Release: VHBL-Reboot by Acid_Snake and Qwikrazor87


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23 Responses

  1. Sky Yuki says:

    I bet there will be someone ask
    How do i install VHBL

  2. omnipotent says:

    I haven’t programmed since I had an Apple 2E. All I know is a basic which is useless unless programming a graphing calculator. What would I need to start learning if I chose to use my free time to program/hack now that my kid is in school?

    • jd20dog says:

      you better off learning on a rasberry pi
      its open source, non-brick-able, and can be used for just about anything…
      and much easier to learn usable and profitable skills for real life use, as most users on the pi are actually willing to spend money on your work if they like it, unlike the consoles were idiots think piracy can kill the console ,when its never killed a console to date…..

      • Jackattack says:

        While not a console in its own right, piracy most certainly did kill the Famicom Disk System.

        It’s the only “system”, though, but it’s hard to refute the facts behind that demise. Which wasn’t just Nintendo being hysterical that piracy could happen so easily, but that it was definitely happening on a broad spectrum and could truly be seen in tangible sales data.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think the piracy excuse is pure *** (especially when misapplied to the Dreamcast while totally ignoring the sales data once the PS2 arrived), but credit is due where it’s due.

    • :v says:

      Raspberry Pi my…
      Windows or Linux either x86 or x64
      Then, Python is one of the basics yet useful, try to learn python 2.x, or go directly with C/#/++.
      That would be the most useful for PSP/Vita programming
      And also take alook at this:

  3. blablabal.. says:

    give us vhbl on 3.15 not this ***

  4. hardman says:

    give me the 3.15 Japanese release game ….

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