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The Xbox One hacked?


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32 Responses

  1. salvador34 says:

    no egg here …. checked 🙂

  2. qaisar rehman says:

    Iriez is excited like he found the egg which wololo hides in the xbox1 xD

  3. Alex says:

    … or not, remember xbox one it’s just running windows and sandboxes games using hyper-v, probably existing windows sdks work on it.

  4. Rei says:

    “People who thought they had found a major flaw on a system, only to realize it was actually their debugging tool that was having a problem.”

    lol that line made me laugh

  5. ggg says:

    the round 4 hasnt started yet?

  6. mike24 says:

    Xbox ***… ps4 happy times

  7. sync says:

    Well, well, well… this sounds proper.
    Since EVERYTHING now from Microsoft has the same Windows kernel, I don’t think we will even need a SDK for Xbone.

    It’s x86-64 CPU and Windows based.
    It also runs .NET.

    All you need is Mono Framework and you’re done.
    No need to even think of making a community driven SDK, unless you need/want to work with the metal.

    Good news, tho! 😀
    (Excited PS4 owner here, lol)

  8. Epoke says:

    So they are store in firmware nan or something like that?
    Looks to me like it’s made like a PS Vita..

    You would dumb the key from it and you could sign stuff with your own key to run on that firmware, but all they need to do is a Mandatory update and then we have to start all over again and resign everything.. ?

    Is there even a way to dump it right now ?

    • gunblade says:

      So I can boot windows on Xbox one and play pc games. Does Xbox contollers work on Xbox one would think be cool jus because the Xbox contollers have ports for the memory cards. I played a pc game that had Xbox controls.

  9. Johnnywalkerblack says:

    Where one step away from mankind sir.

  10. Brenza says:

    Bootldr private key dumped?
    LOL, this is the only thing could make Microsoft sell more than Sony

  11. random bleed says:

    Possibly found using heart bleed bug?

  12. poop says:

    I’d consider buying an xbone if piracy was an option

    • fjdn says:

      in all honesty, that, and the fact that it would potentially play Windows games . So… console exclusives are meaningless?

      Maybe it had some differences to windows which would make it not a definite copy/paste port but yeah

      • gunblade says:

        I wana take an Xbox one apart and add computer parts think the Xbox one can mine bitcions.

    • me again says:

      same here!

  13. STAticKY says:

    Freshly claimed by me 🙂 Thanks

  14. Einishi says:

    It sounds like a move from MS to sell more than ps4 XDD

  15. discovered says:

    TyDye81 is an Ukranian young nerd programmer nerd, and he does that because nato/usa are starting the cold war in this part of thr world.

  16. DarkElement says:

    Whats up with this? MJ2H-5CNB-PMHL???

  17. Andrew says:

    X86 processor + Windows 8 = Homebrew easy mode

  18. dadida says:

    Hi maybe its related to the major bug found the 10 april
    It seems that there is a problem with security off files i LL explain
    I notice that if ur uploading the files on system if you can upload the exact same file with identical name only difference is the date and hours of upload if the next day if the system change his hours in a day. That means the system cant make a difference between the both file so it wont load the protection

  19. reaper527 says:

    “Homebrew programming on any console requires to create an SDK, build tools”

    wouldn’t the tools ms gives out for ID@Xbox be sufficient? it’s not clear how powerful that is compared to the tools that ms provides to non-indy developers, but that should at least be a starting block.

    don’t forget, the entire original xbox homebrew scene was built on the back of the official xbox development kits.

  20. Lion says:

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  21. Lion says:

    Hi, Please help me to hack Xbox offline, I’ll buy this technique

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