PSOne/PSP Games That Were Un-Playable, Can Now Be Played On PS Vita


Technology is cool

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  1. Obito says:

    Too bad KH: BBS is not one of them

    • rowjack1993 says:

      Just get a PS3 with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix, it contains the full Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

      • gamr13 says:

        Here’s the thing though, Since KH: BBS was a PSP title we were able to bring it on the go, With Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, We are not able to, I like KH: BBS And I would love to be able to bring my Vita with me with the game on it wherever I go, This is why my Vita sits in dust, all the games I actually like are not there. The PS Vita titles are absolutely terrible, granted there are actually some good ones, like BlazBlue, Killzone and LBP. The only thing I will thank Sony for is PS Mobile, as little as there are titles on PSM they’re catching my interest more than published games.

    • thedicemaster says:

      they simply disabled their whitelist checks.
      anything that wasn’t on the store before still isn’t there, so you can only download games that you can also get on a PSPgo.

  2. AL13NCRY says:

    I’m missing the AAA Titles which s0ny promised …
    I’m bored of playing PSP games .. i want to play REAL VITA games ..

    but this will never happen.
    S0ny should release games .. not work on ps4+vita things
    i’m *** ’cause of my vita … that doesn’t make me buy a ps4
    i would buy one .. but only when the vita gets the full support

    First! 😀

  3. wraddek says:

    Haha I still want “Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories” For some reason that game game was so addictive to me :p

  4. ZEALOT says:

    What the heck is the point of owning a vita if the game that i can play is only psp games? And why there is so few AA games and vita exclusive games? And what we get every month is a suck i dont care indie games that i can buy for cheap on smartphone and pc! Oh cmon im sick of this stupid indie 8-bit games. Get real and release something like dark soul on vita or maybe last of us and everyone would be happy! and oh i dont care about remote playing, whats the point of that. Most stupid idea on the gaming history ever. Not everyone has good internet conenction to stream their games duh

  5. thedicemaster says:

    I’ve installed phantasy star portable 2, need for speed underground, need for speed most wanted, tetris, and xyanide resurrection.
    all of them work well on the vita, and if it wasn’t for the low resolution you’d think phantasy star portable was meant to be played on the vita.

  6. ajom says:

    we need psvita hacks . we are waiting long time ..but wololo can’t do this ……

    not other option

  7. DrDOA says:

    I thought you were able to download everything you want on your PS3 and just transfer it to your Vita? Or am I wrong?

  8. Garrettcorn says:

    I actually bought the crash and spyro games during the flash sale so I could play them on my vita.. knew they weren’t playable on vita when I got them but had a feeling they would be soon and it turned out a lot sooner then I thought it would be! I feel bad for the people who passed up on them though who would have gotten them if they were vita compatible!

    • *sigh* says:

      I didn’t bought them because they weren’t compatible with Vita… sheez, Sony could have done this before the Flash Sale, they would’ve been sold more games!

    • Edzo says:

      Glad I wasnt the only one who saw this coming because of the crash and spyro sale. It was just too obvious so I bought all of them in anticipation

  9. JonnyRiot says:

    This site is turning to $hit, where’s the hacking news. Don’t care for news about psn or “8 days of who gives a f…”, seems that totalNoob was the entire Vita hacking scene. ***?

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      We’ll give you some hacking news if you go out there and hack something yourself. Don’t demand things of people that you can’t can’t do yourself. You want a hack? Go get your own hack. See how easy it is.

    • *sigh* says:

      Stop b*tching you fukc*ing b*tch, If you don’t do anything for the scene then don’t f*cking complain.

      • DarkenLX says:

        arcade darts and bowling were still on psn it just said cant download on vita after exploit was patched wonder if it can download it now i wonder… hmm…

    • mike says:

      then learn to programm and develop ur own exploits, maybe ull come with a ps vita frimware hack and not just psp OS exploits mr genious

    • wololo says:

      @JohnnyRiot: this is indirectly related to hacking, if you can read between the lines: more games == more potentially exploitable games, including demos. There’s also the underlying question that this seems to be a glitch on Sony’s side.

      That being said, if you only want the hacking related articles, go to the “security” category of the blog:

  10. perfig says:

    so with this is there a explanation why ps1 titles on tn-v work with no sound?

    • cheesethief says:

      There has been an explanation for it ever since the first kernel exploit released on the PS Vita: In the eCFW you are using the PS1 emulator tailored for the PSP, not the modified PS1 emulator tailored for the PS Vita (it is based on the one used on the PSP). PSP had a chip used to decode PS1 game audio, the PS Vita does not have this chip and so it does not process the audio from PS1 games played via the PSP emulator.

    • thedicemaster says:

      some psp hardware is not emulated fully by the psp emulator.
      TN-V uses the psp’s ps1 emulator for ps1 games, which requires that bit for sound.

      the official ps1 games on the vita make use of a separate ps1 emulator which does emulate everything needed to play the games with sound.

  11. paul says:

    You all complain but the truth is only us australians should be complaining. We get half the titles the other regions do.

    Just look at all the exploits we have had only one of them from memory was available in australia. I bought my vita i may not buy portable consoles again.

    • cruorsitis says:

      US psn account is the way to go for us. Buy the codes from amazon for digital purchases (lots of good sales on us psn/amazon vita store) and you can always buy from eb if you want the cartridge and would rather not wait for delivery. If you are expecting dlc though you’ll need to either import or
      buy digital.

