How to install Netflix on your Japanese VitaTV, or “The case of KoalaVita, the Vita region lock, and the pkg installer”


Haha, I killed a Pumpkin! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  1. JPum48 says:

    I think the biggest heck up here was how someone not so known delivered what he found. In a sense it was really unprofessional and turned out to be offensive. If you compare how most other techniques and findings are presented to the scene, there’s a big difference. All in all what we have here I think is a good(ish) contribution, but belittled due to the ‘dramaz’. I think this is the problem with programming being so readily accessible, just like how everyone thinks they are a graphic designer. /rant

  2. AL13NCRY says:

    KoalaVitas Twitter is closed now.
    He’s done.

  3. Niceneasy92 says:

    Sooo….. wait. Can you do this with a regular Vita then? If not, then this is even more useless than I thought originally. I can’t imagine those are quite common.

  4. Ponxpunks says:

    In my opinion maybe you can now combine psn stuff direct psvita pkg installer using this trick hehehe..

  5. lolwut says:

    do it work with commercial .pkg ? if so, then it’s huge security hole. OR not if each .pkg has their own decryption key based on license.

    • anonanon says:

      @lolwut Well, if you actually read the article, maybe you wouldn’t be so confused and ask questions already explained.

  6. ByeByeeeeeee says:

    Can anyone make for me Netflix???

    • lolwut says:

      i heard vita tv will get multi-acc support.
      why not regular vita too *facepalm*

      • Techni says:

        Nope. The remoteplay app for vitatv lets a second controller login, but it wont get multiple account support like we want

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    Useless. You need a kiosk vita for this to work and as nobody have a kiosk vita then nobody can do it. How how is this a big hack? We already knew this at the start of the vitas life when people had access to a kiosk vita. To the everyday person this is absolutely useless and it’s even worse than useless as now it’s out in public $ony will do all they can to block it. Thanks koala for making us all loose a good feature for nothing but a few days of fame, you got it now as the worst thing ever for the vita.

  8. mangosteam says:

    maybe sony shut them down? but i dont like vita being fully hacked right now maybe just emulators like ps2 emulators a little hack like that wont hurt the devs infact it would skyrocket the sales of vita…

    • Jackattack says:

      Piracy doesn’t hurt developers. If your sales are so low that piracy is hurting you, then it’s not really piracy as it is poor sales unrelated to piracy.

      Piracy isn’t victimless, of course, but piracy is far too widely defined. What many consider piracy is actually digital fair-use (and I’m not talking about stealing a game because you feel entitled to it). No different than physical goods. But fear and stupidity cloud the real issues.

      That said, PS2 emulator on Vita could very well hurt developers looking to issue remasters or for sales on PS3, because some people ARE that cheap.

      But it’s all moot. PS2 emulation WILL NEVER HAPPEN on the Vita. One could technically be made, sure, but playable? Never. They wouldn’t even be as playable as the N64 emulators on the PSP, which weren’t very playable in a realistic point of view, either.

      On the flip side, piracy and “homebrew” is precisely what gave the PSP legs in the first half of its life. After the novelty wore down, game sales skyrocketed, relative to previous sales on that platform.

      Had the PSP not been so easily hackable, it’s very possible it could have died in obscurity. The hardware kept selling when the software wasn’t all that hot. There’s pretty much only one reason for a Sony handheld to have that happen.

  9. DS_Marine says:

    ^ That.
    As said before, that ‘feature’ could have been used in combination with other stuff in order to make something bigger. Now it could be lost, and for what? 5 minutes of ‘fame’ and now shame and account deletion.
    btw did you get the drone app??

  10. Dmaskell92 says:

    His first video he created I informed him that it wasn’t an exploit. He argued with me but I still don’t see an exploit. Koala shutting down his a Twitter just confirms he’s a coward and a one hit wonder.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      not really a wonder at all though. Pics like the ones he’s posted have been flying around since forever.

  11. Ninjakakashi says:

    Personally I think it is a major development for tv loving me because the pain of switching then restoring my exploit is a pain in the butt.

    I never read what koala said so I am guessing he discredited this neat little trick…

  12. fidosy says:

    yeah the fact that they can install games with this trick is true,bcos here in Africa i met a guy who hacks consoles (ps3,xbox,xbox360…which am very well aware of) for cash and pretty much connected to foreign hackers online,he told me he can put games on my vita if am going to pay him,when i doubted he told me about installing pkg files and activating it with a psn account..i didnt understand then but now i do…the strange thing is that he doesnt have a vita

    • Sky Yuki says:

      “it still performs drm/license checks, and will therefore refuse to install a commercial game that is not tied to your account.”
      So that africa guy probably just going to use your account and buy the games for you (Well he doesn’t tell that it’s a hack or not xD)

    • mlc says:

      He’s lying for money and word of mouth advertising, clearly. It’s presently not possible to pirate Vita games, and even pirating PSP games on Vita is only possible on certain firmwares and after buying certain games. There is no way to install a pkg file of a retail game.

