PS Vita: the new exploited game to run VHBL on firmware 3.15 is…


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73 Responses

  1. Obito says:

    I read somewhere that it can’t be patched. How’s that? 😀

    • wololo says:

      This is using a slightly different type of exploit than our regular buffer overflows. As such, the savedata itself cannot easily be patched with the same approach that Sony usually takes. 173210 believes this is unpatchable. His previous game exploit, for pawapro, hasn’t been patched by Sony yet, which tends to prove 173210’s theory.

      • Ordi says:

        Hm, I don’t think it’s a real proof just because the PawaPuro 2012 Ketteiban exploit hasn’t been patch and probably never will.
        Actually I think the reason why this exploit hasn’t been patched by Sony is really simple: they probably don’t care! I mean the normal process is to remove the exploit game from the store, patch the exploit, put the game back on the store, but for PawaPuro there were never any plans to put it back on the store, so maybe from Sony’s perspective there was simply no reason to patch this exploit. So due to this I think the PawaPuro exploit wouldn’t have been patched, even if the exploit would be a ‘regular’ one.

        • lol says:

          Nope, is because they would have to change something on the game (aka modyfing the source code, and the developer should do that, not sony) It’s not just blacklisting features on the PSPemu when a specific game is running (that’s what sony usually does and that’s why they release new firmwares to fix exploits: they don’t patch games, they patch firmwares)
          But in the case of PawaPuro, and most probably MyStylist, it isn’t just a simple Buffer Overflow that can be patched by limiting PSPemu capabilities when the specific game is running.
          I mean, do you really think they care more about useless minis instead of a Konami game?

      • Brenza says:

        Does it mean if i buy it i’ll always be able to use it to run vhbl on 3.15+ firmwares? o.O

  2. Alex says:

    This is great…now waiting on wistines release while looking for my own exploi:-)

  3. brunoso says:

    Maybe its possible make the same way to run netlfix on jp account to unlock this game on a US/EU account. Its possible not buy this and install it on my console with a develop unit?

    • wololo says:

      No, this is not possible, read our explanation about the Netflix glitch, as you’ll see this only works for free apps and some demos

      • kelvinny says:

        is there any way or a tutorial in how to sig in my play station account in my vita runing frimware 3.01
        i rebuid the data base now am stuck
        can you help me

        • Conjo says:

          Transfer a game from a PS3 to your Vita to Activate your account. If you don’t have a PS3, ask a friend.
          Also, read the “lower firmware for dummies” guide that’s somewhere on the blog (if you can’t find it google will help you)

  4. Fer says:

    How can you buy this game if you have an US account?

    • wololo says:

      Create a JP account

    • HarmfulMushroom says:

      You can’t have both a Japanese account and a US account on one device either, so unless you want your vita registered to your Japanese account you may want to skip this release

      • Alex says:

        Yes you can actually. Its just in some ways a pain since you need two memory cards and resetting your vita when you want to switch between both

        • HarmfulMushroom says:

          Oh no way? Can you link me to a tut if there is one? I already bought this game and was just about to dismiss it as a waste of money, but I can make do with doing this since I have two cards!

        • The Z says:

          This only works with PSN access.

          Once there is an update, you are *** (if you dont have a PS3).

  5. tokia says:

    im still waiting playing psx on vita with audio

  6. Raymond says:

    Here’s a better idea tell us the game in the forums first before posting this now

    • wololo says:

      This has been announced in the forums for a while, with an extremely visible green banner. Even if you were not part of the “trusted” members on the forum, you still had about 12h of lead time. Sorry if you missed it.

      • Alex says:

        I was trusted!!!(Thanks guys/girls)

      • Alex says:

        Hey Wololo, Im not asking when Wistine will release his own. I just wanted to ask if you know if he is still waiting for that possible update to the Vita that he was concerned about when you interviewed him?

  7. Dragar says:

    I think I’m gonna pass on this one, $15 AUD for a crappy stylist game on a Japanese account doesn’t seem worth the effort at all.

  8. HarmfulMushroom says:

    So once this game is taken down, there is no way to transfer it from my ps3 to my vita correct? I kind of bought this as a just in case I eventually want to update from 3.01..

    • The Z says:

      The second the game is removed/delisted from the PSN, you are unable to transfer it to your Vita.

      You can transfer it now, but keep your 3.01 firmware, so you have it, in case you want it.

      Keep in mind to actually run/start the game, you have to change your account to a japanese one.

  9. kelvinny says:

    i have to ps vita 1 running the oficial frimware
    and the other running 3.01 but i delete my ps account now the one that i used for run hombrew is asking to install link ps acount wich mean go to psn server
    is there any way around
    can anyone help me

  10. sesomaru says:

    Got it but uhm one Question
    I used my second Memorystick for the Japanese PSN
    Could I change it back to my other EU Memorystick now or will the game be lost on the second Memorystick?

  11. Sang says:

    Why this game only for jp psntiee but not us and so what point of release it if it not for us and EU?

    • The Z says:

      The game does not exist in other stores.

