Release: PS Vita VHBL *fix* For Firmware 3.15 – MyStylist


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  1. mike says:

    I succeeded in activating VHBL on this version, thanks!
    But, installing of Homebrew doesn’t finish. Please help…

  2. moon says:

    Try downloading em from here :
    (U might be doing something wrong with the compressing etc. Use the “INSTALL.ZIP “wich u will find from the above link)

    And transfer em via a different game save. (A psp one’s of course).

    • yu says:

      Worked. Ty

    • sAviOrrrr says:

      How to delete the homebrew?…
      i send other inside)
      but vhbl cant identify em….

      • rr says: must be named INSTALL.ZIP, all caps

        • sAviOrrrr says:

          Worked , thx~
          but how to delete the emulator?

          • sAviOrrrr says:

            i use 138menu instead of original vhbl menu …..
            maybe more user friendly

          • rr says:

            navigate via pspfiler(witch u will install as homebrew) to ms0/PSP/VHBL and there u will find folders with the installed homebrews and delete em if want to

    • andy says:

      i actived VHBL but it shows me that “couldn’t find any homebrew in…..” could you tell me how to run psp games?

      • Shango46 says:

        I am at this point too, but I could care less about iso/cso stuff. I get the “Could not find homebrew in ms0:\PSP\VHBL” and can only exit from this point. How can I get the necessary files on the ms0:\ without an adapter for the pc (my kid destroyed it as soon as my vita was purchased). I have a modded PS3 if that will help me out any. Anyone?

  3. Jun says:

    Success! Thanks much!

  4. damn says:

    Damn, quickrazor86 rocks n rolls.

  5. rr says: must be named INSTALL.ZIP, all caps

  6. mk says:

    Most of homebrew don’t work on this VHBL. I expect fixing some bugs.

  7. andy says:

    damn it! i just found that vhbl cant run ISO CSO. Orz

    • The Z says:

      Of course it does not, why else would eCFW exist? LOL

      • andy says:

        PoC: TN-V8 Running On PS Vita Firmware 3.15
        is that true? TNV can run iso….but when does it release?…can u tell me?
        i just wanna play taiko MIKU and DJMAX Orz

        • The Z says:

          Someone showed some PRIVAT thing, that is not supposed to be for the public.

          Just because something exists, does not mean that you can use/have it (in near future).

          Thats why we say TN-V does not officially work at FWs higher than 3.01, because the public cant use it.

          • John_Scott says:

            Someone? It was you who showed TN-V running on 3.15 it when you used the UMD iso to make a video of the mystylist VHBL.

          • The Z says:

            Technically I did not show it, but katsu leaked a video about TN-V running at his 3.15 vita.

            I just showed a game running a VHBL, per se, not actually showing that I used an eCFW?!

          • The Z says:

            Also who says that I am running TN-V?

            There are 2 other eCFWs for the Vita 😉

          • John_Scott says:

            Touché I should have said eCFW instead of TN-V. And technically you did show it 😉

          • The Z says:

            TN-V is not the only eCFW that supports the psps XMB : )

  8. Yun says:

    Good!! worked very well

  9. thank you says:

    thank you

  10. lloyd says:

    i havent been in the scene for a while, i don’t know how to install the applications, instructions?

  11. Henky says:

    Does anybody got Vita FTP to work on this exploit?

  12. Darueck says:

    Can I go back to PSN USA after this ? I will loose the exploid?

  13. -X-77 says:

    anyone having issues with gPSP gba emulator not storing save data??

  14. awal says:

    how to install VHBL for ps Vita FM 3.15 step by step? please help my

  15. sadas says:

    what a *** place this is
    not even a single step by step tutorial

  16. HBossGost says:

    guys make exploit on crash bandicoot or like this games purpler

  17. andy says:

    dose this still work?

  18. andy says:

    dose this still work,or has sony patched it?

    • Ratan says:

      I’m not sure but i just bought my Vita so i’m updating it to 3.15 because i’m bored of OFW 3.01 and i don’t want to buy a PS3 just to hack it. So i’ll patiently wait until the 3.15 kernel hack and do it then. However once I’ve updated it i will check to see if it is still possible, but most likely i’m guessing Sony has removed/patched those games.

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