Release: PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.15 via MyStylist

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  1. anonanon says:

    Wonder why 173210 wanted the files released before the game got taken off the store – seems weird to me but oh well. Have still yet to decide whether to get this one or not – I currently have Persona 2 With TN-V – But am really wanting to try out remote play with my new PS4 – which seems to have a firmware check so wont work on 3.01 for me :/

    • anonanon says:

      Also not much of an issue – but why is the Japanese readme labeled Ja? The country code for Japan is JP – so shouldn’t that be used?

  2. poly says:

    Thank you very much.

  3. Cory says:

    I cant seem to get it to work. I copied the exploit over and loaded it, but when I save, it freezes for a sec then pops up with error (C1-2858-3)

  4. poly says:

    I’m getting the following error when attempting to load the save.


  5. andy says:

    C1-2858-3 Orz

  6. The Z says:

    It seems the public files have a bug in them, which prevents them from successfully executing the VHBL.

    I am sorry, but we have to fix the files. Might take a day / some days.

    • me says:

      I have a four hour car ride tomorrow. I was looking forward to this..

      • King says:

        I’m sure you can find something else to play 😀 We should be thanking everyone for their hard work!

        Maybe pick up Mind=Zero tomorrow? I’ve heard mixed things about it, but I like JRPG’s so I’ll be giving it a chance.

  7. wololo says:

    As The Z mentioned above, we are seeing an unforeseen bug in these files. The Z and Qwikrazor are looking into it. Stay tuned

  8. 4lyph says:

    can someone tell me why when i try to run this exploit it freezes and gives an error am i suppose to like hold down a button or something ?

    • wololo says:

      Read the comments above. The files don’t seem to be working, we are looking into it

  9. tiico says:

    hi im new in this thing i just want to be able to play gba on mah ps vita i updated it to 3.15 and made a jp account i got that mystylist game and i just want someone to please tell me after i download the file what i have to do with then like what to do any video showing how to put this file and where on the ps vita?

    • lloyd says:

      before you get started, since there seems to be bugs so you can’t do it just yet, make sure you have OpenCMA installed on your computer so you can transfer the files (install CMA then install a Patch to become OpenCMA so that it bypasses sony’s checking process) there are videos on youtube

  10. CPUzX says:

    C’mon, guys. Look carefully at the comments for half an hour. Maybe you guys might fu(jckkkd catch on after awhile. Damn. Just appreciate the fact we’ve got talented devs working on a solution to this issue.

  11. odanyaelo says:

    I thought there was an NTSC release on the horizon as well?

    • lloyd says:


    • watson says:

      Thanks. isnt it the “The improved SNES supported files (see the video below) will be released in the next few days, since we’re still optimizing them.” Its the version quickrazor ported right?. This version is much better. Maybe u want to update the article with this version?(link)

  12. andy says:

    conldn’t find andy homebrew…. help

  13. michael1116 says:

    dear wololo,
    i have a quest pls make monster hunter freedom unit for fw3.15 or below pls or monster hunter 2nd and 3rd english version and make it fw 3.15 also be waiting for you reply.


  14. Epoke says:

    It suck that is Jap only… :'(
    I want a un-patchable VHBL for US.. !! O_O’

  15. Toyozaki says:

    Dear Wololo, i’ve downloaded the patched file but it shows
    error! couldn’t find homebrew in ms0:/psp/vhbl
    I clicked left button and load the file but it doesnt work at all.
    Can you please look into this case?

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