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PS Vita Hardware Mod (1 of 3): Secondary Battery


Technology is cool

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  1. tokia says:


    • angeliv says:

      Can’t we replace main battery with6300 mah 3.7v LiPo battery ? 😉

      • Medwardl says:

        I know this is an old thread and a long shot, but where did you find the battery? I’ve looked high and low for a suitable battery but have come up empty. Also what the tallest the battery can be?

  2. edukarlo says:

    i really wanted to try this out the first time i saw it in the forums, but they said that they switched back to its original battery structure.. im also planning to use this mod alongside with a nyko power grip.. i think the concept here is somewhat same as nyko’s connection.. or is it? maybe connecting the batteries in parallel?

  3. Vitality says:

    It’s better if it’s on 3G version because it’s the one that drains the battery fast, even when I turned off the 3G Networks.

  4. SmashADBurn says:

    How much of an increase are we talking about here?

  5. edukarlo says:

    vita battery, 2200 mAh.. PSP battery 1200 mAh.. thats around 54.5% increase in battery life..
    can a 2200mAh PSP battery fit in there? i think, it may be a better idea.. since they are connected in parallel, theoretically both will be charged at the same rate.. and using a a secondary battery with lower capacity might get frequent overcharging.. since the battery charge level sensor is connected in the primary vita battery.

    • zakaiya says:

      The height of the 2200mah exceeds the height of the psvita battery so closing it is possible but youll lose sound as well as wifi reception on the right side because the contacts wont be touching each other. I considered shaving down the back but i still feel it wot close properly.

  6. Ztupid says:

    I agree with Vitality. Now I wish I bought the WiFi only model. oh well.

  7. RandQalan says:

    I wonder if a PSP GO Battery would work and a lot easier 😉

  8. mosi says:

    well, dr.neffario. did u manage how to do this on 3g somehow? cuz 3g uses more battery than wifi! also since youre a dr, ’neffario’, can u hack this *** or not?!

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      To everyone: The reason this doesn’t work on 3G is because there is no space. The area wbere the PSP battery is placed is where you would the 3G module.

  9. HarmfulMushroom says:

    So this will 100% definitely not work at all with a clone? Because I can’t find any genuine batteries anywhere…

    And would a PSP-1000 series battery work?

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      You can try a clone but it would be at your own risk. Cheap Chinese knock-offs are what you have to be wary of. In theory, you can use any battery that fits and meets the voltage (3.6 or 3.7 nothing more, nothing less).

    • decookaaron says:

      You can find genuine psp batteries. I found them on ebay. In the photo below the vita battery and next to the psp battery were the photo say in courtesy of decookaaron I was planning of installing 2 more mini batteries thats why there was more plastic torn off. But I’m still searching for battery that would fit. I was thinking of using small MP3 rechargeable batteries to place in there. So there would be total of 4 batteries. And I tried the 3G model. There is no way, not enough room.

  10. 110706 says:

    Can we add a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4200mah 3.7v battery? seems like a perfect fit in there.

  11. terry says:

    report back the results 110706 looking to do this mod also. Battery size might be a problem.

    sent via PS Vita.

  12. theknox1992 says:

    going to use the xperia play battery

  13. Adx2 says:

    Guys i tried but i messed up my vita . By mistake i fully cutted the vita wire the red and black .. and now the wire has became short to connect to motherboard. I totally scrued my vita and its all my fault i was eager to try it out . Now i might need to wait atleast 3 month to get a new .. feeling sc*** up

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      Just solder a piece of wire in between where you cut. It will increase the length of the wire. Easy fix.

      • Adx2 says:

        thanks dude .. why did this idea not came into my mind .. the reason might be i was too much worried .. Thanks u jst saved my money…

    • jvhellraiser says:

      why would you wait, just solder new cables into it use your brain God put it there for some reason.

      • Adx2 says:

        ya u r right probably i should use my brain…. well thanks for the idea which didnt came into my mind, might be because of the stress i was goin through when i sc*** up my vita

  14. xoombie503 says:

    Cool but ill just use my vita portable charger

  15. isocso says:

    if you want damage the ps vita, then do it the above steps

  16. Riddle43 says:

    now if we could just find a wat to use micro sd cards id be happy

    • MadZiontist says:

      Indeed! Wish there was a way to use 2x64GB SanDisk micoSD cards in my Vita like my PSP. But I’m not gonna complain, as I recently bought a 64GB Vita mem card, and it’s great for having space for both official Vita content, and for TN-V content. 😀

      Oh, and I’m quite content with having a 3G model. This is a cool mod and all, but not really worth all the hassle and risk (for me at least anyways). Now hopefully one day a larger capacity single battery (made for the Vita) replacement is available.

      Keep the mod news comin’ though. Cool stuff. I’d love to put some LEDs in there (easy enough mod, but I’m not experienced at all really in hardware mods. I’d be fofraid to crack my PSV open, unless I had a secondary one). Also, maybe one day there’ll be a way to put L2/R2 triggers in there, and map the Vita to them. There’s def physical room for them, as far as I can see.

