel exploits are ready available. I don’t think anyone’s going to take time to sit down and write another one.

  5. Brandon says:

    What if someone used a cheatcoder on the psp to create a exploit. almost in a way to make a directory in the save file?

    • Joel16 says:

      Sorry I didn’t know about this. Maybe if it was posted in the forums I would have. It looks pretty good though 🙂

  6. F says:

    Why are you wasting your time hacking psp when vita has so much power
    The low power and graphics of psp are just a waste of vita power every game runs pixilated
    Your work is good but just not worth spending money knowing it will be patched in next update

    • Joel16 says:

      First off, I’m not ‘hacking psp’ I’m developing homebrew for it. I honestly don’t care about the Vita. I don’t have one, and I wont get one. That doesn’t mean I hate it. I just don’t want one, I prefer waiting for the next gen portable console. And for the record PSP isn’t a waste, like I said in my blog post, “Vita users won’t really find this amusing”. If it was a waste why have so many people, put so much effort and interest to create what it is today? The old PSP hacking scene > PS Vita hacking scene, everyone knows it.

    • PSPcfwDUDE says:

      Back when the PSP was introduced, there was literally no other handheld to offer THAT much power “under the hood”. While the PS Vita has 4 times the power of the PSP (and maybe even more), it failed to offer that WOW factor that the PSP offered, and for obvious reasons. Afterall, we’re 2 years into the PS Vita and still haven’t seen a single “must-buy” game on it. Okay, maybe God Eater 2, but that’s it. 2 years into the PSP and we’ve had GTA, Midnight Club, 2-3 Need for speeds, Metal Gear etc.
      And don’t forget this: if the PSP wasn’t released, you guys wouldn’t have your precious Vitas.
      One last thing, I don’t know about you & your eyes, but the PSP games look very vibrant and crisp on its own screen, and not “every game runs pixilated”. Long live the PSP, and thank you to people like Joel16 for keeping such an awesome handheld alive!

      • Joel16 says:

        Haha you cleared up pretty much everything. I also forgot to mention it’s not just the PSP hackers, and homebrew developers that made it a great community, but supporters like you, who gave them a reason to keep coding 🙂
        I didn’t really do much here lol, I tried, but I’m noting compared to all the other developers who have contributed to such a wonderful development scene 🙂
        Like you said, Long live the PSP!

  7. ivo says:

    but why no android emulator …
    even if it would be bochs running android-x86 😉

    • Joel16 says:

      I think it’s cause the PSP lacks an MMU. And therfore we can’t run linux which requires an MMU. (Memory Management Unit)

      • Joel16 says:

        Wait I just read the bochs bit, idk too much about it lol. I guess it’s cause the PSP doesn’t have much power.

  8. Mack says:

    Really interested in the uOFW project. I hope that it picks up some steam.

  9. crtl says:

    Oh those long nights of making ctf themes & gamebot! 😀 signing homebrews lol those were fun xD

  10. darktbs7 says:

    You were right, this didn’t amuse this vita user. Although I was a psp user back in 2006-11.

  11. Dragar says:

    Dark_alex may have left the scene but he did come back for m33 cfw, which you totally missed in this article. There is a very large gap between Dark_alex leaving and HBL being made that you seemed to have ignore completely.

    • Joel16 says:

      Like I said “It’s tough to summarize 10 years of hacking, apologies for the summary above that intentionally ignores many aspects of the scene’s history. But the main point of this article is to convince users that PSP Scene still hasn’t given in as yet.”

      • Dragar says:

        I did read that part, but it is a bit of disinformation saying the the psp scene died after he left. Which he never technically did and still managed to bring out awesome releases on a fairly good schedule.

        • Joel16 says:

          I know but I didn’t want get into too much detail about the past. I wanted to convince users that the scene is still alive and ‘this’ is what’s going on around here. I was just giving them a ‘brief’ insight, about how it used to be and how it is now. I know I haven’t covered everything(I apologize for that), I only covered as much as I knew.

          • Dragar says:

            That’s fine man, sorry if I got a bit narky about this. My statement was mainly directed at the people who wanted more information and to also inform others that there was more to the psp scene than stated. M33 Firmware was a great addition to the homebrew scene and has been missed in nearly every article on this site detailing the history of psp hacking.

  12. depaul says:

    PSP cfw days were very exciting it’s like seeing a cat and mouse game between sony and the scene.

  13. Kuro says:

    Nice article men i used to have my own psp too. I just hope they discover something new for us psvita users.

  14. Ron says:

    i still don’t believe that Dark_AleX left the scene b’coz sony paid him. it was about team GEN stealing his “work”. i remember reading his ‘readme.txt’ in one of his 5.00m33 update saying he’s leaving the scene bcoz his custom firmware being copied by other team without giving him credit. the only CFW other than M33 that time was GEN so i’m pretty sure he was referring to them

  15. Name says:

    I haven’t touched my PSP that much since 2012(?). I wonder if I missed much. I use my PC for everything these days and using my PSP would be a bit archaic.

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