RPCS3 PS3 Emulator: Playable State Game Support Added


Technology is cool

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  1. Johann says:

    Wow!! one step closer to a happiness 🙂 thanks for the info

  2. noobrstxk says:

    specs? alienware

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Alienware is expensive, for mediocre technology. If this developer has any self respect, it’s a self built rig.

  3. brunoso says:

    Did you remember that Mortal Kombat 24 hours gameplay with each character? Soon you won’t need let your console turn on anymore… Great progress!!!

  4. ils says:

    irrelevant? never!!
    nothing beats playing PS3 games in 1080p/1440p/2160p with 4xAA

    • Acid_Snake says:

      By the time you can play PS3 games at 1080p-60FPS on a PC we’ll have the PS6 on our hands.

      • JeoWay says:

        As long as the emulators is programmed properly, PCs won’t have a problem doing so. In terms of compute power needed, a decent PC with a fair GPU and CPU should suffice.

        • piotrekhenry says:

          Judging from the PSP emulators these days that Run on a Dual threaded 3GHz CPU with 2 GB ram and a 256MB Video card at below 1 FPS to emulate a 333MHz ARM processor – the emulators optimization these days is not something programmers will do.

          • JeoWay says:

            This is for both piotrekhenry and Yifan.

            Definitely depends on the instructions of your processor.

            As for me, I run PCSX2, Desmume, PPSSPP, etc flawlessly.
            All running on my 4770K @4.6Ghz. The frequency doesn’t really matter. Its more of the OS you’re running along with the instruction set of your CPU.

            If the program specifically says it requires a specific instruction, use CPU-Z to determine if your CPU will work well or not with the emulator.

          • Acid_Snake says:

            @JeoWay, if you have no idea how emulation works, don’t speak. All you know is barely just layman’s terms. When it comes to emulation a shitton of variables come to place, and yes clock frequency matters a lot, it’s the heart of any CPU and what determines the pacing of executing instructions, and if we’re talking about a structured CPU, it’s even more important and harder to emulate.
            And not only does the target architecture matter, when it comes to PS3 powerPC is theoretically an easy architecture, being RISC and very similar to MIPS, but in the case of the PS3 we got a monster of a CPU that’s still really powerful by today’s standards, and it’s a huge pain in the *** to program for, imagine emulating it.
            Then comes the fact that most of the PS3’s hardware is not documented, so good luck doing a hardware reversing. A little trivia: some aspects of the PS1’s (PS1!) hardware is still unknown even today.

        • Yifan Lu says:

          It’s not that simple. It all depends on how similar the arch of the host and emulated platform are. What size are floating point primitives? How many of various hardware? So on. That’s why ps2 is so hard to emulate and a PC with 20x the CPU gpu power is needed to perform full speed emulation.

      • ils says:

        well I’m not saying “now”

        somebody has to start something, even if it takes 10-20 years. otherwise there’ll be a “hole” in classic/vintage gaming in the future.

  5. Dragoon Aethis says:

    Official GitHub… forum? ಠ_ಠ

  6. langaren99 says:

    did you notice that the video was played back at 8x times the original speed?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      That’s what most people that showcase non-perfect emulators do, they play the video back at higher speeds and trick users into thinking the emulator runs faster when it really doesn’t. As I said in the other article we’re decades away from a playable PS3 emulator, heck the PS2 was released 13 years ago and we’re not even there yet, imagine what it’ll take for PS3, with it’s overly complicated CELL CPU that is still a powerbeast even compared to modern CPUs.

      • JeoWay says:

        We have a working PS2 emulator…

        PCSX2. Works with 99.9% of games I’ve gotten for it and its compatibility list. Works like a charm on my 4770K

        • Acid_Snake says:

          PCSX2 is nowhere near 99.9% emulation, whoever told you that lied. And most games don’t run near half the speed, or even get to the main menu for that matter.

          • Ez3yK says:

            The pcsx2 plays perfect and I got a pretty average computer I can play all kingdom hearts games with no lag at all

  7. VitaIsPSP2 says:

    We gamers owe a lot to Emulator Developers. Game preservation at its finest.

  8. ivo says:

    will the ps3 emu rpcs3 ever run xmb or other apps from sony ?
    ifso will it run shadow_c ? will it run devhook … will it run a firmware emulator ?
    great progrezz nevertheless xD

    looking forward to playing ps3 on my pc … will it have a psp installer in ps3 homebrew store format ?
    can it run psp ps2 psx … is it the all legacy ps3 emu ?
    can it run the ps3 emulators on flash ?
    can it load my bios dump

    can it softmod my real ps3 ?
    or should i still use pspjig but with updated payload for 4.46 4.50 4.55 ?.?

    thanks for reading

  9. NakedFaerie says:

    The old verison works for me the new version doens’t. It errors at the very start.

  10. KiraSlith says:

    Really loving the pandering and misleading advertisements from Mgid Wololo. *End sarcasm* Did you accidentally click the “Adult” check box when setting up the site Wo? i gotta ask cause its been getting on my nerves.

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Ignore it, nobody likes ads, web hosting isn’t free though. 😀

    • wololo says:

      bear with me as I’m experiencing with this ad network. I am trying alternatives due to a recent drop in adsense. Thanks for your understanding. If this is not acceptable from your point of view, please use an ad blocking plugin until I reach some acceptable settings.

  11. phant0mg33 says:

    If i could point out true emulation takes 10x the amount of power then the original hardware.

  12. ivo says:

    me to error … no openal or soem

  13. dmaskell92 says:

    Sure it will be done, in 20 years.