      • gunblade says:

        Well u would need like a ps3 contolller and then since the vita uses the rear touch screeen for the l2and r2 probly fond away to connect to the rear touch screen the ps3 controller or jus jus like part from a vita and connect the trigger to the tear touch screen could probly put like a switch to switch bettween the rear touch and the ps3 controller since sum vita games use the rear touch screen and sum psone games use l2 and r2 think to use ps3 controller for the r3 and l3.

  17. angeliv says:

    can’t we just slap in 6300 mah 3.7v LiPo battery ? 😉

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      I guess you could? The only problem is that the original PS Vita battery would charge much faster. If you left the PS Vita to charge until the larger capacity battery was full, the other one would over charge. The would also be some overheating.

      • angeliv says:

        well, someone replace vita original battery with 4400 mah one + 1100 mah sub battery, so i thought why not using only one battery with 6300 mah capacity ? so there’s no overcharging.

  18. vitaman says:

    Nice idea. I recommend getting the nyko power grip. Makes the vita much more comfortable and increases battery life tremendously. But make sure you save your receipt because there are alot of faulty grips. I had to send my first one back because it died only after a month. Nyko sent me a new one but I had to pay the shipping. I’ve had this new one for about a year. Decided to buy a second one when they stopped making them because I saw the price going up on ebay. So if you have the 3g model like, I would go this route. Seems like the Vita has just enough battery to run out while finishing a gaming session. Great mod tutorial. Good work. Seems safe enough if you know what you’re doing. The vita should charge the two batteries as one. I’ve done this type of thing with other less expensive devices in the past. Just don’t use generic!

  19. Would a ps3 controller battery work? I know it’s similar to the psp battery, Wondering what you guys think and if it would work 😛 thanks in advance

  20. Clarkal says:

    Wow what a great idea shadowknight1620 i just checked the battery and its 1800 mah so there should be no issues with over charge. Hopefully the vita has enough room to stack 2 of those in it.

  21. yazza2013 says:

    I tried this with a psp 1000 battery, it wont work as it’s way too big to fit. The slim psp (2000 series) batteries fit perfectly.

    I only recommend a 1200 mah psp slim battery, or a phone battery with similar size and voltage.

  22. edukarlo says:

    psp slim battery dimensions please?
    i cant really trust the 1200mAh battery.. it will surely be consistently overcharged, that’s a 1000 mAh difference, it might damage the original battery or vice versa.. im looking for a better alternate secondary battery with (almost) the same (or smaller) dimensions..

  23. WadeFU says:

    Are we 100% sure about not connecting the white wires? I have 3 PS Vita batteries that I would like to stack, pack and wire. Plan is to vacuform a tray that will simply protrude through the back (at the stock location) to accommodate for 2 the extra juice boxes. Any suggestions??

  24. derek says:

    question if i bought a 9700 3.7 volt mugan power (its a good brand) battery could i sodder wires to the connectors and put her in there id have enough juice for days with that

  25. lebbi says:

    i did this mod about a month ago and i have never regretted it since! works great i charge my vita about every week and a half now

  26. n says:

    I did this today. Except I used a spare ps3 controller battery that wasn’t being used. so my vita now has 1800 on top of the stock battery. I can finally play god of war collections with out having to charge after an hour 😀

  27. Nizzam says:

    can someone show a video clip for better understanding please…..

  28. Elwood says:

    What is the PCB that is being removed from the PSP Slim’s battery? Is that the battery’s safety circuit? If that is the case – lord have mercy on you (and your Vita), especially because it will be overcharged every time you charge it along the main battery. If it is something else and the safety circuit remains with the battery pack, you should be relatively safe. Can someone clarify this?

  29. Jon says:

    I will try and hunt some compatible smartphone batteries because psp batteries are nowhere to be found in my area and if there are to be found they are most likely cheap imitations.

    I assume a Samsung battery would be great since I can easily buy them from a numerious Samsung service centers anywhere.

  30. Jon says:

    “A genuine PSP battery (or a battery of the same size and voltage 3.6/3.7)”

    Just a question. What is exactly the mAh of the PSP battery used in this tutorial? I’m planning on getting a Samsung 1200 mAh or 1800 mAh.

    What is exactly the acceptable mAh for the secondary battery that won’t overcharge the primary?

    • Job says:

      Fiured it out. The primary Vita battery has around 2k mAh. If you put a much bigger battery 4k mAh as a secondary it will overcharge the primary. See? With that size it will take long time to charge it so the primary will obviously be overcharged. So the acceptable size is LOWER than the primary. Around 1800 is perfectly acceptable.

  31. Zhao says:

    Did anyone try 2 ps vita batteries? Red to red, white to white, and black to black.

  32. ydtparts says:

    Well, if you need the appropriate electronic components, to believe that this site can help you! http://ydtparts.com/

  33. PixelShaderX says:

    Can I use a 3.8V 2300mAh battery it is from my damaged Sony Xperia smartphone?

  34. Simonius007 says:

    I can post pictures of my battery mod, one complete battery 3000 mA/h with original controller.
    Because 2 battery’s with different capacity will not stand long. One will overtake another.

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