PS Vita Hardware Mod (2 of 3): Extra Speakers


Technology is cool

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  1. CPUzX says:

    Haha – PS Vita Hardware Mod: how to drain your battery.

    Nice discovery though!

    • svenn says:

      I’m not sure, but to me this seems very useless mod, I think 2 speakers will just be +/- the same output, since you simply split the power.

      So I doubt it will drain your power faster, unless you put it harder … So beside the more “surround” effect, it won’t be that much of a difference;

      I liked the battery mod better; But it might be handy, if you wane replace the speakers.

      Also I like it when people play with the internals of the console. Good job guys 🙂

  2. Albatar says:

    I wonder what will be the third mod…

  3. Steven says:

    HD Camera Mod would be nice :3

  4. Sky Yuki says:

    I believe the next mod will be Katsu HDMI mod

  5. grief3r says:

    next mod will be revolutionary

  6. edukarlo says:

    oh pls.. dont tell me that the 3rd mod will be the LED one.. now crossing my fingers that it will be the HDMI out mod by katsu.. look, a shooting star, insert wish…. :p

  7. The Jay Doctor says:

    Who wants more than 3 mods?
    I’ve got more.

  8. Yazeed says:

    Can I use any other speakers ?

  9. hene193 says:

    And the next mod is the HDMI output? 😀

  10. jd20dog says:

    vita supports Bluetooth so you can do the same affect with a pair of 7.1 surround bt headphones,or a bt equalizer/bass amp booster, both can be gotten online for around $5-30 depending on your style or music type preference

  11. BahamutBBob says:

    “Now, take your soldering iron and dab some solder on it.”

    Isn’t this the wrong way to solder? Aren’t you supposed to get the wires hot enough to melt the solder, and try to avoid the iron touching the solder as much as possible?

    Also, this looks like it adds speakers to the back of the system? Why would I want to add speakers that blast sound away from me?

    • David says:

      That’s a pretty bad suggestion, to heat up the wires until they are hot enough to melt the solder. If you heat them up, the isolation around them will be effected as well and could cause a kind of a mess. The proper way is to add some solder to the tip of the soldering iron and cover the wire with it, then you connect the two wires you plan to connect and melt the sold again and both wires will be connected the right way.

    • gta_master says:

      Well, in what other direction did you want the speakers facing? In case you didn’t already know, there isn’t any room on the front.

  12. Gamr13 says:

    NEW PS3 UPDATE V4.55 released! what does it contain other than “System sofware stability”

  13. MadZiontist says:

    Thanks for this. I’d be interested in performing this with some headphone speakers, that would add an extra lil bit of thump to the sound. The sort-of surround effect sounds cool as well.

    As for as more mods? Yes! Why not increase our knowledge in the art of PSV pimpin’?! And the LED mod has long been one I’ve been interested in, though many may not care about it.

    • MadZiontist says:

      Never performed the mod on my PSP, though I plan on it at some point. Also wanna install a second analog nub on my PSP. Actually what I really wanna do, is get ahold of a couple of PSVita analog sticks (after finding out if this is possible), and install dual PSV analog sticks on my PSP. 😀

    • gunblade says:

      Thinking could use psp buttons like the clear ones and add have backlight button psvita.

  14. Riddle43 says:

    After seeing this an led mod will be a breeze. I mean just attach your wires the same way we all did on the psp an bam you got a blinky vita!!!
    Cant wait to see whats next.

  15. Nazar_Ops says:

    I don’t understand why you would install Another extra speaker. Seems useless to me and the VITA has already very loud speakers.

    I also don’t think the next mod is Katsu’s HDMI mod, mainly because he haven’t published the schematics yet.

  16. jam says:

    like it’d be like a 3 part special… and maybe he’ll pull off a 4th and 5th extra installment for other mods if everything goes well 😀

  17. franzkb420 says:

    just bring psx sound support in tn-v this is worthless lol

  18. NNNRT says:

    Should they necessarily be PSP speakers? Can’t they be the speakers of a Sony MP5 for example?

  19. chronoss says:

    I do it but i see no difference 🙁

  20. hgoel0974 says:

    I think the better way would be to just buy one of those battery powered speakers and plug them into the headphone jack.

    Also, why not a screen mod? replace the OLED with LCD xD

  21. President Obama says:

    Gentleman greetings! Can i use
    3ds xl speakers on this mod?

  22. Shroud says:

    It’s better to use double sided tape than a permanent glue.

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