$1000 in PSN Codes to win in Wololo’s 2014 Giant Easter Egg Hunt. It’s already started, hurry!


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40 Responses

  1. speedy says:

    this is going to be fun.

  2. killler says:

    awwww yeah

  3. Mosi says:

    Are these just PNS codes, pictures or somethin’!? I have no idea! Is it like the word code thing!? Help!

  4. lamarr says:

    ive already found 3, but i cant reedem them D:

  5. Epoke says:

    I think the first 10 have all been redeemed…

  6. Royal-Puppeteer says:

    Yipee!, thanks so much for this wololo :). Never thought I’d be one to win :D. Good luck peeps ^^/

  7. lugiadragon says:

    Sounds fake to me but thanks for trying faker. THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH

  8. cryyifei says:

    April fool’s day

  9. Epoke says:

    April fool’s day lol
    It was fun to search anyway.. this should have been a real contest..

  10. shadyblue9o9 says:

    First off.. this is not april fools day yet…. secondly… i found like 6… all of them redeemed =_=

  11. Nazar_Ops says:

    I knew this was an april fools prank. The highest PSN card credit that you can buy is $50

  12. ceder4 says:

    $1000 in PSN Codes not a 1000 dollar psn code

  13. nero says:

    you people must be pretty damn ***. If you actually read the article, youd know that wolo put up 10 codes that were woth $10 a piece today. *** morons. You just have to be fast enough to get them before anyone else.

  14. taps says:

    great this game is cool (!_!)

  15. GEeeeeee says:

    early april fools!

  16. iNEET says:

    It’s not an april fools joke people. If it says invalid it just means you were late. Only 10 codes have been released thus far (to my knowledge), you’ll just have to wait for the next batch or keep looking for a code yet to be redeemed (though i doubt the later, sorry). Best keep an eye out here and or wololo’s twitter channel for more info. Best of luck to all.

  17. wargod says:

    I thought it was an April fools joke. Then I found 2 but those were prolly redeemed already. After finding a fifth but still “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entry.” I’m starting to feel a fell for the joke. >.>

  18. Royal-Puppeteer says:

    I lost hope after a few used codes but later found a working one (HOURS ago). Keep at it, if only 10 have been released so far then that means there’s 90 or so codes to be relesed / redeemed yet.

    “We will be hidding more and more eggs every day, until Easter Sunday” Check daily!
    Check the time this topic was created and aim for a similar time tomorrow, remember lwolo lives in Japan. Needless to say, if you are late, you may only find used codes till the next day :/

  19. antbird says:

    Hey guys plz help i can’t find them

  20. antbird says:

    found 2 but they says invalid code

    • Jackattack says:

      And continue to expect that if you continue to bother with this. It’s a ninja giveaway and there is no such thing as ninjas. Just luck of catching the exact, precise second an egg is posted and using super human fingers to type in the code fast enough and crossing your fingers and legs that PSN’s PC web store doesn’t blink.

      Codes only work once and there’s no way to slow down the ninjas.

  21. Ninja says:

    Jackattack is right. Nin-nin

  22. DS_Marine says:

    ” And here’s a hint: 2 eggs are hidden in this article. Can you find them?”
    Duhh you give too many hints… but great giveaway.

  23. Luã Ventura says:

    envia um para esse email lvmds45121@yahoo.com.br

  24. Qwertzu says:

    Why must these codes always be in Dollar?
    Can’t you make something for the European too?

    • Dumbass says:

      you know 99.9% of ppl here didnt understand how to open those egg yet…
      and now you just gave all those ninja a quick way to not have to search
      seriously good job jackass

  25. dude says:

    Sounds fun for those interested, but eh I’ll just keep looking for that psn code generator, there is bound to be one real somewhere out there.

  26. alison says:

    bom dia wololo onde esta os ovos validos

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