$1000 to win in Wololo’s Giant Easter Egg Hunt: Final round!


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53 Responses

  1. Obito says:


    All gone 1 minute after the tweet. Okay.

  2. Obito says:

    Ye, this one too:


  3. Shaitan says:

    Got this one on the Wagic download page:

  4. Obito says:

    And other one…


  5. Obito says:


  6. Obito says:


  7. Obito says:


  8. Obito says:


    I’m tired XD, have fun.

  9. salvador34 says:

    what time it start?

  10. Angel Faux says:

    Udah kepakai kah ini?
    kalo belum punyaku~~

  11. Angel Faux says:

    It’s mine, thanks^

  12. Loaf says:

    I got 5QHH-2HN4-FKPC (from your twitter profile), thanks!!!

  13. Epoke says:

    i found like 15 already taken i give up.. haven’t found one since the beginning..

  14. james says:

    one more please

  15. Thrawn says:

    Yeah I give up too. Was looking last week, found ~10 or so, all already taken.
    Looked today, found 6, all taken, so… I guess that all are gone by now.

  16. salvador34 says:

    everybody giving up? not me and i got one of that….. remember not all the egg is added up…

  17. GenkiMGRP says:

    Would be nice if somebody posted one they didn’t need…

    I think I’m running in circles around the older eggs.

  18. saeedagvan says:

    give me one plz….

  19. tangra_87 says:

    9kcf 8dn8 2abj , thanks wololo :)))

  20. Dilute says:

    Oh boy. I’ve been like trying desperately for one right from the beginning of the giveaway, but they all get taken so fast. Literally wasted hours of my life in this giveaway but still no luck ๐Ÿ™ I don’t have money for any games or exploited games so I was desperate for a code but now I have to give up. No luck for me.

  21. Thrawn says:

    Actually this isn’t a real easter egg hunt…
    There is a very simple way to find most eggs within minutes if not seconds.
    Easiest with IE, but empty your browser cache before attempting.

    1. Empty browser cache.
    2. Go here and browse randomly.
    3. Open your IE’s temp directory.
    4. Sort all files there for their extension, those with *.png are the ones you want.
    5. There you have your psn easter eggs.

    The longer you browse, the more you will have caught in the temp directory!!!

    Found a sh*tload of them, all taken already. ๐Ÿ™

    I request the psn codes to not be printed on images!!! It makes for to easy find for psn code horders!!
    I believe there are only a few that have redeemed almost all, and much much much more that were really looking around and got nothing.

    The next easter egg hunt should be made with parts of the code on images and parts of the code embedded in hompage source.
    Like this: (on image) ??XX-X??X-X?X? and on page XX??-?XX?-X?X?.
    That way it becomes not that easy.

  22. FreeSyder says:

    http://wololo.net/downloads/index.php/download/1232 damn,first time used array of bytes btw thanks for 10 $ ^^

  23. marcotizer says:

    I’ve gone through almost all the downloadable apps. All taken… ugh. You need to be soooo fast to get at least one.

  24. alpmaster says:

    I found a broken one on retroarch.

  25. ChrisHighwind says:

    Not gonna participate in this, because if I actually find an egg, it’ll already be claimed.

  26. meler says:

    how to decrypt the paicture(the matrix cd1 ) ?? its hidden cropped actually ๐Ÿ™

  27. xblitzk says:

    I found 22 eggs on downloads but all were already redeemed ๐Ÿ™

  28. แธ ฮฑฮผโ„ฏโ˜ฎโˆšฮตั says:



  29. raymond hemphill says:

    plz email me one rh26904@gmail.com i dont have time to find these im not that kind of rushing

  30. Epoke says:

    LOL people that cashed 2+ it’s not fair.. browsed with 2 screens for hours.. missed 3 because i f* up.. found more then 30..already cashed..

    There should have been a #number attached to it and a application form with a first to apply first to get and account/e-mail/IP filter..

    you’re gonna says it easy to change ip or use a proxy but anyway just a 5$ one i would have been happy cause i would have found 1 and left the rest for other..

    some have cashed 4+ that’s just… f* campers…

  31. zindhel says:

    tnx wololo i found 1