Game Genie on the PS4? Hyperkin claims PS4 Games Can Be Exploited Via PS Vita Remote Play


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  1. Yifan Lu says:

    Two possibilities:
    A) it’s true and this guy just stupidly revealed his secret before his product went to market. Sony can easily patch whatever exploit it is based on what he said.
    Much more likely B) it’s a lie because this guy knows nothing about ps4 and vita since he implies vita would see ps4 game files (moronic as processor is different). If called out on it he may claim that Sony found out and patched his exploit

    Either way gamespot has been duped (not surprising given their track record) and this guy is an idiot attention ***. I want to see his exit strategy because frankly the koala fakers had a boring exit to their attention whoredom.

    EDIT: didn’t even finish the article when I posted this. This gem “the actual PUP files while the game is running” proves the guy knows absolutely nothing at all.

    • Edzo says:

      I do enjoy watching you rip apart claims like these 🙂

    • wololo says:

      The exit strategy will be something similar to the Datel pandora battery for PSP3000: keep quiet for a while, and when people call you out, spread rumors that Sony killed the project with the threat of a lawsuit.

      Now, the fact that one representative of the company mis-quotes his engineers, and that then gamespot misquotes him, making the explanation extremely unlikely, doesn’t mean they’re not on to something

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      Btw, I didn’t even find out about the news through /talk, thus I didn’t see your statement. Also, all I do is write the news. Don’t assume that I agree with and find legitimate every single detail that is written. Thanks for your input anyway.

    • josh_axey says:

      The bit about the wifi magic backdoor is the best part, though. 😛

    • Kevin says:

      Having a different processor has nothing to do with what files a device can or cannot see.

  2. MONTE CARLO says:

    I know very little about this stuff but, I do know what the PUP is and this seems like a wild claim in my opinion. I may be wrong but I do not think so.

  3. darktbs7 says:

    This whole article is just a tweaked shortened version of the gamestop article :S disappoint. Also the fact that yifan lu disputes the claim instantly makes it not seem credible. As much as I enjoy new interesting articles, and im sure this will make me sound like a ***, perhaps articles about random claims aren’t the best strategy. I dont know, I don’t have a website.

    • wololo says:

      Point taken, I’ll follow up with the Jay doctor.

      • darktbs7 says:

        To clarify, I in no way am meaning to be malicious, and if yifan lu hadn’t posted, id not have known it was true or not. Just hard to criticize without being a ***.

    • DS_Marine says:

      That’s not bad at all.
      Not all people go to gamestop all the time. I found out about this news here. Even if they claim a lot of bullsh1t these kind of news do belong here, imho. And I prefer to read it here and see what my favorite commenters have to say.

  4. darktbs7 says:

    Im sorry, but looking at the hyperkin twitter doesn’t fill me with confidence either. From a brief read they seem to hide things and lie to people, and they don’t appear to treat customers well either.

  5. Madblaster6 says:

    Maybe this is why they’re changing the Wifi antenna in the new console?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      where did you get that info from?

      • watson says:

        Ingnore this troll, plz Acid_Snake dont feed it. My guess is that
        Hyperkin learned about the new antenna and just said all this *** so that some ppl will think the way Madblaster6 did and his story will sound more trustworthy in a sence. Yep its all part of the plan.

    • They are bringing a revised model out for some South American country, they make revisions all the time, doesn’t mean they are patching a “hack” up.
      The Wi-Fi antenna they are changing to is probably cheaper.

  6. Acid_Snake says:

    afak the ps3, vita and psp do the same thing, you can pick up the signal from your computer, but it won’t connect at all as it’s using custom commands specific to the running software.

  7. dragng8 says:

    *Google* the cake is a lie

  8. Ninjakakashi says:

    I like that you posted this because frankly I had no idea this statement was made and what made the article more interesting is yifans comment:)

  9. Frezzno says:

    Only got these kind of news… and comments. Love this. Keep up the good work.

  10. lolwut says:

    PUP itself encrypted, still useless >_>

  11. the3 says:

    Sadly enough I tried talking to the ppl at ps3 hax about this same kinda thing back around the 4.0 ofw times and all we could come up with is unless some one can figure out how break the wpa2 security key it was usless and if they can there in the wrong business lol

  12. robert says:

    They should do online games and just limit what is put on out