Acid_Snake: “I’m sorry…”


I like beer.

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  1. lololow says:

    Well, I was expecting this since Acid Snake is an excelent troll in the forums… What could be better for this day than an elaborate joke?

    • FizzlePizzlePeepeeDoo says:

      Haha, he really isn’t. His trolling is very subpar.
      Definitely nothing to write home about.

      • mlc says:

        you should normally use an identifiable name when criticizing someone repeatedly, as otherwise people might think you have an unrelated grievance or are unwilling to level your criticism “publicly.”

        but, yeah, wololo made the “prank” obvious. (and, as I said in the other post, he probably did it intentionally to prevent people from hating on Acid_Snake… it didn’t work)

        • FooDooSmooPee says:

          I am. Want to find me? Search up these two names on Google.
          You’ll find my blog and other stuff like that.

    • Shivox says:

      I’m a genius :p I visited Acid_Snake’s profile page, he was banned, but the last visit was in 4/1/14 at 4pm, I realized then that this is all a huge troll.

  2. ceder4 says:


  3. Darkova says:

    My colon was dripping and I cried myself to sleep last night…

  4. PspJunkie says:

    Welcome back from the dead. Good one btw..

  5. poec says:

    What the heck is going on in this post…

    ¡¡¡Awwww Lawd!!!

  6. Itaru_Hashida says:

    and queue kalan porter-true colors in the track-player please. it was hard to believe such a contributing member of the community could do this, but in the end. you even had me fooled. well played/

  7. Gonzilla says:

    Ok ill just suicide and kill a kitten bye…

  8. Gonzilla says:

    I just wasted 99999999999999,99999 hours searching for easter eggs, one side of me said me to not believe this, i listened the other side…

    • wololo says:

      The Easter Egg hunt is real. The April fool’s joke was Acid_Snake being banned. We will add new Easter Eggs at the end of the week, there’s still $900 to go!

  9. Gonzilla says:

    Just take a look at my face!! —> >:0

  10. holypower says:

    Hahahaha… You really got me there.
    It was very sad when I heard the news and I couldn’t believe it.
    Thanks God, it was just a troll on your side.
    Well, putting that aside I personally thankful for all the effort and time spent the devs have spent to bring the exploit to us.
    Final words, it’s good to see you still on the scene. 😉

  11. Netrix says:

    Well, yeah. You were still in the Moderator’s group, as well as Registered Users and such, so that was a big indication that it wasn’t a real ban because you would have been removed from at least the Moderator’s group if it was.

  12. jvhellraiser says:

    I didn’t even comment when i heard of it, i just didn’t believe it,
    for me the news were kinda fishy and not believeble at all, i was
    theres no way Acid did this.

  13. Ocsicnarf X says:

    yeah i was expecting it because he do a thing like that with NNNRT in ch, it is so funny that false ban

  14. druidsareus says:

    Man I am so glad this was a joke because I love to read your history of articles, and also your name is super cool haha. Anyway good joke and I was actually a bit scared lol, but I’m very relieved.

  15. Dmaskell92 says:

    I would never say a bad word about you Acid, and to the people bad mouthing him, go to heck, honestly.

  16. jake says:

    I thought he got banned cos it took him more than a day to get out his second **XX of the day :P**

    xD C’mon plzzz the thirst of it

  17. Deathhell says:

    LMAoooo i had never read so much in my life trying to un-solve the riddle. i call those with-in the situation jokes. u had me confused not fooled. keep up the good work and humor, is my home page i knew something was fishy

  18. STAticKY says:

    Well played my friend, well played

  19. darktbs7 says:

    Im going to say I wasn’t sure about this. That being said, I don’t know Acid_Snake.

    • mlc says:


      • Mosi says:

        Don’t take them seriously darktbs7! You’re hero! You come to Wololo and check out the site without reading a word! Finally I found my personal hero!

  20. FizzlePizzlePeepeeDoo says:

    Sure, I’ll show you (the developer) respect when you start showing us (the users) with respect. Sadly, you do not know how to do that.

    Until you do, Acid, don’t expect it. Quit acting like you’re entitled to it.

    • FizzlePizzlePeepeeDoo says:

      Oopsies! I made a typo.

      My point still stands, though.

      • druidsareus says:

        No one will take you seriously with a name like that, and whether or not you think he deserves respect for his work doesn’t mean you should be rude. You my friend need to be more kind because I bet he reads these comments, and he doesn’t need to feel good by your words, but he definitely doesn’t need to feel bad. Respect others 🙂

    • Dutt says:

      Wait What?
      Why would the Dev’s show you respect? what did you do for them?

