[Release] SED port for PC

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  1. wololo says:

    Very cool! Time for an update of your “Finding VHBL exploits without a PSP” Tutorial?

  2. salvador34 says:


  3. ivo says:

    happy happy joy joy +10
    now just a howto coming from store
    till exploited save

  4. warfaren says:

    Nice release but maybe you should consider another name, as it’s command line and conflicts with a very common also command line tool on any *NIX system. Would make it less confusing for anyone using this program on such system.

  5. Mathew_Wi says:

    Right after I finish working on exploits. Figures.

  6. Hykem says:

    Nice work.
    It’s great to see a port of the SAVEDATA algorithm to a PC application.
    Just a small note, a couple weeks ago I’ve added the ability to dynamically decrypt and re-encrypt SAVEDATA to JPCSP (r3432), as well as an option to dump the emulated game’s SAVEDATA key.
    Combining game emulation and SAVEDATA re-encryption should greatly help finding potential exploits (for Vita and what not).
    Also, there’s still a portion of the algorithm missing in the PARAM.SFO hashing process.
    Right now, JPCSP and PPSSPP aren’t able to re-encrypt data into mode 0x41 (both emulators and SED for PC generate SAVEDATA with modes 0x01 or 0x21).
    I don’t know if this is tested by the Vita’s PSP emulator, but it should be worth checking out.

  7. Skars says:

    I wish I could pay $400 in PS4. Here the price for the PS4 is $1657 USD.

    With this money I could buy four PS4s and some game.
    *** government here…

    • bakedonsomesour says:

      try ebay to buy your ps4 shipping from us shouldnt cost that much

      • fatman01923 says:

        If I am not mistaking that price sounds like he lives in Brazil or something. Those taxes on imports are ridiculous there as many Brazilians say and report for the cost of most foreign goods. Sorry if I got your nationality wrong though.

    • lolwut says:

      if my goverment is an ***, i would definitely buy one from black market.

  8. ivo says:

    compile the sed-pc or sed-psp or the sed working …
    compile it whole to a library for apache libraries
    and make me a php-sed 🙂
    or even a php-ps3savetool
    make it so it can compile with my toolchain in phpsh.php
    thats a terminal for php
    so i can build exploits and saves from my browser lol

  9. bakedonsomesour says:

    United states*

  10. Epoke says:


  11. NeonAera says:

    😀 Does this mean that I can finally use my old Final Fantasy Tactics savegame files on my PVita with eCFW without having to start all over because of encryption issues?

  12. ivo says:

    then move on to ur localhost apache webserver or other
    and make a cms install
    and make a page that runs a command
    phpSH.php the name of the php script that runs path commands
    the name of the page is the command name
    localhost/drupal/CMD.exe for windows
    localhost/drupal/sh for linux

    more commands here

    in phpsh script automacro eatch command
    and then add them to ur path and cms

    could u run ur commands as pages or shellscripts ?
    whats ur code of this oddity.

  13. hgoel0974 says:

    SED-PC now supports Linux as well! Thanks to codestation! 😀
    Linux users, grab the source code and type make in the source directory to build.

  14. grief3r says:

    is this open source?

  15. ivo says:

    thanks for the heads up
    can only look at it next weekend
    as the weekend ends
    and i have to go again

    what about a howto with all the different uses
    and hacks patches cracks for sed and more ?
    or a sed faq on popular hacks


    • hgoel0974 says:

      I’m not sure you understand what this is. It’s a savedata encrypter / decrypter, so there can’t really be a popular hack for it or maybe I just don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

  16. ivo says:

    for windows and linux and maybe mac ?

    what it does is install on ur windows/linux/mac
    and creates an eboot containing
    all exectuables in a systems path
    bached converted for psp
    and thus generating an eboot for psp
    with terminal interface and keyboard options

    like an android as psp keyboard
    or other devices interactivity

  17. Dio says:


  18. tokia says:

    SED? use for??

  19. Guardian says:

    Wow, wow, wow, let me get this straight. You say you code and yet you have a life to take care of? How the heck did you do that, it is impressive, your tool is also awesome.

  20. Lisandra says:

    A few questions
    1)Does this support re-encrypting saves
    2)Can I use a save that I’ve edited (assuming I know what’s editable in said save that won’t cause the game to ignore it) on an actual device, such as the Vita

  21. Sam says:

    Can’t run it, says I’m missing msvcr110d.dll

    • anon says:

      Windows build on github is next to useless for no good reason:
      it was built as “Debug” instead of “Release” version (resulting in missing DLLs on all but developers’ computers); it doesn’t need to be compiled on MSVS2012 (MSVC++ 2010 is enough if sln file is edited to contain older version number); it doesn’t support WinXP and Win2003 as target OS because VS2012 doesn’t support them by default.
      Download free MS VC++ 2010 Express, download the source, edit sln file and recomplile the program as Release; I did it myself and it works fine on XP.

  22. nero says:

    I am having some trouble using this. It will not let me decrypt my save. It keeps telling me “Unknown command”..

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