uOFW – The unofficial Official Firmware For PSP back from the dead


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Lucid00 says:

    This project makes so much sense for PSP homebrew, it’s almost all there’s left to do.

  2. Javance says:

    Can someone donate me a psn card code? Please i NEED it badpy javancehooks@gmail.com

  3. Vito master says:

    When you will release hack homebrew for ps vita 🙁

  4. UntilDeath333 says:

    So, what’s the point of this exactly? Official firmware is strict, and has limits. Custom firmware allows you to run unsigned code and all that, so what’s this do that makes it so different? This allows you to run unsigned code as well, so I wonder what makes this different. Is it basically just like a different way to use alternative firmware? Any explanation would be awesome. And yeah Vita master, I’m in line waiting for that as well too. If we could just find a way to easily add/remove files from the PS Vita, that alone would be immensely helpful.

  5. yololo says:

    Im notbeing ungrateful and this is great for psp users,but why are people still developing for psp?This work and time would be great for vitas progress.Also,does anyone know where yifan lu is,hes not posting anymore??

  6. Hazer7 says:

    Can someone please please please figure out the fix for no ps1 sound on PS Vita TNV

  7. wickechew says:

    wow, PSP is revive

  8. CPUzX says:

    We all have our faith in you, Yifan Lu. I think he was worried you’d potentially left the vita scene or something. You’ve made some fantastic discoveries, even if we’re still miles behind a native vita hack. I’m pretty sure people believe in you more than Katsu or Koala.

  9. Ninjakakashi says:

    Lol Koala haha

  10. anonanon says:

    Reminds me of Utopia: project that Mathieulh (And a few others?) were creating what, 6 years ago?
    A real shame that ended up getting abandoned. Now that would have been amazing.

    • Joel16 says:

      Yeah both projects had the same purpose. Except utopia was based on an older firmware, so Felix and artart decided to start from scratch using the latest ofw.

    • noname120 says:

      If only we could get the original members of Utopia to work with us, the project would quickly improve.

      • Joel16 says:

        If only. What happened to them anyway? Isn’t there any sort of way to contact them. I’m not sure who they are though.

        • hgoel0974 says:

          Mathieulh is still active on twitter, I don’t know about any other people who worked on it.

          • noname120 says:

            Davee is very often connected on our channel, though he is not involved (yet).

        • artart78 says:

          I think the main Utopia developer was SilverSpring, and he completely disappeared, apparently because his job made him too busy. It’s quite sad, because he was a really good developer.

  11. Mathieulh says:

    It’s nice to see such a project actually still going on.

    About Utopia, it was slightly different as Utopia’s main goal was to provide a small (lightweight microkernel) kernel based on a reverse engineering of the official psp modules that would run homebrews regardless of future sony psp updates (at the time) without any “useless” modules such as UMD or without the goal to run the vsh (the kernel was dedicated to homebrews)
    All the while being opensourced.

    uOFW seems to actually be an entire port/reverse engineer of the whole sony psp firmware (from my understanding), while it seems like an interesting goal, I am not sure how realistic that can be.

    I do agree that this seems like the ultimate frontier as far as legacy psp hardware support goes (knowing that sony is most likely not to release updates again).

    Either way, I wish you the best of luck with that endeavor 🙂

    • Joel16 says:

      Why not join them? They are in need of more devs 🙂
      Well they’re doing pretty good actually, but more devs = faster process. (Depending on their knowledge)

    • artart78 says:

      The goal of uOFW is a bit different because the main purpose is not to run homebrews (CFWs do that stuff very well) but to understand how the PSP and the PSP firmware work better, to enhance our understanding of the console and allowing stuff that wouldn’t have been allowed before (like a completely custom firmware, or low-level hacks made really easy).

      While RE’ing the whole firmware seems unrealistic, a significant part of the low-level modules is clearly in our reach. Which is why we will RE the UMD modules but probably never the VSH ones.

      Thank you for your support. I’ve been very busy for the previous two years, but I hope I’ll be able to work on uOFW again in the summer. 🙂

  12. KillerM33 says:

    I will have faith in this development,uOFW,here i come!!!!!!!!!

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