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PS Vita 3.15 and next VHBL release: the good and the bad


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  1. Obito says:

    Another reason to switch to a US account.
    Oh wait… xD.

  2. Andy says:

    Boy, and here I was thinking that EU was being shafted all the time.
    Well we are, with game prices 30% higher than most other regions, but at least we have exploitable games!

  3. john says:

    so my vita purchases are on japanese psn, and i feel that vhbl and the hacked psp emulator brings nothing to the table that you cant get elswhere. i own a surface pro so i play ppsspp on that there is my perfect psp emulation. i hold out in hopes that the vita will be hacked but it looks like no. so i avoided the 3.15 exploit because i wasnt sure if it was kernal or user mode. what where the down sides.3.xx seemed to come with less ram for the psp emulator and TNRV or whatever didnt work on the newer ones. i am stuck at a lower version with PSN downloaded vita games (just a hand full) and a inablity to buy more vita games because of this exploit. becuase of hope.

    my phantasy star portable subscription ended. i stoped giving money to sega.
    at least i bought the psn copy of djmax technika before the arcade game got pulled from evory japanese arcade i see… and dj max died…
    at least i have lumines.
    and other games dled on my vita.

    but only 4 games. sure i have *evory psp game and a full psp os emualtor* but i wont get to enjoy metal gear hd stuffs or final fantasy X remakes. i am feeling out of touch with the vita all to gether.

    i did buy a ps4 and dumped probably 1k on games for it. but i cant enjoy new games like freedom wars…

    … i feel like i hate my vita now.

    • Conjo says:

      DIMax isn’t dead -neowiz said
      And from most of the same producers there is a new game being developed

      • john says:

        Pentavision is dead, so is djmax trilogy 🙁

        • Conjo says:

          DJmax Trilogy servers and Technika servers are dead, that’s true.
          But it doesn’t mean the game died, Pentavision is part of Neowiz and they’re supposedly developing a new version of the game.
          Meanwhile… old Pentavision members that are not with Neowiz made a new company called “Nurijoy”, and they’re already teasing some songs of their game “Beatcraft Cyclon”. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=695981257130143

          • thedicemaster says:

            they released the global version of DjMax technika Q just over 2 months ago.

            so they’re definitely still active with djmax.

  4. Black Eagle says:

    OMFG!! This is the exploit I was waiting for and now it’s not available in the US? OMG like damn, someone should’ve released a private exploit or something. This is the only exploit I would’ve gotten, last one i had was UNO

    • lol says:

      So you were waiting for an exploit that never existed in the US and now your mad because it doesn’t exist in the US? Oh lawd. This is the ONLY exploit you would have gotten. Not like we see a different exploit every month or something. Nope you gone done missed out forever kiddo.

      • lol says:

        also implying that publicly releasing a private exploit would still make it private.

  5. F says:

    Uno 2.02 fo’ life, yo.

  6. matt_7800 says:

    Dispo’ en France…
    Dommage pour toi wololo 😀

    More or less of 27 € ?

  7. 1998adam8991 says:

    Still on 3.01 eCFW! Great to know this exploit will be in the EU store! Time to upgrade! Well that is if I want to sacrifice the eCFW? :O

  8. gamr13 says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME! *Sorry, I’m not angry, just over the moon!* I can’t wait!! I just HOPE it’s under the 20 euro mark

  9. the on1 says:

    Long live Europe… long live……

  10. DutchFrontl1n3r says:

    I’m not really interested in all this PSP emulator stuff. I have a PSP for that. I just want people to start focussing on a “Native Vita Hack”, rather than a PSP exploit, while the PSP is actually permanently hacked already.

    If you want to play PSP, buy a PSP. For now I beg people to get interested in Vita Homebrew, because Homebrew is the best brew I know.

    • Sky Yuki says:

      That what i wished
      But Sony make sure that PS Vita will never ever get hacked
      The hardware hack : No nothing
      The software hack : No nothing at all too (not counting PSP emu)
      You can check http://yifan.lu/ out for some interesting information
      But of course still nothing
      The worse is
      West vita games : Nothing

      • DutchFrontl1n3r says:

        Yeah I’m in the west as well. AND I checked http://yifan.lu but it does not seem like he’s making much progress, since he’s trying to hack the Vita for like 2 years already.

        There is not even a game extracted or anything, a DS-like game card developed or even a Native hack/leak.

        I guess Sony did just do really well this time. And if we want to hack the Vita, a team has to be put on this. Not just a few stand-alone people working or trying on Hacking the Vita.

    • xPreatorianx says:

      Last time I checked – dual analog sticks only exist on the PS Vita. WHICH IS WHY ALOT OF US LIKE PSP EXPLOITS INCLUDING ECFW. DUH! A good 80%- 90% of the PSP library instantly plays 100X better with the inclusion of dual analog sticks.

  11. Eddie says:

    Wololo, Can I have your opinion on something?
    I’m in the UK and I’ve bought roughly 10 games on my PSN account… Do you think, in the long run, its better to just move to a US account and re-buy the games to save swapping cards and resetting my device all the time?


  12. Acid_Snake says:

    We have a US only exploit, I’ll check with qwik if we can release it.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      ok we can release it, so US users are saved. For now at least, we are yet to extensively test compatibility.

    • alpmaster says:

      You guys rock thanks man i bit the bullet and got rid of persona to play Borderlands 2 on 3.15. over all beacuse of my backwards PS3 is still broken
      so actually i am having a lot of fun but mind you i have not gotten to Sanctuary yet =D I Love Wololo <3.

  13. mma_jedi says:

    Surely we’ll see a 3.15 US vhbl soon, probably this Summer

  14. BllesseD says:

    Hi guys, first of all, Thank very much for all the work you guys do, to bring those exploit’s for us! I’m from Brazil, and i’ve been waiting for decades, to get some emulator runing on my PSVita, but everytime u guys release a exploit ( THX ALOT FOR DOING THAT ), i can’t never get the game on my PSStore. ( i don’t wanna switch to US or another PS Store, because i alredy bought some games… I’m probably asking much, and i’m sorry, but, it’s worth a try. Thanks guys, and keep up the excelente work. Sorry for my bad grammar :(((.

  15. APRON-MAN says:

    But wheres the ugly? Oh no . . .

  16. edukarlo says:

    will the europe files work if i download the game using my KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) account?

    • thedicemaster says:

      depends, does your country fall under the asian, european, or american gaming region?

      i suspect european, in which case it should work just fine.

  17. mma jedi says:

    Yes! Acid Snake and Quickrazor swoop in to save us from the Empire..hopefully it’s a cheap one, I really only want it for Bookr.

  18. WWEHackNerd says:

    Yo, I know that TN has now left the scene, but is it possible for all of these exploits to load TN CEF at some point in the future?

  19. mma_jedi says:


  20. mma_jedi says:


  21. marcopolo4 says:

    Cant wait to hear which game it is. Also good news for me that its going to be on the Aussie PSN store!

  22. florinthedwarf says:

    I can’t find the game in UK store? Is it available yet? Or am I being stupid, searching with the incorrect spelling etc.? Help please!

    • florinthedwarf says:

      Actually, ignore me! Just realised the game hasn’t been identified yet. I thought we were taking about MyStylist still. Oops! :/

  23. CycloneFox says:

    From the information about the exploit game I have now, the probability that it is a game, I would want to buy anyway lies at 5,36%. (3 games I would buy out of 56 possible PSP games that were released on the EU PSN store but not the US Store)

  24. Alex Magnei says:

    Yo, is it nearly time to reveal the game?

  25. Dianne Eagar says:

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