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PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.10 & 3.12 available !

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  1. shapeshifter says:

    1st!!i rule! 😀

  2. noobrstxk says:

    good news!

  3. Reynkz says:

    Pretty Cool, I remember back when PSP firmware was 6.00+ wasn’t hackable and we had to use an exploit and half byte loader :3 till Prometheus Loader came along with Total Noob 🙂

  4. dragon quest says:

    still wait TN-V for 3.12….

  5. TheStash says:

    I bought a Vita and it came with 1.69, I sc*** up and brought it up to 3.12 cause I thought the game was still available 🙁

  6. CymraegAce says:

    Ah well, I waved good bye to TN-V earlier this afternoon, Sony as with other companies such as Apple insist on sc*** us with forced updates which seriously limit the ability of the device. As cool as it is having emulators back on a PS device it’s not worth it to lose complete access to

    F*** Y** Sony, thanks for restricting my devices capabilities.!

  7. riddle43 says:

    so the only game that can do this is gone…. sad i do wish Sony would at least let us play emulators. I’ve thought this since the PSP, it would truly help to sell more units and keep us old school gamer’s playing till the next worth while game comes along. i would miss my Snes and Nes to much so im staying at 3.01 till at least VHBL is loadable with other games….. if anyone would like to help me to achieve this lets band together and blow Sony away.on a side note i saw that they can dump and play PS4 games and run homebrew yet its still in its early stages it is a glimmer of hope….

  8. Jake Starling says:

    I have OS 3.01 on the Vita, my Fifa 11 on it, and the latest and final release of TN-V. Got my pc talking with the Vita (openCMA), and will “install” TN-V next. Too bad nobody has figured out how to root the Vita yet…as was done with the PSP. Might have to buy the next version of the Vita just to still be able to belong to the Plus Club on PSN. Oh well….Borderlands 2 and Walking Dead Second Season will be here soon enough for the Vita. That should distract me for awhile I suppose…Sony still sucks. Closed all their stores on the West Coast of the U.S. except one in British Columbia, Canada. How typical of a self-obsoleting Betamax Braindead Corporation, eh?

  9. mma_jedi says:

    I guess I may dl the tools and try to start looking for exploits this year. It’s really not that hard, just takes some intelligence and much patience..the second being the rare one in people of today’s Earth. And since I’m taking computer classes for a major in Information Security & Assurance (who’s knows when I’ll actually finish..Lol), I’m ready for all things Vita bc I made the Psp my bendaho, even made some themes, gameboots and such, so this summer/fall be on the lookout for a possible MMA JEDI exploit.


  10. Beast mode bane says:

    i really want just a normal hack like the psp. i hacked my psp in like 5 minutes because i just downloaded this eboot file and it installed the hack. now i have all my homebrew on it. i wish it was like that with the vita

  11. MohaGain says:

    Please , guys , GUIDE me
    I have updated it to 3.12,
    any way to get TN-V working?? Should I wait?
    Part me

  12. roswell108 says:

    Way at the bottom: “After these good news, we still have a bad one for you, which is that the exploit game is not available at the japanese Store anymore, and will never return to it.” Really like to build the suspense before the middle finger, huh? When did the Vita scene become like a YouTube video download link. A whole lot of hype leading up to an ad-supported disappointment. Throw in a survey next time?

  1. May 27, 2014

    […] stated the same about the PawaPuro exploit, which was released for the PS Vita firmware 3.10 and has yet to be fixed. The next firmware update […]