Private release exploit game leaked, get it while it’s hot! (Vita FW 3.01)


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  1. Darktbs7 says:

    So a ninja release goes to most trusted members first yes? So how do you judge trusted? Join date and post count?

  2. tetsuya81987 says:

    none of my isos show up after i get on the cfw. the name of the file is uppercase and less than 8 chacters

  3. Rena-Chan says:

    Is the exploit patched yet?

    If not can anyone comment below saying that it is patched…

  4. tetsuya81987 says:

    my isos wont show up in the psp cfw. the file name is in all caps and less than 8 letters.

    • neocore says:

      Make sure the file extension is also in caps “.ISO” If this doesnt help, please redo the solution.

      • GIST says:

        Believe it or Not, I only used the letters “MGSPO” without adding “.ISO” to it and the game still showed up and worked. The ISO/CSO game is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (MGSPO). An underrated game in my opinion, however, it was awhile before got into the story & it got fun after I started abducting & recruiting people.

        Anyways, I have TN-V 8 as well, but none of the Yu-Gi-Oh ISO’s have won’t show up when I copy them to the same folder as MGSPO & MKU.CSO (Mortal Kombat Unchained).

        Tag Force 5 won’t show up after I use “TFV.ISO”
        Tag Force 6 won’t show up after I use “YUGI.ISO”
        Even Tag Force 3 won’t show up after I use “TF3.ISO”

        All these ISO’s work for my PPSPP emulator, just not on this TN-V8. Any ideas??

      • tetsuya81987 says:

        thanks a lot for that! i just had to put the file extension in all caps. Thanks!!!!

  5. neocore says:

    Thanks guys!!! finally grabbed the game

  6. Peter says:

    Got it. Worked. Thank you sir

  7. jiggawho jiggawhat says:

    one question, whe you mean EU you also Mean the Spanish Store or just the EU English?

  8. arcangelnew says:

    Well I got it, finally one game that sony didn’t pulled out before I can get it, Thanks to the coders, and for all the other people complaining about the game price, availability, etc, cmon guys they released it for free, so stop acting like ******, and ******, you know.

  9. yazza2012 says:

    Damn it, I was hoping this would stay private… I won the exploit. Who ever leaked it didn’t deserve it.

  10. Erbl13 says:

    when can we expect a vbhl for p2 and if theres one out correct me because im kinda new to the whole vita exploits thanks !!

  11. Dilute says:

    I wanted to play Persona 2 Innocent SIn anyway, so I’m gonna get this right away!

  12. Thrawn says:

    Ahhahahahaahaha 😉

    All this time I had a k-exploit game for TnV lying under my nose XD and didn’t know it ahahahah.

    Now I have the game backuped with open cma lying on a hard drive but no vita to use it.

    Ahhh……. this irony ahahahaha. 🙂

    • taps says:


      it serves you anything when you will copy it to your PS Vita you will have a signature error

      good luck to you 😉

      • Thrawn says:

        Somehow I’m not angry or anything, it does not matter.

        I did not have many vita games only project diva f, new little kings story, dragons crown, persona 4 golden and Ragnarok odyssey.

        And I still have my psps with its pro B glory and as long as sony does not cut the psp’s online support, there is no real reason for ME to swap again.

        + The psp’s homebrew compatibility is much higher than that of the TN V, and its not so “complicated” to get anything on the device and then to run.

  13. Ron says:

    Just install the exploit good job and the wagic come true to my PS Vita thks to the all the people who make this exploit possible

  14. diksy says:

    wow seriosly people? you bought them for $30 – $40

    well I dont get it because the moment I read this blog post and go to store it cost $10

    well lucky me then lol

  15. Lawrence says:

    My ISO’s won’t show.
    Extensions and name is all caps, 8 letters max.
    As instructed, i’m supposed to place the ISO file in the same place where FLASH0 and TN.BIN is at.

    I’m overwriting the savedata (with the filesize of the file as big as my ISO) but as soon as I open the game, I don’t see it on the memory stick.

    AM I doing something wrong?

  16. ADepreshedFish says:

    Wow, you’re kidding me. The last chance ever and psn is down for 5.5 hours in US. Well, ***. I hope it isn’t them removing this game.