      • FizzlePizzlePeepeeDoo says:

        If someone expects me to respect them, they will respect me as well.
        I can teach you more about basic human interaction, if you want. Or you can keep sucking up to Acid_Snake.

        • darktbs7 says:

          Teach me.

        • xPreatorianx says:

          How are people sucking up to him? Those of us who were smart enough to realize it was April Fool’s were also smart enough to know that it was an April Fool’s joke. heck I even said on that very post that people should *** calm down, step back, and realize what day it was before jumping to conclusions.

          So for those who have and still are disrespecting Acid – I say *** you all. The man has done NOTHING but help this scene and us end users at every *** TURN! So SHOW SOME *** RESPECT!

    • Acid_Snake says:

      yeah cause you know, I will totally respect a guy who continues to bad mouth me in the blog and has no *** to show who he is in the forums

      • alpmaster says:

        Who cares what the unknown fool said flipssidooda, Acid_Snake you Rock thanks for all the had work you do for this community. Also all other devs giving your all Thank You.

      • FooDooSmooPee says:

        Sorry, dear. I don’t visit the forums.

  21. Pisser says:

    It really isn’t an April fools’ joke as you started the joke few days before april 1st.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      to make it more believable

      • xPreatorianx says:

        Exactly, anyone with half a brain should realize that the week leading up to April Fools is always going to be the time where misinformation is spread to go towards whatever the joke ultimately is on April Fools.

        Well as my comments in the comment section on your “ban announcement/explanation” shows – I didn’t believe it from the beginning and even told people not to jump to conclusions and badmouth you till a day or two after April fools when the dust surrounding that holiday is supposed to settle. (meaning that if the announcement still held, then it was open season on you.)

        Never believed it for a second. But I have to say that April fools jokes are a double edged sword m8. They usually cause more harm then good. As can be seen from all the backlash because people can’t put two and two together.

        But you can also say that as a result of the joke you are obviously a critical member of this scene. People wouldn’t have gotten so angry if it was some “wannabe dev.” You offer a lot to the scene and so it caused an uproar. Just sucks you had to suffer backlash as a result.

  22. Dragar says:

    I knew it was a fallacy! Although there was plenty of people flaming him online, I knew deep down that Acid_Snake wasn’t to be untrusted, plus it was April 1st, who can believe any news posted on such a day.

  23. SSJ-Vita says:

    I kept up with it all and didn’t really say anything, with coldbird back in the news I was hoping not to see a coldbird disappearance of Acid_Snake. I remember a previous fiasco and what better a day to strike than april fools. You know that still *** me off big fu&%en time that The legend of Zelda movie trailer was fake. I would so watch a movie like that!!!

  24. CycloneFox says:

    Glad to hear, it was a joke. And in my opinion a good one with the preliminary work in /talk, because that made it less obvious.

  25. Mosi says: is a very serious and professional site, we can’t deny that.
    NICE JOKE DUDE! This was the funny part, the rest you know was definitely ***! You have serious personality behaviour issues! Consult a psychiatrist…

      • Mosi says:

        Thanks, lol
        ahaha ha ha ha hahhaha! Sense of humor! I never get that! Why do you keep trying?! Its like ‘Dude! shut the eff up! I’ve heard that joke a million times! You’re not funny, deal with it!’ But you know I’m sure most of guys in here was you know almost have an heart attack when they’ve heard you’re a traitor! An when you back! WoW! I can’t even describe that with words! Our favorite Snake, standing on the hall of fame, and shines like the sun after shower! It was G A Y! Jeez, I thought just Wololo is japanese in here! You could get some help from naruto guy you know! He do the summon trick and suddendly instead of a frog, wow! Guess who’s back?!

        • Acid_Snake says:

          wololo is french, this shows how much you “visit” the site and how “dedicated” you are. Oh and when was the last time you (and that *** *** mlc) did something for the scene other than leech off and complain?
          I thought so.

