In The Wake of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection


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  1. CPUzX says:

    I’ve never noticed you before, op, but I really like what you’ve posted here on the homepage so far.

  2. Joel16 says:

    Hey you stole my article 🙁 I was gonna write about this lol

  3. Heyup says:

    Would something like this ever be possible with playstation titles which have online servers shut down?

    • It has already happened….well for psps at least

      • shapeshifter says:

        Yeah Sony should appreciate devs more instead of suing them
        Nintendo and Microsoft have learnt their lesson and now encourage them
        Infact Nintendo is still selling because of hackers

  4. BahamutBBob says:

    “How will we all play Mario Kart now?”

    Mario Kart DS was a pain to play online, unless you were one of the *** that was snaking, or if you could get a group of friends that promised to only use the drift boost the way it was intended.

  5. The Concept says:

    They recently got the servers working to Super Smash Brothers Brawl as well. Us members of the Brawl Minus Modding community tested it out today, and we feel that it works better than Nintendo’s.Requires some ISO patching but besides that, it’s simple.

  6. recruit says:

    The psp online services would be nice too I missed playing ftb

  7. NonsensNinja says:

    There’s already a Mario Kart Wii Server running that also works for some other Wii and DS games (Thanks to Wiimm and Leseratte):

    • josh_axey says:

      Yep! The website linked in the article ( lists support for Mario Kart Wii, Excitebots: Trick Racing, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, GoldenEye 007, Mega Man 9, Monster Lab, Rock Band 3, Spectrobes: Origins, Super Smash Bros. Brawl & The Last Story. Pretty good progress.

      • NonsensNinja says:

        No. Actually there’s another server project by two users from the german forum I just linked. Here’s the website for that custom server:

        • josh_axey says:

          Yeah, I realise that is what you were talking about :). Was just offering that the above mentioned project was also supporting Wii titles.
          Looking at both the sites (and different forums cited by all of them) it seems as though both teams started investigating around the end of 2012, and both had PoCs being run late February / early May. Both groups are doing very well!

  8. Thrawn says:

    It’s really interesting what kind of huge hole the shutdown of gamespy is causing. XD
    I never was a friend of that service anyway, I always liked games that were capable of independently hosting servers or finding servers like Quake 3 or unreal 2k3 / 2k4 did.
    Just look at that gamespot article, not the newest but look at that list at the end:

  9. wololo says:

    Interesting that you mention that. There are *less* ads on this blog than there were a year ago. As far as the layout is concerned, overall the reactions are globally positive, but I am still experimenting.

    • Joel16 says:

      wololo don’t waste your time on comments like that. If they don’t like it then, they can just leave. In my opinion the site looks much more modernized and user friendly.

    • chemra says:

      I like the changes.

  10. ivo says:

    hook the net
    hook the wifi
    wireshark it

  11. lolwut says:

    well, not my problem