PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 LME-1.9 can now be permanently installed!

The Zett

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  1. k3nn says:

    Nice work! although i couldn’t use it as i got mine in OFW 6.35 (using PRO B10, btw)

  2. Junocaen says:

    what’s the differents between 6.20 LME-1.9 and pro c in performance?

    • The Z says:

      PRO-C has a PS1 playback bug and the Inferno driver.

      ME/LME has the ME driver and the better VSH + Recovery Menu.

      • MadZiontist says:

        Also, (and this is ME’s biggest advantage over PRO imo is that) ME can run the LEDA plugin, which allows 1.50 kernel compatibility.

      • SSJ-Vita says:

        I always had a feeling it was better due to lower firmware, gonna look forward to this oldschool upgrade. I would like to see the vita capable of android or anything other than the lockdown *** it’s currently got. My 30 dollar phone outperforms my 300 dollar vita in too many ways

    • The Z says:

      So basically no performance differences, except for the fact that PRO-C2 has a bug with PSN PS1 game playback, and ME/LME dont.

      • RandQalan says:

        I have to beg to differ on this ME also runs faster loading for most game
        down side no built in DLC loading
        a few games at lest do not run on ME I found but hope that is fixed
        and no 1.8G unlock so FF-Type 0 merged is out unless someone makes changes 😉

        BTW nice hope everything is going fine with testing 😀

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Just because one specific version of PRO has a specific bug that was already fixed doesn’t mean it’s worst than ME. It’s like saying 5.00 M33 is bad because version 6 had one bug that was fixed in version 7.
        Also, the ME driver is highly buggy and fails with some newer games (like Chinatown Wars where it fails to come back from sleep mode), the inferno driver is much better, much more stable and with some tweaks that one of my team member has created (more specifically codestation), it’ll be much faster at loading CSOs.
        There’s also the NoDRM engine.
        There’s a reason why neur0n stopped working on his CFW to concentrate on the more open, more stable, and overall better alternative, PRO.

        • The Z says:

          There is a reason that people call the PRO CFW the “piracy CFW No. 1”.

          It just does not have the right “CFW feeling”, which neur0ns CFW has.

          And about the ps1 bug: isnt it still in the most recent publicly advertised build of the PRO version?

          • Acid_Snake says:

            piracy CFW Nº1? lol all CFWs were created for piracy, ME is no different, it just has a lot of bugs with the ME driver.

          • PSPcfwDUDE says:

            That’s a damn lie Z and you know it. Just because you love (and I mean LOVE) neur0n’s firmware doesn’t and I repeat DOESN’T mean that every other firmware (in this case, PRO) is bad by any means.

            PRO is technically the more stable one when it comes to running backups, and also has Prometheus Online going for it. Sure, PRO-C2 is the most recent official version of PRO and is bugged, but wasn’t that fixed on the PRO-C2 Firmware Collection? And more than enough people know it already / mostly run PRO-C fix 3.
            There’s no such thing as “piracy CFW”. From the VERY moment a custom firmware allows backups to be played (superbugged or not), it opens piracy. PRO did it, ME did it TOO. Just as a pirate would use PRO to play his illegal games, he would also use ME.

            Also, there’s no such thing as a “feeling” on a CFW. And that “feeling” of yours cannot be considered as an advantage (Jesus Christ man, seriously now…). Just as I have a feeling for a game called Need for Speed Underground 2, you have a feeling for a CFW.

            Finally, the only real advantage I can sorta think of (and I’m saying sorta), is the LEDA plugin, that allows you to play oldschool 1.50 homebrews.

            Now, let me clear something out – I’m not posing as a PRO fanboy (nor I hate neur0n’s great job). I’m just trying to clear the bullshite war between PRO and ME that’s being going on for some time now.

          • Joel16 says:

            @PSPcfwDUDE, you stole the words right outa my mouth. I believe this guy’s some sort of ME fan.
            ME doesn’t have any right “CFW feeling” They both feel the same and they both look the same. The only thing different is the Recovery Menu style, the VSH Menu (including plugin manager in ME) and the “PRO” and “ME” version.
            I’m not a person who usually determines what’s ‘best’. Both developers and team of developers, have done a great job. But I’ve gotta say PRO is the more ‘stable’ version. Like Acid stated there are a few problems loading backups using ME.

