A request of what the blog readers want to read on this blog

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  1. ninjaman says:

    Me first.
    More PS vita hack news would be great.

  2. Black Eagle says:

    You NEED to do nothing. The blog itself is perfect. Would look cool with a redesign though.

  3. Adam Elbaz says:

    I totally agree I think a redesign of the overall look of the website would be nice, but I’ve been reading the articles for years and never had a single issue. You guys are awesome.

  4. FBJ says:

    More news of roguelike games for the Vita (Spelunky, Dragon Fin Soup, Galak-Z, etc.), because quite frankly, those are the games that offer the best bang for the buck.

    • jd20dog says:

      spelunky is an addiction, but it would be interesting to look into a blog post covering such games

  5. w says:

    gta on ps vita

    • Acid_Snake says:

      although I agree 100% with you, what does that have to do with us? go tell that to Rockstar

      • w says:

        i thought jd20dog wrote this post………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  6. Mm says:

    A weekly summary of the new and updated homebrew and other applications for each platform (PS3, PSV, PSP). But without making the same mistake as other websites who just say “homebrew x has Been updated to version 4, download here”, this isn’t very helpful if you don’t know what homebrew x is, so include a brief description of what each piece is and what it’s useful for and a link to the original source. And a brief changelog if notable.

    • jd20dog says:

      ive also had poor view of this over and over but i think the best i can do is a page each talking about them, but smoke might be the bast person to ask on this as he runs most of the home-brew link threads in the talk forums

  7. bahamut says:

    Avatar icons are aweful… Change that lol 😛

  8. Ehsan says:

    PS4 HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jd20dog says:

      no public hacks yet for ps4, other then a few odd loop holes in security that are being patched by sony with each new update, but nothing useful to my knowledge

      • Vc70 says:

        Alot of progress has been made in a very short span of time, id expect to hear some good news relatively soon.

  9. Draven says:

    You need to actually be able to write well, before you ask for advice on which topics to cover. This blog post is easily one of the sloppiest and laziest posts I’ve EVER seen on the entire internet. You were aiming for “miscellaneous”, and instead typed”misalliances”.

    Learn how to read and write beyond a 5th-grade level, and then you can start asking for advice on content.

    • dmaskell92 says:

      What fuels the urge to be a ***?

      • NoSpam says:

        Ironically. Dicks. He takes as many as he can in order to become a bigger one.

        • Draven says:

          NoSpam, please stop confusing me with your mother. You’re all the son I wish I never had.

      • Draven says:

        The truth makes me a ***? You honestly think this guy writes well?

        • dmaskell92 says:

          There’s a huge difference between constructive criticism, and being a ***. I don’t have enough time to put someone down because they don’t spell perfectly. English MIGHT not be his native language, and you are clearly bashing him over a few mistakes on a understandable blog post. To even project anger at a blog author is childish, go do something else with your time.

          • Draven says:

            I am clearly bashing him for using a public website and blog to prove that he’s never read a book in his life. He came out here and asked for our input. He ASKED for this. Now you want to dictate how I respond? Other people said the same thing; other bloggers and admins and mods said the same thing, but you want to come down on ME like I’M the jerk?

            Run along, children.

    • sjorn says:

      If you don’t like it don’t read it, ***.

  10. MovingxTarget says:

    Perhaps ios hacking news? Theres always plenty going on in the community over there.

    I also noticed that PS3hax is consistanty posting things about new PS3 homebrew and etc.A few of those would be nice.

    Stop bashing the authors of aricles. I enjoy these articles despite the spelling errors and etc. For the authors to take the time and write a article for this community takes ALOT. ( Reason being is that the sony community tends to bash alot of things) (Ex. Go to ps3hax and look at the comments for sauske firekids ubuntu shell post)

    • jd20dog says:

      i like the ps3 but my rebug cecha01 is down with the rlod till i get it re-balled
      this is why i never got to the ps2 to ps3 classics(all ps3s) and ps2 on ps3 iso loaders(this one only works on bc consoles,as it runs thought the physical ps2 hardware)
      but i do repair them (all but reball)alot so so would a cleaning guild work well?

  11. Joel16 says:

    More about psp and vita stuff. I don’t really care about the ps4 nor the ps3. Those forums are the least active anyway, so maybe you can write articles about homebrew reviews and such. That would be pretty nice 😛 just a suggestion. You guys haven’t posted about the psp in quite a while.

    • jd20dog says:

      that kind of sounds interesting, what homebrews are you wishing to see?

