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FIFA 11 exploit released for Vita FW 3.01! (And yet another leak! :-/)

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  1. disciplinal says:

    …***. I downloaded FIFA 11 a couple days ago and it was running fine up until today. I received an error so I decided to delete it….thinking I could just go back into the store and re-download it under “My Downloads”. Turns out I was wrong. What a waste of $30 🙁

  2. BinaryMonkee says:

    It is very peculiar that the price tag on Sony’s FIFA 11 is $30. Conspiracy theory… I will never buy anything from Sony ever again just for the b.s they give you on all their products. I have the XB one but I won’t buy the PS4 . The exploit is not working . I tried copying the files and it just goes on and on saying it’s copying but nothing happens. After 15 minutes it copies about 3/4 of the way and it gives you some error that not all the file could be copied. So there goes $30. But I learned a lesson today : When you have *** like Sony , just stay away from their products just like their bluray players won’t play divx or any other home made files.

  3. Tanner says:

    Well, i installed the dosbox on my psvita and offically bricked the eCFW. any one know how i can fix it?

  4. Hellbelial says:

    Don’t bother.In tv4 silent hill origins hangs in the last part of the final,and valkyrie profile leneth it gives you an error in a part of the game and it shut down.I will not donate more until i see a patch in order to correct those bugs that Tnv4 has.

  5. Brainzapper says:

    I purchased FIFA 11 long back. It was working until now. When I start it just freezes my vita !! I deleted the FIFA 11 from vita and went to “My Downloads” and poooooof GONE !!!! Waste of $30 but then I remembered I made a backup of the game. Its in .psvimg thing. I copied it and it worked like a charm. My point is that why was my “VITA SYSTEM” freezing ? PS I did’nt update the game.

  6. chriscrash303 says:

    my fifa is freezing. i have the game in cmA is there anyway to delete the update

  7. aldo says:

    Hi Guys. Is this working for fifa 11 transfered from a ps3?

  8. aldo says:

    Is this working for fifa 12 installed from psvita card?

  9. Hellbelial says:

    Is it worth? because buying a game to play some psp games and until you find that the game you were playing it crashes almost at the end.That happen to me with silent hill origins and sometimes the sounds went out,the game crash when you pass the calendar fish puzzle and in Valkirye profile when you reach the doors of a castle the main exploit close up and show an error message.

  10. wafflXfry says:

    can somone tell me the easist way to catch an exploit? i have had my vita since last january trying to catch an exploit. i will get on the site everyday for 2 weeks and il give it a day or 2 and then what do you know i missed the exploit. I understand theres no real way you guys predict when one is discovered however can i sign up for notifications or somthing? im just really *** i missed the fifa exploit by 2 days because i go tired of checking everyday.

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