  13. mileleku says:

    There is an DLNA App in the JP Store?

  14. Asuna2022 says:

    Give me Crunchyroll on the EU store I’ll be a happy bunny… No need for Piracy… Just my animes will do :3

  15. I remember i was sooooooo close to buying a kiosk vita. I went into the shop that was closing down, asked for the Vita and the lady brought it out, it was a kiosk edition. I then was about to pay when the manager came out and stopped the transaction, he checked the vita and said they are owned by Sony and cannot be sold.


  16. HarmfulMushroom says:

    This isn’t a hack, I don’t blame you for your article the other day..

  17. Hi says:

    I wonder why here is only 1 comment?

    • SMOKE says:

      There’s clearly 28 comments here now.

    • mlc says:

      wololo has previously said something about the caching of the blogs pages being messed up. I’ll often get an older version of the page, either prior to all comments or with several of the newest comments missing. I generally just reload the page once or twice, or try back later ;P

  18. mma_jedi says:

    Maybe use wire cutters and snatch a kiosk Vita from Game Stop? 😛 The main reason I like a modde Vita is for Bookr, so being that the Jpn store has an ereader, yeah, I needs!

  19. mma_jedi says:

    Anyone have the url for the Ereader pkg? That’s what I want…gave up my ecfw on 3.01 to update to 3.15 to play PS+ and online. I needs to read!

    • fate6 says:

      I do but its pointless, The ereader doesn’t let you input whatever you want, You will need to buy manga and books from the ereader store.

      Plus its all in Japanese

  20. dimy says:

    Interesting find but still cannot call it hack. Even if it did signed commercial games it would not fall into hack category

    • Sky Yuki says:

      That will do
      Since it can sign commercial games
      It should be able to sign homebrew games

  21. Brandonheat8 says:

    “it still performs drm/license checks, and will therefore refuse to install a commercial game that is not tied to your account.” what about games that ARE tied to your account? like crash bandicoot and and games that are not on the PSN as downloadable to the Vita like Phantasy Star Portable 2, could those PKGs be installed using this method?

    • dboyz says:

      this sounds realistic!!!

    • mlc says:

      If the game isn’t on PSN for Vita, then there is no pkg file available to install to a Vita. Assuming this does work with non-free games that are linked to your account (and owned) already, then it might allow you to install a .pkg file of a permanently removed exploitable game. The big problem is that you would need to have purchased the game prior to its removal from the store, hence it would be of very limited utility. (but it would maybe be useful for recovering a removed game that you happened to lose and didn’t manage to back up)

    • lolwut says:

      it’s possible, just like recent mistake by Sony which allows unlisted PS-achive download to PSVita. unless you know someone who have kiosk vita then none gonna do you a favor

  22. Anguszoopoo says:

    Stupid koala freaks…
    Now the possible ‘loophole’ for sum’ big will get patched…hence the tripod would lose one leg. !!!!

  23. Conjo says:

    LOL that’s my photo :p
    (The first one that says “Courtesy @minzanagi”)

  24. Faiz says:

    im on the thread that tells you how to find vhbl without psp.Can someone please tell me how to port vhbl and encrypt save to vita as it doesnt say how to in the article.
    Thank you so much in advance

  25. npdr says:

    Did Simeon try to download a pkg with the contend downloaded?
    I owned a kiosk vita but it didn’t work
    I had my server setup with a full load of pkgs but every time I tried it it said 404

    The contend download just work with unsigned demos as I read in some forums

  26. Black Eagle says: Take a look at this, should’ve did more research before posting something on the blog. Koala aka godmangen is probably responsible for this…im not saying im on his side or anything.

  27. Prometheus says:

    There are a lot of sites that tells that the contend downloaded only works with UNSIGNED Demos

    If there is another way I want a tutorial 🙂
    A detailed like how the items should be on a server etc
    If not there is no prove at all

  28. Norman says:

    Is there someone who can install netflix on my Vita TV?

    thanx 🙂

  29. MarSprite says:

    You made me cry when you said it didn’t work for PSO2. You have crushed my hopes and dreams. /wrists

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