      • Joel16 says:

        Anything that you guys might find interesting, like uOFW’s return. Maybe something that would give the project more attention, cause they do need some more developers. It’s one of psp’s greatest project. For more information you can contact Felix-Dev.

  12. jd20dog says:

    a site redesign would be a request for wololo
    as for this blog, im trying to find the interest of the blog readers, not a lazy question to ask, its asked quite often on many blogs and a suitable topic for expanding what it covers to expand its audience

    ild like to make some blogs that arent just *** i read on wiki and google like many of the other blogs are going

    the atari 2600 was a nice system when it came out and supported for over 9 years and outlasted both its predecessors, only beaten by the ps2 20 years later, it didn’t have a lockout chip witch is why it had so many uncontrolled games on it… and this was in an era were Colecovision had an add-on to let you play 2600 games in every major store chain without Atari’s permission, wait sony did do this at one point to….oh yeah …the Saturn and dreamcast on ps1 and ps2….but that was right after saga went 3rd party and licensed with sony for a bit

    as for spell check in the blog’s WordPress, most of the spell check is way off on trying to figure out what your trying to type and miscellaneous is one of those words it just cant figure out even when you do type it right
    also its a 7th grade spelling word….but Alabama has some *** ed-you-math-cation, with many lies just so the kids can pass a *** stupid test that is based on old outdated or just completely fake information…..and any kid that passes out is immediately is labeled a drug addict and expelled with no proof or even a chance for the kid to abject against it……and smart enough teachers flat out running away because they don’t want to loss they’re job for standing up for a student

    oh an just fur yor speel cheacking ocd , it ar so many fun to whach u copain aboot it.
    but do try to start complaining about real *** like people that go all hitlar or osama benlaiden over spell checking when the point is easily understandable, or idiot hackers that think giving out personal users information from a particular service is somehow hurting the owner and operators of that service, when all they’re really doing is illegally harassing and hurting the users of the service, or the starving homeless children out there in the world, or about how horrible the fdc in the us is making cancer survivors meds much harder to obtain because they think if they limit how much can be made and sold that it will stop all the idiots selling they’re meds illegally to pay they’re over due bills and healthcare payments
    when all it dose is put the main ones in much more pain then any non cancer patient can imagine….
    not trying to blow up on you guys there just more important things for me to cry over then a bad spell-check and someone else’s selfish ocd

    but do try to post some new ideas as some of these blog post are really just re-post of old information now….

    • mamimi says:

      “not trying to blow up on you guys there just more important things for me to cry over then a bad spell-check and someone else’s selfish ocd”

      Yeah, but we’re the ones who would have to look at it. Please don’t write for this site. Your terrible formatting, spelling, and grammar, along with your lengthy excuses for why you write so badly, probably demonstrate that you have no business writing a blog.

      Thanks for your time.

  13. megav says:

    More tutorials would be cool

  14. Garrettcorn says:

    I really enjoy this blog don’t listen to the tards who like to rip on the writers and devs..

    I would like to see a weekly run down of homebrews and news for ps3 and ps4 scene and like someone else said give a good review of each homebrew and a change log (I realize this is a lot of hard work and time but would be so nice!) Would kind of take me back to the qj.net glory days for the psp.

    • Garrettcorn says:

      More psvita hardware mod tutorials if you find anymore cool ones would be awesome too!

      • jd20dog says:

        nice idea , i think i have enough psp’s to do the reviews of the psp hombrew on 1000,2000,go and epsp but i wont be able to review any fw issues below 6.60cfw or different issues related to 3000 or street models

  15. NNNRT says:

    Dude, want a request? Punctuate & capitalize correctly. 😛

    • Yifan Lu says:

      Agreed completely. It’s okay to make a mistake once in a while but at least TRY to look professional.

    • Draven says:

      I said the same thing, and I am a ***, apparently.

      I’ve seen too many intelligent blog posters on here with smart, informed and well-written articles, for me to accept jd20dog’s half-*** attempts at communicating with other intelligent people.

      • Minimur12 says:

        There’s still a polite way of going around it though, let’s compare your’s and Nizar’s post:

        ‘Dude, want a request? Punctuate & capitalize correctly.’

        ‘You need to actually be able to write well, before you ask for advice on which topics to cover.
        This blog post is easily one of the sloppiest and laziest posts I’ve EVER seen on the entire internet.
        Learn how to read and write beyond a 5th-grade level’

        Yeah, I shortened your one down, but it was pretty harsh (I didn’t say it was out of order) because in all honesty I’m surprised it was approved (sorry j20dog)

        You did say the same thing, but you went about it a different way.
        I do really appreciate all the help you’ve given me though Draven, and I’m glad there’s someone here that’s given me advice and such.