          • Mosi says:

            Well, I didn’t really read his bio! But as far as I know, in his twitter account ( he wrote that he’s in Tokyo! OH OH OH! I’m sorry! You were in this hacking stuff and never had this chance to read and pass geography! It’s ok! I’ll tell ya! Tokyo is in Japan, not France! Eiffel tower, wierdo mustaches, bonjour and kissing stuffs, mouse chef you know! That stuff happens in France!
            PS, I really don’t wanna mention what happens in Japan! And I don’t recommend any anime! They hurt your stomach!
            And I’m not dedicated (I swear to god I am if you’re reading this!) and don’t belong here!! Just for fun! I’ve never done anything for here b4 and the interesting point is I’ve never found anything useful here to use! Fair enough, huh!? But if you’re really interested I’m VFX artist, what do you want!? Shoot! I always make scenes!
            Btw mlc, leave the guy alone! Can’t you see how “loud” he’s crying!?

          • Acid_Snake says:

            And apparently you don’t know the difference between “in” and “from”, I advise you to go back to elementary school.

  26. senas8 says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  27. mlc says:

    The tone of this article alone is representative of why you were criticized, and why this was a poor choice of prank. You aren’t beyond criticism, hence the prank led to people criticizing you in a hurtful manner, unrelated to the “he sold exploits” prank itself. And now your feelings are hurt. =( lol

    Honestly, though, planning a tone deaf prank and then throwing a fit about the response is hilarious. I thought it was silly, but this really made it worthwhile. April Fools Guyz

    • Acid_Snake says:

      has there ever been a developer or moderator who has not being criticized?
      Quite frankly people think I am rude to noobs searching for help, I can’t go around answering the same freaking question thousands of times so I end up doing what the FORUM RULES say:
      “- If you have a question, be sure to check first the sticky topics of each category and use the search function before posting.”

      and as a moderator, my main job is to make sure these rules are being respected, if you do not like the rules, or the moderators, then is not for you. It is a black and white scenario.
      That being said, your comment is completely wrong, you make it seem like everyone hated the prank or that I made new enemies with it while I only the same *** as always.

      Aside from it, noobs that want to learn for real have all gotten help from me (have you taken a moment to read my posts in the security and programming sections? I’m guessing not by your overly-ignorant tone), not the typical “I wunt 1s0z” noobs, who always get redirected to the same TN-V and Ninja Release threads without further help on my part or any of the moderators for that matter.

  28. dboyz says:

    oh well, I knew it from the beginning, I wonder which mods deleted 2 posts of mine mentioning about “1st of April….” in the blocked thread “Acid_Snake banned??” =)

  29. vegeta says:

    im not a member in the forum but i was shocked at first, because i read most of your articles and you seemed intelligent, even if you were to do what was said about you, i highly doubt it get exposed like this.
    anyways, cool prank and now you know just how much quick judging *** this site has.

  30. reaper6666 says:

    Wow there is a few hate comments here. I think Acid_Snake is doing a great job and is trying hard no need to hate if he just wants to have some fun for April fools. Although I guess I shouldn’t comment I’m not sure how he is like in /talk I’m not too attached to forms.. I should try I wouldn’t mind becoming a Dev if I could but soo tired…

    • Acid_Snake says:

      The hate comments mostly come from the same people responsible for devs departure. 12-year-old kids like mlc and mosi who have no life and spent their huge free time criticizing other people’s work without doing anything useful themselves.

  31. Chaosruler says:

    I kind of missed your april fools prank because the site was down for a while… though I want to help the scene more I don’t think it’s my time yet, I can’t really help the scene software or hardware wise

  32. tokia says:

    im still waiting for playing psx with sound on vita.

    • xPreatorianx says:

      Why do you and a few others constantly post this *** on EVERY DAMN ARTICLE! STAY ON TOPIC! If PSX sound was easy, it would have been done by now. Instead of constantly posting “still waiting on that sound patch for PSX” why don’t you start learning and actually CONTRIBUTE!

      Sorry but these kinds of posts tick me right off. As the person who posts it comes off as a total leecher who is demanding a fix for something.

  33. tokia says:

    more impressions on adsense.

  34. Shuu says:

    Just awesome. Give that man a cookie for his great troll.

  35. bean_around15 says:

    Sure fooled me…

  36. L2SSnake says:

    Wow….just wow…

  37. icyheart says:

    Nice prank I already saw vital fooling april

  38. riddle43 says:

    Every April fools day there is crazy stuff like this. At least this was just that we need people like Mr. Snake or this whole crazy hacking thing will be lost and the Sony’s, Microsoft’s, and Nintendo’s of the world will win and we will lose big time. So good joke but let this be a learning moment for anyone looking to make money where there is never a need to make money in the first place.

  39. Edzo says:

    This was insanely obvious but apparently it fooled a lot of people. I thought it was pretty clever