You Won’t Be Able to Turn Off Your DS4 Lightbar. Project Morpheus to Blame?


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  1. jake says:

    But basically if, perhaps you were not to use the Morpheus, you’d have to put up with that light? D:

    But if you turn on your laptop, connect ds4 and change DS4 lightbar to 0 U CAN USE PS4 WITHOUT LIGHTBAR D: D:::D D::D 😀

  2. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    ….Electric tape? or duck tape…

    • Knofbath says:

      Masking tape would be your best bet, other tape leaves residue behind and duct tape can grip hard enough to pull off paint.

  3. Charles Fasano says:

    You still should be able to turn the light bar off. Even on low it is a predominant reflection on my glossy display, I see it over the game images and I find it annoying. If you are not using the headset, I should be allowed to turn it off. I don’t care about it draining the battery. I care that it is a distraction. As a person with ADHD, I find it hard to concentrate on the game with this glaring reflection in the middle of my screen.

    Even the player light of the DS3 was annoying but it is not as present as the blue light bar. Even on a matte TV, the DS4 light bar is reflected on the screen. Players, light my sister, who play ing the dark would find the light bar the most distracting as it is so bright. I shouldn’t have to put electric tape on my $60 controller to stop the light from showing.

    I am assuming that you won’t see the bar when using the VR headset so it shouldn’t be an issue but when not using anything that requires the light, I should be able to turn it off.

  4. Ninjakakashi says:

    If you complain about the light bar then you are a ***…

    I think the DS4 could be used as a virtual reality steering wheel but unfortunately only for a truck considering that if you had to drive a car the light bar would be faced up XD

  5. VoidKeeper says:

    Electrical tape, THERE I FIXED IT!

  6. bungalow559 says:

    ok so i was looking for a solution for this problem and found some ds4 light bar covers from what i understand there are 4 different ones to chose from a ps4,ps,sony,and a blank one that will completely cover the light and fits right over the light if anyone has one already can you let me know how well it fits on to the controller? i might get one or two if its a nice fit some of them do look pretty sweet thought id shere this

  7. BahamutBBob says:

    It’s kinda a good reason and a bad reason at the same time. I have no intention of getting the camera or Morpheus. The system is able to detect when the camera is connected, and should be able to detect when Morpheus is connected. Why not just force the light on when the camera or Morpheus are in-use, and let us turn it off the rest of the time?

    Either way, the light doesn’t bother me at all, so…

  8. Mamimi says:

    Err, the light bar is for use with the PS4 camera, to use the controllers as motion controllers like Move.

  9. BlackFire27 says:

    That damn light is one of the reasons I haven’t bought a ps4. And anyone who says to put electric tape on something I just spent 400+ dollars on is a *** ***.

  10. NauNau78 says:

    F*** SONY’s Morpheus projet

    It’s just a ctrl+c / ctrl+v of the oculus. They saw that oculus was successful and they just do the same ! Just for money ! Oculus is the best ! ! ! But good article ^^ .

    • Acid_Snake says:

      You’re a ***. The Oculus wasn’t, by a long shot, an original idea. Peripherals like VR Headsets were already done and experimented with as far back as the NES, and maybe even further. The Oculus just revived the idea with modern technology.

      • NauNau78 says:

        Yes you’re right but oculus did a concrete VR headset before SONY, so…

        • progamer1515 says:

          Sony had a 3D VR headset for the PS3. How is releasing an improved version for the PS4 copying the Oculus?

  11. NNNRT says:

    Like can’t they allow PS4 users to turn off that light, & whenever they wanna use that Morpheus thingy they are forced to turn it on, or it turns on itself after the DS4 or PS4 detects the headset? C’mon Sony, no playin’ dumb here.

    • NNNRT says:

      Like whenever a game needs to use the camera or Project Morpheus the light bar can’t be turned off, but if a game doesn’t need any of these, then users should have the freedom to turn off the light bar.

  12. rubnvdub says:

    oh noes lets all cry about a light bar. cool system bro how are those sweet exclusives too?