        Guys, don’t be harsh to Draven. If it wasn’t for him I’d still be writing grammatically poor blogs…..

        Oh wait…

  16. Nazar_Ops says:

    You should write more blogs about new announced Vita games.

  17. F says:

    I guess my suggestion wasn’t valid given that it was deleted. Pretty damn insulting, if you ask me.

    • zoraktorok says:

      Probably had something like certain homebrew names or the word pir acy … Refresh or postagain and see if your message says awaiting moderation.

  18. zoraktorok says:

    Game reviews from the perspective of a community that has moer homebrew and games than they know what to do with. IE: What games or homebrew are you actually going to stop on for a couple days before you move onto the next thing. I have the same problem you have… A busy life and a busted cfw ps3…. Lately I’ve finally slowed down and just spent time playing ps4 and I have bought every game aside from sports titles, final fantasy and some of the DL games the last couple weeks…. I sold thief two weeks after buying it and I’m sure 60 bucks would have been better to have. Actual game sites don’t have the same view as us.

  19. Adams Myth says:

    Quality, not quantity – as a general rule.

    I personally don’t read a blog that is more than two long scrolls of my mouse unless the quality of writing deserves it.

    I buy gaming magazines for longer (and more in-depth) reads.

  20. ricardo martin says:

    I would like to see blogs of the less popular games coming out maybe some of the niche ones like The sword art online that is coming to the vita or some hidden gems on the ps3, psp and psvita that are out there. This whould introduce games that some people may like but never heard of or allow them to experience a different kind of game style they haven’t tried yet and it doesnt have to be only about games it can be mods or homebrew that is less known. I would like to point out that I am a lurker through and through and don’t comment much if at all so thank you guys for what you are doimg and giving us this information that you guys give and don’t listen to the haters and it is shame a good community like this have leakers but keep doing what you guys do same with the devs.

  21. sjorn says:

    I would like to here about progress with hacking the actual vita. I mean, finding out about exploits on psp games is fun and cool, but ultimately if any progress on the vita side of things is made I’d like to know as soon as possible.

  22. Giovanni says:

    Well, I’d wish to see any Hacker going over to PS4 but that has nothing to do with the blog itself 😀 I read every new article on wololo.net and am happy every time there’s a new Exploit for the Vita 😉 I like the Articles as much as the series like Gaming History and things like that so the blog itself should not change in content. As some others said the blog could be redesigned, but thats not the real change you asked for. Would like to see more supporters on facebook 😛

  23. Alex says:

    I would like to start seeing video tuts instead of just pics. Don’t get me wrong, I can read just as much as the next person, but sometimes with software modds or hardware modds, people need a little demonstration of how to achieve what they are going for. Also, on a side note, I would like to see MORE hardware modds for different systems instead of vita. Or even more vita ones, all I know is my brain starts to hurt from running though files and code all the time and I feel the need to solder some stuff to some other stuff lol.

  24. Kira_Slith says:

    Here’s a request, stop highlighting Katsu’s work like he didn’t get the info on how direct from Yifan Lu’s blog. seriously, it can’t be a coincidence that the week that Yifan Lu covered the eMMC Pin-out on his blog that Katsu showed it off, same goes for “Katsu’s” Video out (which has had it’s existance debated for weeks weather its legit or not) which was announced shortly after Yifan Lu mentioned what looked like video out on his blog as well. (though this may be more coincidental)

  25. Shayne says:

    I’d like more interactive discussion an more video uploads on step by step mods an more giveaways.

  26. belk says:

    I’d prefer less bashing Sony honestly. I don’t mean to make an issue but a lot of what I read on here is complaining about Sony. By no means do I think they’re great but every other line being a stab at something they’re doing wrong is tedious to read. Keep up the work guys, I love the site!

  27. ivo says:

    i would actually like to see more hardware hacks lol
    what its two years now and no hardware hacks ?.?

  28. Caio says:

    I’d like to see a proper funeral for the PSP being posted here

  29. mangosteam says:

    If you can get the earliest insiders of games or consoles that is not even release in public yet or just in the works or gathering sponsors ,,, thats gonna be so cool… like having news directly from game developers on their twitters or fan pages but i dont know most of the names or twitters or fb or fan pages of games developers so im hoping you can post it

  30. rocklima2 says:

    I am new reader of blog have one year reading, but i like because have much information, tuto and other material internet have more web sites it is blog about news discovers.

  31. damnMedusaheads says:

    It would be cool if you guys can notify us when there is a free game on psn