  17. HokkaidoWolf says:

    Its a good thing I already the game. Lol

  18. carsauce says:

    This is just too much, how does SONY know about this or they have spies that come on this site?

  19. carsauce says:

    Its still on the US store but SONY just done maintenence on the PSN and the store now gives a an error when you choose to add to the cart.

    • tornmended says:

      I had to restart the store a couple times but I finally got it to download so anyone who wants this should hop on it as quick as possible!

    • Wilson Wimpee says:


  20. romain337 says:

    Keep trace of the guys who you send private exploit. With time maybe you’ll find some of the bad ***.

  21. carsauce says:

    I got access to the store but it gives an error when trying to add to the cart, SONY really wants this exploitation to stop, I can tell they must be really mad someone keeps finding exploits, I also believe there are SONY spies on here.

  22. Me says:

    If I install the exploit, then update my firmware for my Vita, will the exploit no longer work?

  23. carsauce says:

    Its still on store people, download while you can, I think this is will now be my last exploit to use on Vita because I just wanted to play the Ys game

    • Amri85 says:

      where is SMT:P2 save file exploit? links anyone? I clicked on the links above and I only see the old exploit save game.

  24. Amri85 says:

    I cannot see the save for the exploit on the list. I just finished downloading the game.

  25. Matt says:

    Can anyone confirm that this still works? Want to know before I buy.

  26. carsauce says:

    Its in the download link, it’s in the middle of the other files, and Matt I’m going to try it now i’;m updating to 3.01 i got nothing to lose anymore since i just want homebrew and to play the new Ys game

  27. bailey reeves says:

    how do i get this download cause i got banned and i need a hack

  28. bailey reeves says:

    and ima boss!!!!!!!!!

  29. carsauce says:

    thank you soooooooo much, FINALLY back to gaming on the PS Vita and I get to now play YS, It works people and also pluggins and cxmb works well too. MY VITA LIVES AGAIN!, ESPECIALLY WITH homebew to use.

    3.01, goodbye UNO exploit you were so awesome!
    Thanks guys for the heads up on the game

  30. blondebro7 says:

    im so *** i downloaded the exploit game and installed it and was able to get into recovery and the xmb launcher then when copying my first homebrew i accidentally corrupt the exploit game some how and i went back to redownload it and …. its gone:( its still on my vita and i keep feeling like there is a way to fix it but i really doubt it.
    why didnt i just download it on my ps3 the first time then id be golden… blah…

  31. WeedZ1985 says:

    AArrgg! finally had psp hack after weeks of waiting for leak. then i go to update to tn-v8 using psp network update, update completes and on “restart” persona is removed from my Vita via psn and i didn’t make a backup. *** my stupidity!

  32. WeedZ1985 says:

    Here’s an update: They bricked my Vita!!!

    don’t update cfw using psp network update…

  33. brunoso says:

    So. I think that the previous exploit 101 game wont work on 3.01; Anyone can confirm this???

  34. Joao Martins says:

    I don´t find the game on portuguese psn

  35. Joao Martins says:

    Can say the PSN number?!?

  36. Joao Martins says:

    Someone could make a video buying a game?!? Please

  37. Drix says:
    link to the game, its still there in the us store

  38. carsauce says:

    Guys this actually works and truly works wonders also to the one who said it bricked your Vita don’t lie in Vita you can just go into recovery mode by holding the power button down an the update on the once you done the procedure right , by loading the exploit save file you should be able to upgrade to T-N V8

    • WeedZ1985 says:

      I didn’t say the update bricked it. i said “sony” bricked it. which is all i can assume happened. the xmb runs under the vita software, so any crash that happens shouldn’t effect the vita itself. In any case it wasn’t bricked until i returned to the live menu. the “busy dot wheel” came up, then it went black. it was then unresponsive. tried getting to the recovery menu before i even posted. i know what a 200 dollar paperweight looks like, and i have one.

      maybe it was some other fluke, i dont know, but it is bricked and right after completing the update through xmb’s online update. doesn’t matter, i’m gunna pick another one up tomorrow and just wait for the next leak..

  39. Ville says:

    It is not on the EU psn-store.