      “Point of releasing it?” – Why keep it, if it will never be available in other stores?

      We make people happy that want homebrews at their vita, they just have to use the JP Store.

    • HarmfulMushroom says:

      The point of releasing it is because, believe it or not, there are actually people that live in Japan as well as people who use the Japanese PSN for their main account who would like to get a game in their PSN store as well. There are also some people who don’t mind having to reregister their PS Vita to access the PSN store (as I just found out myself, I’m now one of those people).

      • Inflames says:

        I’m one of those guys who bought a vita and created a JPN psn account since day 1 ( EU user).
        Many thanks finally was around during a release this time around.

    • lel says:

      sounds like you’re another stupid ‘murican

  12. Edzo says:

    Damn I bought this hoping it would be vita tv compatible too. Well if it is truly unpatchable then it is worth having.

  13. asmith906 says:

    the ninja release didn’t say anything about this game not being available for vita tv. wish I had known before I spent my money.

    • wololo says:

      The vitatv warns you about it. Unless you ignored the message, you should have seen it.

  14. Fran says:

    I was using 3.01 cfw with 101 megamix then updated i think this is just a waste of time and money once they update the firmware like on 3.01 u cant even use online features which is like the best feature to have for the vita now im playing borderlands, killzone online and it outweighs free psp games anyday, but if this was a cfw with vita os then it will be the greatest thing ever lol

  15. Fran says:

    Psp is like $50 used btw

  16. Vito says:

    I have a question if I create my account in Jo so my money will be there I had my money in my USA account doe my money transfer my money to jp account?

    • HarmfulMushroom says:

      No. If I understood you correctly, you need to buy a PSN code through a service such as play-asia. US codes will not work, nor will a Credit Card with a US address.

  17. Salvador34 says:

    Jp psn code is more expensive than US psn…… So good luck to all of you …… Not need it anymore if you already have it :)…….
    -still on FW 3.01 Numblast

  18. LuKe_AA says:

    Now there’s only the need for a new unpatchable full nand exploit.

  19. poly says:

    I highly appreciate the dedication and hard work that such people as yourselves put into this scene.

  20. ShadowPowerPowa says:

    Hey, so I want to know something first.
    So I have 2 vita SD cards. Both of them already ran the same PSN account. If I use the other Vita SD card that I don’t need, will it also update my other SD card? Because I want to keep using my 3.05 TN-V8 if I screw things up.

    • :v says:

      I guess you mean 3.01
      You’ll need to activate the Vita with the Account on PSN to run PSN downloaded games somehow.
      You’ll need to use the PS3 OpenCMA trick (see: Lower Firmware For Dummies)

  21. Mmmm says:

    Still waiting for a proper TN-V rather than VBHL. I’ll pass and keep my eyes open.

    • :v says:

      Remind that this one is a exploit that can’t be easily patched, this means, it may work on future FW versions (3.15+) This being said, if there’s a new public kxploit, it can be ported to this game’s exploit.
      So, for example: users who bought Pawapuro have a exploit that may work forever and can use both TN-V and VHBL. This game (MyStylist) has possibly the same ‘advantage’ over other games.

  22. vampiresr says:

    To those HAckers out there like 173210 and others i do apperciate what you have done to the PS vita scene by getting exploits to work on PSP mini titles so we can enjoy VHBL and HBL but i think the hackers in my opinion should come out of their shell and truly start hacking the PS vita so we can all enjoy PS vita game we have waited too long for it to be fully hacked i not supporting piracy but the ps vita games for other people could be too expensive to buy thus a full hack is needed to play PS vita games CMON hackers you can do these work together to FULLY HACK the ps vita.

    • v says:

      So.. You’re basically asking for them to fully hack Vita for you to,play pirated games…

      • Shane says:

        Well you should call it Pirated games more like CFW like what we had for the PSP…but the hackers need to FULLY hack the ps vita so that we can see how powerful the vita really is and we are tired of playing with PSP games we want the VITA Games to be played for free.

        • :v says:

          Nope, you’re the one who wants pirated content.
          Seriously, if you can’t buy games for a console, why did you even bought it on the first place?
          stupid pirate.:p

          • Ratan says:

            Most people would love to see the Vita side hacked for pirated games, i agree. I would love that side hacked so i utilise that power to finally have a working N64 emulator with sound and at least 25fps. And maybe even GameCube. Although i can’t remember what architecture it is. PS2 would be awesome but that is almost impossible to do perfectly.
            But after doing some research i can see how difficult it is. My Vita is currently on OFW 3.01 and tempted to just update to 3.15. But yeah our fellow hackers are doing really well with the PSP side of the Vita but we have a long way to go. Thank you hackers for bringing us more than just what these consoles are designed for.

  23. Nikita says:

    Hellow all!!! Please ask me an exploitable game for OFW 3.15 and downloading link to my PM ( Thanks!!!

  24. Masa says:

    I guess there’s no way to get this on a Vita if your PSN account is banned, huh. JP PSN got me a few weeks ago for custom firmware on my PS3, apparently. I was also using the account on my Vita…

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