Running commercial PS3 games on a PC: RPCS3 PS3 emulator achieves great milestone


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49 Responses

  1. David says:

    Great work to everyone involved!

  2. mangosteam says:

    whoah maybe after 2 years it can run a ps3 game in full speed

  3. lolwut says:


  4. Mr Genius says:

    when the time release pc ddr4 all console like ps3 xbox360 or ps4 xbox one bec wat i read about ddr4 release have 8 core 12 or 16 core… if you read what spec of ps4 have 8 core ddr5 right… All i can say nothing impossible !!!

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Nothing is impossible, but using numbers you clearly don’t know what they mean will not make your point any valid. By the time we can emulate PS3 and PS4 we’ll probably already have a colony in Mars.

      • Anonymouse says:

        Yeah, why don’t we bet on what of these 3 things will come first?

        A) RPCS3
        B) Colony in Mars
        C) Days 8, 9 and 10 of Acid_Snake’s 10 Days of Hacking.

        • SuzieJoeBob says:

          I thought the 3rd option was hilarious. You forgot to add:

          4) Official FF-Type 0 release for North America
          5) Gateway Team removing malicious code

          • shapeshifter says:

            6) Justin Bieber gets a Grammy and becomes the worlds best singer , beats beethoven’s record sales. 7) Lil Wayne learns to speak properly , let alone songs.

          • ZeroStrife96 says:

            I know this is 8 months old and in terms of a random comment on a blog that’s an eternity but if is telling the truth then 4) and ironically enough, exactly a year after your comment was posted… which BTW almost coincides with my birthday (roughly 2 hours late)

        • Acid_Snake says:

          Days 8, 9 and 10 are reserved for three hacks that are yet undisclosed, so it makes no sense to publish them right now.

      • dat_heck says:

        ehmm ps4 will be easily emulated in 2-3 years cuz our PC´s mid and high end still have more power they only need a decrypted copy of the os for implement rudimentary drivers and a kind of a bios yes no emulator but since its normal pc hardware just use the os as dualboot ;D when we get first fresh dump we and my mates will go on it just cuz we can

        emulating ps3 isnt impossible and should be done more or more in this year i know some guys which are on it, they say they dont emulate the chip itself they just translate the files from ps3 cpu commands to x64 commands, still in early stage cuz still have to use on the fly convert but later they hope to “pre translate” it but then the files are atm going to big

      • xPreatorianx says:

        Acid, I think your exaggerating a bit too much. Something like that won’t occur in either of our life times most likely. But PS3 emulation? Ya that will DEF happen before we die.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          I might or might not be exaggerating, a colony in Mars seems farfetched, but we really don’t know what the people at Nasa are doing and what different technologies are being developed, so I can’t compare them correctly, but you get the idea.

          • Deez Nutz says:

            Actually we know exactly what the people at NASA are doing. They have press conferences quite frequently. Also Ever hear of Space X?

      • Anunakin says:

        PS4 is x86 platform not need be emulated, I think it could be happen before PS3 full speed…

        • Acid_Snake says:

          You forget one mayor thing: OS. Up until now emulating a console was simply emulating the hardware, as games ran on bare metal. Emulating the PS4 OS is a different thing. Emulating the PS4 OS would require precise knowledge of the OS itself, and if we have such information, we’re better of just hacking the PS4 itself.
          Also, being x86 means nothing, as the PS4 most likely has proprietary chips and technologies that may or may not be easily emulated.

    • Cherry says:

      just want to let you know consoles do not have DDR5 no one has ddr5, consoles have GDDR5 somethings PC has had for years. And consoles might have more cores than most PC’s but each core is much slower than most PC’s cores

  5. Thrawn says:

    A Milestone is a Milestone.

    As long as there are ppl that want to play ps3 games and want to make a ps3 independent emulator, there will be progress.

    Look at dolphin, that project began the same way, now dolphin is a full scale nearly perfect gamecube/wii emulator that runs all kinds of commercial games even better and in higher res than the original.

    Or another example jpcsp, java emulator for psp running 90% of the psp library or pcsx2 (best ps2 emulator out there).

    So as long as ppl want to make something amazing like an emulator, they will continue to polish it and make it shine like a gem.

  6. Dilute says:

    Come on man, I’ve been waiting for this. I might be the most happiest man alive, after reading this news.

  7. kada says:

    When emu runs GOW3 at full speed then we called its done… Otherwise it still needs too much way to cross…

  8. Leires says:

    Man. Maaan. That’s so kick ***. Even if this spirals off like the old xbox emulator, a big congrats to them for such progress in so short a time. Crazy.

  9. Hardin says:

    Great news! Props to the devs. I’m always very happy to hear of new emulators.

  10. J says:

    Or you could just play your games on a PS3 like a normal person.

  11. titegtnodI says:

    I’ve been following this for a while. I get an email for every update, keeps me up some nights x’3. There’s been an insane surge of activity recently ^-^.

  12. Roland says:

    Does anyone else NOT see the video and just see’s a big, white space?

  13. nobody says:

    I really want to play the last of us,for eleventh time.

  14. shapeshifter says:

    omg someone pinch me!! this is great progress!!

  15. jake says:

    Great work guys! What fw will this be based off? OFW (probz not), Rogero, Habib ect

  16. Acid_Snake says:

    oh my god the amount of stupidity here is immense. I enjoyed the article and love the work these people are doing as I know how insanely hard it is, but anyone expecting a full blown PS3 emulator in anything less than 10 years is stupid, it’s been 13 years since the PS2 was released and we don’t even have a full blown emulator for it, imagine a much more complex machine like the PS3 🙄

    • ... says:

      ehm there are good emu´s and that for a long time maybe use google next time?

      and also nobody needs ps2 emu´s cuz ALL GOOD games which were ever puplished for ps2 are aviable for pc too

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I know there are good emus, but they are all far from perfect, most games suffer from bugs and huge slowdowns even on more powerful PC. The PS2 is hard to emulate, anyone with very basic knowledge would know that. The PS3 is even harder.

        Also, all good games? give me a break: Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Devil May Cry, Tekken, Grand Turismo, and a long etc.
        But I guess you’re another PC gaming master race (aka casual gamer) who thinks CoD and generic shooters are the only good games in existence.

  17. HELP says:

    Wololo plz help i think there may be a glitch or sony did something i was useing my ps vita with tn-v and updated to the latest one and used ftp and it said connection error and now the application wont start or any other, i dont know what to do im boned!!!!

  18. 11770 says:

    when i try to run it it says openal32.dll is missing runing the x64bit version. then when i grab the dll it just says it failed to start afterwards?

    what application etc is open al from? some opengl codec? thats what im guessing here…

  19. boxtropica says:

    No Linux version? It’s still amazing that there is a PS3 emulator with this amount of progress, but how much I care just decreased by about 65%.

  20. Harshit says:

    I Have Play Gta v on this emulator

  21. Zix says:

    Very exciting indeed, these are the first baby steps, but I cant see us having any games running at between half and full speed for at least another 5/6 years, and even when that happens you’ll need a monster pc to take advantage of that.

    • ... says:

      why u all trust that sony propaganda sony was the first which said that emulating ps3 is so hard… now look psnow u really think they use a mass of ps3´s no they emulate it themself

  22. Mayke Luiz says:

    E impossivel pelo fato do PS3 ter o processador Cell
    A arquitetura e totalmente diferente de um x32/x64…
    O emulador nunca vai rodar em full speed

  23. JackVampire says:

    lol this is so fake

  24. ***. failed to load while wineskinning this app. need to find what is missing

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