Old Vita SDK 0.945 Leak from 2012 resurfaces on scene websites


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  1. You are correct, this is the same SDK that was released in 2012.

    The same Scene Release group, “released” a 2 year ols PS3 SDK last week, this SDK was released to the public two years ago, all this group seems to be doing, is reupping old stuff.

    Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it was old :p

  2. shapeshifter says:

    Yay!! I’m first!!hahahaha

  3. francescoc89 says:

    This article bring back to my memory an old question that I had never asked to anyone…
    I’m absolutely not an expert, but a simple user of the various exploit.. But since SDK for psvita exist I’have always asked myself if it’s tecnichally possible to create directly an exploitable game (maybe something simple like pong) that will be then uploaded into the PSN, downloaded by user and used to hack the console…

    • Frezzno says:

      Good thinking but as for now it’s not possible. You need to be a developer with a publisher. Then Sony will review the game and if it’s valid… Worthy… It will be released. I don’t think a simple pong game will do. Also Sony follows this site so I would say it’s impossible.

      • jake says:

        Yeah, SDK has limited access to make sure you don’t leave any room for exploits… the only people who could do them are proper developers (by proper i just mean non-SDK, indie games could use it but sony may see them quicker)

        • francescoc89 says:

          Oh, I thought that the tools to develop the software were the same for proper developers and indie..
          Anyway I had figured that it wasn’t an easy task, otherwise some indie developer probably would have tried.. 🙂

          • Zer01neDev says:

            How did you will sign your application ?

          • francescoc89 says:

            Me? Probably with a pen.. I said I don’t know nothing about peogramming, so i don’t understand why you asked this question 😀

  4. psvitajunk10 says:

    Pimmeldisko its a funny name hahah this name called in english williedisco LOL

  5. Yifan Lu says:

    The code produced by this SDK won’t run on 1.00+ consoles/devkits EVEN if it’s hacked. Much of the code it produces is broken (I’ve tried testing it on UVLoader). I don’t know if the broken code was ignored by beta devkits or whatever, but it won’t run on any retail or devkit units without some patching. HOWEVER, like I said before, the FSELFS/ELFS format it generates are VERY close to what the final SDK creates, so if someone creates an open sdk based off of the leaked SDK (an open sdk that generate the .sce sections like the SDK and uses NID linking like the SDK), it will work for creating homebrews.

  6. Mosi says:

    You mean this?
    [Link removed by admin]

    This *** had been released back in 12.

    • Chris.Beanz says:

      Wololo clearly asked commenters not to post links to the files. Read much?

    • Wrozen says:

      You had one job, Mosi…one job…

      • Mosi says:

        Whoops! I clearly didn’t read that part!
        Still, look at bright sight! He’d loved to prove it wrong, now he can’t!
        Anyway, you can delete that comment Wol.

  7. Pv says:

    Does anybody know what language this SDK uses? Is it C/C++? Or it’s just an early version of the Mobile SDK with C# and MonoDevelop?

  8. benemy says:

    Isn’t this the same as the one offered by Sony just an old version? Or is it something else. I recently got the publisher license for the Sony offers. I mainly got it for the vita remote client. Lol

  9. Hykem says:

    This is the exact same SDK from EPIC Games that was leaked back in 2012 and no, this doesn’t let you sign content for retail Vita’s.
    Like Yifan Lu stated, the SDK is extremely buggy (quite predictable, given it’s date), but it produces similar ELFs (debug, not signed) to the ones currently in use.
    Aside from researching the toolchain and giving a better understanding of several portions of the Vita (which may be valuable for homebrew developers), this has no value whatsoever for getting signed content on the Vita.
    This SDK is purely written in C/C++ and has a few ARM based tools, being substantially different from the PSM SDK.

    • Yifan Lu says:

      I like the part where you just repeated my post 😛

      • Hykem says:

        That was pretty much my intention. I was just trying to reinforce your point and the idea that it can’t be used to sign applications as it has been rumored before.
        And also to clarify about it’s differences from the PSM SDK.

  10. Tweezey says:

    Lol yifan , boss

  11. moun says:

    iam exited i have already download this and there is even a pdf file included inside that let you know how to Build your Application in Visual Studio and make it run on psvita hahahahahaha great

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