  14. JeoWay says:

    64 Bit download doesn’t run properly on my 4770K (which is 64 bit)

    Anyone else get an error when running the 64 Bit version?
    32 Bit works just fine

  15. Trey says:

    It is obviously a reboot of the sega cd game made in the 90s. Besides that, picodrive runs this game nearly flawlessly.

  16. Smoker1 says:

    I try to start it and I get a message saying I am missing openal32.dll .

  17. zip says:

    lol, PS3 emulation is a waste of time. Heck, my PS3 is more powerful than my computer.

  18. jake says:

    “This is great and all, but will this PS3 emulation quickly become irrelevant? PlayStation Now is being released for more and more devices. Although Sony has yet to announce it, one of these devices might be PC. If this does happen, people might not bother with RPCS3 anymore.”

    I have a few reasons why PSnow really wouldn’t have much of an effect on this.
    1) Data caps. Streaming a 720p- video for HOURS is likely to hurt some of us. I barely watch videos above 240p (144p on youtube) because data. For this we could copy said game from disc to computer.
    2) Piracy. Lots of us with emulators usually don’t actually own the game (due to not owning the console or simply because there is a way to get the game for free (emulators). Anyone here with a TON of NES games who really did purchase them? [.-.] [._.] [.-.] [._.] [.-.] [._.]
    3) A better way to play. PC gamers tend to enjoy playing with keyboard over gamepads. Also, newer, better PC hardware will always come out, whereas the PS3 will never have stronger hardware. Because of that, when RPCS3 is really stable and compatible, some game will look MUCH better than they did on the PS3. It may be 20 years from now if it has to take that long, but this WILL happen (assuming PS3 emulation is still being supported and worked on)
    4) Unity. Some gamers like emulators because it keeps things in one place. Some people don’t like to have so many wires and switching Video cables on their TV. With the way steambox is going having a PC hooked to your TV may become a norm rather than a monitor. (Any PC can be hooked to TV but steambox is just trying to be more “TV Friendly”.

    • lolwut says:

      the main reason for emulator is #2.
      most of pc gamers are cheap people who buy the best hardware but rarely pay for software.

  19. Mathieulh says:

    Considering how we’ve reached the maximum possible clock speed efficiency on a CPU (and are proving moore law’s wrong), the fact is there will never be a CPU (short of a quantum computer) fast enough to emulate the PS3 hardware (1 PPU (in order PPC 3.2Ghz) + 7 SPUs + RSX) at full speed, therefore we need start thinking out of the box and stop writing “conventional” emulators (an emulator needs to run on a hardware that’s at least 7 times as fast as the emulated target in order to run at a decent speed)

    In fact, a ps3 emulator will never run full speed unless it makes use of parallel processing, it’s time for emulators to use GPUs and bit more (CUDA/DirectCompute/OpenCL) as on most existing emulators these are wasted resources while they could be used to emulate specific part/tasks of the emulated hardware, of course that makes writing the emulators a much more complex task, considering these are written by enthusiasts they may lack the resources/time to do so.

  20. lolwut says:

    In the future, console OS will be very complex and nearly impossible to emulate, but as it’s closer (assuming Sony doesn’t jump to non-X86 processor for PS5) to x86 architecture , they could just copy whole OS and run it on PC with a bit of modification and that’s exactly where things goes wrong, it’s not even an emulation, just another illegal copy and whoever did it first will get their *** sued by Sony.

  21. darktbs7 says:

    I don’t understand emulation at all. My laptop can play god of war 2 emulated at almost full speed, very playable at least, but its only 4gb ram, about 512mb graphics plus some from ram, and i3 processor.

    Doesn’t seem all that powerful at all, nowhere near the specs it seems people think you need.

  22. Hykem says:

    I don’t understand why the “by the time this is fully working…” statement is used so much. Isn’t that obvious?
    RPCS3 is ages away from having a full real PS3 game loading up properly, let alone being actually playable.

    Processing power will always be a huge barrier here and I agree with Mathieulh on the out of the box approach. We won’t be getting anywhere without eventually exploring more complex areas (GPUs for extra power is an interesting example).
    Eventually, this will also result in reduced compatibility. Just recently the Dolphin emulator has ditched 32-bit support and it’s only logical to assume that we will do the same as it doesn’t make any sense to keep it.
    Also, developing the emulator for different platforms is turning into too much workload due to the several code changes and adaptations, so in the future is quite reasonable to assume we will focus on Windows 64-bit only until we have a stable enough platform to attempt porting (another option will be to keep the already ported code in different branches for later development).

    Finally, I don’t think most people get the point behind RPCS3. It’s meant to be a challenge, nothing more, nothing less. In those terms, it will never become irrelevant as people interested in reverse engineering the system will keep contributing.
    Who in it’s sane mind would work on a PS3 emulator just for the hopes of short term access to piracy?
    Everyone that’s currently working on RPCS3 is well aware of the time invested and how long it will really take to have decent PS3 emulation. It’s an open-source project, people work on it on their free time and it’s supposed to be a fun yet challenging task.

    On a side note, Acid_Snake, I don’t think anyone is trying to trick users here. BlackDaemon’s video has a very visible “8x playback” note there.

  23. ivo says:

    what about writing a debug/decompilation for psp
    from pc title spahsh damages its wolfenstein:enemy territory
    will be some bot blasting fun on the psp
    would be thats is if somebody writes a decompile and compiles it for psp
    with extra menus for gameplay
    im just a noob.
    thanks for reading

  24. کس ننه استیوجابز says:

    کیر خور دروغ گو.


    کیرم تو دهن هرچی اپلیه

  25. مهدی says:

    فیکه بابا

  26. LuKe_AA says:

    Could this emulator be utilized to login PSN at all and/(or?) activate a PS Vita PSN Account?

  27. sunny says:

    can i play god of war 3 on rpcs3 emu ?

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