  12. mangosteam says:

    why are people still saying theres no game on vita lol

    • fate6 says:

      Yep, Conception 2 is very nice IMHO and a friend of mine is enjoying Demon Gaze
      The Vita is getting lots of JRPG’s which is good for me since I like them but I can see why some think there are no games still

  13. pkmaximum says:

    God it sucks that PS Plus doesn’t upload save files for PSOne games to the cloud. It makes cross-playing between PS3 and Vita nearly impossible.

  14. gabe newell says:

    this is going to trigger a whole bunch of usermode exploits

  15. Charles Fasano says:

    The weird thing is that these games are not in the PS Vita Store yet but you can download them from the Download List (Which is a pain since you can’t search for anything).

  16. Lightstar says:

    Still no crisis core tho. =o(

  17. quicksort says:

    I am still VERY eager to play “Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger”
    But this game seems to be totally forgotten/lost in old memories of sony

    For the rest I’m pretty much able to play any game I want on the psn except for Tekken 3 which was like one of THE most anticipated games on the PSone.

  18. Balibari says:

    Did they ever say why there was this restriction in the first place?

  19. gamr13 says:

    In my opinion Sony are just too focused on PSOne and PSP ports to the Vita, Nobody is actually interested in developing for the PS Vita and I’m surprised at the Vita outselling the PS4, Both of them are absolutely ***, Now that’s not saying there aren’t good games for both systems, but none that appeal to me (Selfish? Reply to me with some games that you actually WANT **NOT PORTS** or have played that are good in your opinion). So for me, The Vita and PS3 is the last console/handheld that I will purchase. I’m happy to stick with a PS2 and PSP…Next gen is a flop

  20. NakedFaerie says:

    I’m waiting to see Manhunt 1 + 2 available in the PSN store but as I think they are both banned in Aus I doubt I’ll see them ever. I did see it once in the local shop in the 2nd hand bin but it was only there for 1 day so I missed out.
    Would be so much better if we didn’t have so many banned games here then I could get them legally not download the ISO like I’m forced to do now.
    Nothing they do will stop me from playing it so banning games is just stupid and they are punishing the developers.
    Piracy isn’t hurting devs, its those stupid bannings that do it.

    • Sh4rkoon says:

      I agree with you. They are banned in my country as well. Unfortunately you will never be able to play Manhunt on your Vita, only Manhunt 2. And that’s still relative expensive in the stores where they are not banned :/

  21. acry says:

    Still no legend of dragoon for vita.

  22. BahamutBBob says:

    ^I have LoD on my Vita. I’ve had it for a while, transferred from PS3. I’m surprised that it doesn’t show up in your download list.

    Yesterday, when I got home from work, I downloaded the Spiro and Crash trilogies.

    IMO, we should all pester Sega to put Phantasy Star Portable 2 back on PSN!

  23. JonnyRiot says:

    I am not demanding a hack. I am just saying that its weird, people visit your site for Vita-hacking news for the mostpart. All you *** do nowadays is write stupid articles about everything except vita hacking.
    Get ***

  24. JonnyRiot says:

    @ *sigh*
    Stop being a ***, you talk about ‘the scene’, all I’m sayng is the scene is dead.
    I’m only giving my, an I assume some of the wololo visitors, opinion.
    Stop trolling… U mad bro?

    • wololo says:

      I hear you, but we get that type of complaint regularly. The truth is, we write about everything related to the consoles we like, and that includes news like this one.

      If you’re talking about “sticking to the roots”, this blog started as a developer blog specifically for my game Wagic. I’d say today more than 95% of the visitors of this blog don’t care about the initial purpose of the site. We keep evolving 🙂

  25. rayner says:

    Please someone confirm if blood omen legacy of kain works on ps vita, i mean it shows in download list after purchase it? thanks

  26. lol says:

    I have a question:

    Do I need a PS3 to transfer those games to my vita?
    I dont find em on the vita’s network…

    I bought a ps4 and that psn is a joke and I don’t want to buy a ps3 since I have a 360…

  27. xoombie503 says:

    Either this is so people stop hacking the psp emulator or they are giving up support now

  28. Haze7 says:

    Does that mean more exploitable games? 😉

  29. DeejayjeanP says:

    Such a Microsoft thing to do.. Makes me wonder, why the *** didn’t you allow it in the first place? Makes me feel *** over in a way. Now let’s hope they bring out GAMES too for the neglected Vita

  30. pioly says:

    whicj games are complete or are just demos? I’m thinking of upgrading my vita!

  31. NOOOOOOOO says:

    MUST…. KEEP… TN-V !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Edzo says:

    Are these able to transfer from ps3? Im using the opencma trick but none of the games are showing up in the list except for officially supported games. Im thinking it has to be from download list only

    • Z says:

      I’d like to know about this too..content manager isn’t showing anything using opencma. Is there any way to transfer spyro/crash and keep tn-v?

  33. JusteSaiyan says:

    Still can’t download Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops! Even with a PS3! Game is on the store and purchased, but still getting the “Cannot be downloaded to Vita”. (US user)

  34. weno says:

    Why doesnt metal gear still not work!!! GRRRR .. i was super excited to see this then let down by the man cause it doesnt work!!

  35. weno says:

    also spyro still doesnt play on vita?

  36. ChrisHighwind says:

    Turns out the whole thing was a glitch caused by the Easter Flash Sale. Sadly, it’s fixed now, so if you didn’t download the unavailable games to your Vita, that chance is gone.

  37. progamer1515 says:

    I got rid of TN-V7 hoping that I could be able to play my 99¢ PS1 classics on my Vita 🙁 .
    Hopefully this still works, Sony has their side of the bargain to uphold!

  38. Cyberchrisy says:

    Still no Blood Omen and that’s the only ps1 game left I really want. Don’t know why it’s still listed for Vita in the U.S. Store.