          • The Z says:

            I mean, most websites basically advertise the PRO CFW as “THE PIRACY FIRMWARE”.

            Of course enables every cfw piracy, but most of these warez pages title the PRO CFW as the #1 piracy cfw there is.

            Not my words.

      • Joel16 says:

        Calm down dude, I was just saying you seemed like an ME fan. Not saying there’s anything bad with it cause it’s your opinion. But the ‘feeling’ thing is just *** lol. That’s what I wanted to say. Cause I’ve tried both and they both have their advantages. Yet they both have the same purpose, i.e running backups, homebrews and plugins.

        • PSPcfwDUDE says:

          Exactly. I got nothing against ME, nor Z for that matter (since he has the knowledge that I can only dream of having). It’s just that I have seen more than enough of “PRO vs ME” topics around the internet and it sorta *** me off.
          Hope you didn’t take it too seriously Z, I apologize for my harsh comment.

    • NNNRT says:

      There are 2 features in the PRO CFW which users either don’t use or don’t know about. They are old plugin support on PSPgo & PSP Slim color on the Phat.

      • The Z says:

        Not sure about the old plugin support, but every cfw (at least from 5.00 and up) has a “use slim colors on fat” option.

  3. cavinrocks says:

    comic sans? puuuuh …

  4. brunoso says:

    wonderful job!!!! anyway im on 6.60 on my god of war 2000 model !!!

    • dmaskell92 says:

      I once bought one for $15 with a broken screen. Replaced the LCD and the final cost was around $30. I sold it for $50 when I got a 3000.

  5. kernel 2net says:

    the 5.00 M33-6 was the strongest firmware for the psp forever

  6. Joel16 says:

    Nice work Rahim-US
    But why’s it called “1.9” if it’s only back ported to 6.20? Are tthere any other changes?

  7. ivo says:

    is this a set closer to 660ME(perm) ps3 jig
    for 446 450 455 jb

  8. Techni says:

    Is there a custom firmware that lets you use the right analog stick when using a ps3 controller on psp go?

  9. Different55 says:

    Can we get some more PSP news on this site? I forgot how much I missed it.

  10. roswell108 says:

    I remember back when released meant download and proof of concept meant YouTube video. I guess it’s time to buy a new dictionary.

  11. SSJ-Vita says:

    There’s just something about hackers having to make the consoles more badass than the developers, without the help of the original developrs….there’s no zen ya know. Only one party is in it for the user end.

  12. wraddek says:

    “It’s only another useless fw” Hahaha, just kidding! Good work Neur0n, glad to see some love for psp. But I think I’ll stay on my Pro C (fix 3)… For now at least

  13. Riddler says:

    Old Macdonald had a farm hey yo hey yo ohhh
    I’m on the wrong mind page… But can’t wait to test it on my nephews’ psp muwahahaha!!!!

  14. Brandonheat8 says:

    Can you access the PSN on 6.20 LME – 19?

  15. Katoche says:

    With version 6.20 LME 1.8, you can go to the PlayStationStore (tested at time).

  16. Katoche says:

    A big thank you The_Zett and Rahim-US.

    6.20 LME 1.9 (with Permanent Patch) works very well on my Brite 3000 TA-95 V2 (09g)

    I am very happy!!

    thank you very much

    (desolated: Google translation)

  17. I see TheZ is little busy to edit this news, or this is not possible, so I claim:
    6.20 ME and 6.20 LME with permament patch is avalibe!
    6.20 ME:
    6.20 LME + perm patch:
    Remember, the perm patch don’t work at psp 3k 07g! To check what psp you have, use pspident.

  18. Bartolomeo says:

    As of now, which firmware should I stick to that has less bugs and best for playing backups on the PSP GO?

  19. oo7 says:

    If you want to run anything and have the least problems run pro b10 fix 1.

    Cant find any complaints with this build. runs all games dlc psx anything u throw at it.

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