PSP Custom Firmwares 6.20 ME-1.9 and 6.20 LME-1.9 (with perma patch) are now available!

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  1. k3nn says:

    yep seeing this news 2 days ago, i tried to revive my interest in my psp brite again. but for some reason PRO-C fix doesn’t work with my tiltfx. i wonder if using this CFW would enable my tiltfx? alright, alright!! there’s only one way to find out…

    but i’m a little scared because i don’t really want to use permapatch…does it have option to not include that during install? i don’t want to brick my psp brite 9g…

  2. na says:

    I have TN hen perma installed should I change it or not
    does it have any benefits over TN firmware

    • meep says:

      Yes. The ability to run ISOs directly from the XMB without any plugins, the ME Driver, and the fact that it’s a full CFW and not a HEN. You should give it a shot if you’re on 6.20 TN Hen.

      • Casavult says:


        I wouldn’t say the ME Driver was a benefit. It’s buggy with what feels like about 25% support for games. As much as I love ME CFW (and it’s still my primary CFW on each of my 2 PSP’s), the ME Driver is anything but a benefit lol.

  3. Confused says:

    I’m confused, how is this better than 6.60, I have that installed with the permenant patch on my 3000… I don’t understand why someone put their time into this, backing porting it to 6.20, or is there a case that you would want to be on 6.20 instead of 6.60??
    not to be rude, i’m happy someone is doing something in the psp scene haha 🙂

    • The Z says:

      The 6.60 has no perma patch.

      The 6.60 CFWs can use cIPL, but that only works with PSP 1000 and 2000.

      People downgrade to 6.20, so they can use the perma patch for PSP 3000 and Go.

  4. chickeneater13 says:

    Great release, and a nice alternative to pro firmware but they both seem to have the same error when using the snes emulator: Snes9xTYLmecm 0.4.2 Mod Rev.19, while exiting the emulator the psp freezes then i have to switch off the console, this did not happen on the 6.60 equivalent i only noticed this on the 6.20 version

  5. Albart says:

    I want to “perma patch on 6.60 LME-1.9”

  6. ivo says:

    i wish ps3jig-446-450-455 for psp
    and the 660 perma me-1.9

    and maybe a downgrader that isnt a downgrader
    but let u run any xxx custom or original firmware
    like devhook or mph firmware emulator
    if ever

  7. Gaijin says:

    Are the 6.60 plugins compatible with this firmware ? Thanks !

    • The Z says:

      I would say most are, yes.

      I did not have to change my 6.60 plugins to different versions, after downgrading from 6.60 LME to 6.20 LME.

  8. Brandon says:

    How is the process if I’m on 6.20 Pro auto-boot on a 3000? If I Unninstall Pro, can I install this cfw directly or do I have to do something else? also, will my plugins be compatible with this?

    • The Z says:

      Run the PRO perma patch, and uninstall it.

      Then run the PRO firmware installer and uninstall it.

      Then run the LME CFW installer and install it.

      Then launch the LME CFW launcher and launch it.

      Finally use the LME perma patch and install it.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks, I’ll install it immediately

  9. randomquestion says:

    will sony ever release a psp firmware update after 6.60?

  10. blake says:

    worked great for my 04g 3000 but i got an error when trying to activate my system for psn games so i went back to 660 even though i have all of my umds and psn games as isos (except for ps1 games)

    the way sony has it setup to de/activate systems hardly ever works correctly

  11. darktbs7 says:

    So Im planning on getting two psp 1000, one on 4.30 i think and one on 6.39, what would be everyones best advice with regard to cfwing both of them? Ive been out of the psp scene since pre m33 so any advice is helpful. cheers

    • The Z says:

      PSP 1000, the old fat one?

      6.60 ME-1.8, both of them.

      It is basically like the M33 CFW, just for FW 6.60 with more features and functions.

  12. NakedFaerie says:

    I patched my PSP GO many years ago and its working just fine still (When its got battery charge)
    and the PSP Slim has multiple firmwares installed on it.

    Pity its full of games from a banned account so I cant delete or install any games on it unless they are ISOs.

  13. TentaclesHentai says:

    Works very nice , all in all i just installed this for the convenience , thanks very much to everyone that made this possible

  14. ayu says:

    PS3 background theme???

  15. riddler says:

    I Need help here should I update the firmware to the
    official 6.20
    1: Download: 6.20 Official Sony Firmwares
    2: Download: 6.20 LME-1.9 Custom Firmware
    in that order then do these on psp install
    1st LME installer for 620
    2nd LME Launcher for 620
    finally from the folder install the
    3rd 620lme_permanent

    Please help here!
    Last Question do I hold any button?

    • Riddlerb says:

      Damn just realised am on 6.60 of should I install pro cfw then follow 6.20 lme 1.9 perma patch procedure?

      Yep I have been researching but gonna get stuck soon?

  16. Riddlerb says:

    Should I install 6.60 pro c2> install 6.20 1.8 perma patch > up to the latest 6.20 lme 1.9 perma patch/me perma patch.

    Please help!!!

    Liking the new layout of the website now I don’t have to double tap to zoom in on my iphone.

  17. Riddlerb says:

    O M G I JOE!!!!! I DID I INSTALLED IT TO 6.60 PRO C2… Now I HAVE to LEARN how TO install 6.20 ME-1.9…
    Im thinking using 6.xx Chronoswitch Downgrader to downgrade to 6.20 and then…

    • anon says:

      Downgrade from 6.60 to 6.20 with Chronoswitch, install 6.20 LME, launch 6.20 LME and permapatch it. That’s what I did, and 6.20 LME 1.9 worked for me.
      However, I’m going back to using dual 6.60s (ME and PRO-C2; I have a sufficiently old 2000 model) because some plugins for 6.60 don’t work on this 6.20 (SGKeyDumper for example) and games signed for 6.60 OFW (retail games with signatures from demo versions) refuse to run and require an update to 6.60.

  18. Korean says:

    My PSP is 3005 9g why 6.60 -> 6.20 error IDXFFFFFFFF ?? 🙁

  19. Hareese says:

    what is the difference between lme and me

  20. lovely says:

    Now I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming
    over again to read more news.

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