Heads up: new incoming Ninja release for TN-V on Vita 3.01


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308 Responses

  1. delk says:

    Still waiting. Checking every hour. Got 20$ in my psn wallet but still no news. I am really eager to find out the name of the game. Wonder if it will come out before next week starts.

  2. XxChrisXx says:

    Looking forward to this release, should finally be able to unlock the full potential of my PSvita. keep up the great work with all these great exploits!

  3. sam says:

    release it already c’mon

  4. BahamutSurge says:

    Considering we haven’t heard a single thing since this was posted, I’m thinking it isn’t going to happen.

  5. Mrfatto says:

    I agree with the last comment, it wont happen…maybe theyre waiting fir the firmware update

  6. Mrfatto says:

    Or maybe it was released already and we were left out lol

  7. KainSneoX says:

    If not, it would be good “team” make an announcement about it.
    Many “including myself” who is accessing all the time not to miss the announcement.
    They could say something about it

  8. maiko says:

    how fast does sony usually take it down?

  9. The_Goo_Guru says:

    Well, thanks for keeping my hopes up for the past 9 days, Trololo.
    Unfortunately, I am flying to a remote part of Australia to work for the next 36 days.

    The best part? No Internets.
    So if you could do me a solid favor and keep on keeping this release a secret until early March, that would be grand.

    Many thanks,
    Your faithful Ad clicking revenue generator.

  10. Mrfatto says:

    This sucks why announce a game to begin with…keep everybody waiting for this long, unacceptable!

  11. Mrfatto says:

    Ok, I understand and my apologies if I offended anyone. Thanks to everyone involved for your hard work and I will continue waiting patiently. I just hope I dont miss it before sony removes once its released.

  12. salvador34 says:

    i think my faith is tearing me part …..
    because the new FW is going out to night….

  13. Mrfatto says:

    I read the firmware 1.60 is coming for the ps4, any word on ps vita update?

  14. carsauce says:

    I await for this release

  15. last com says:

    there´s no such thing like a realease for all since the game was out for “trusted” members of wololo/talk fórum even if the didn´t have any ps vita they had that Green box for over a week so probably it will be pulled soon before the public realease as wololo explained in the post from the link someone put before that is the system if you are new your chances of having the game on time is nule plus sony will reléase an update tomorrow and, if you remember what I said before people in the forum had it since 10 days more or less so obviously sony knows about it and counting that this game uses the same usermode failure as the last exploits they are gonne be patched with the firmware update tomorrow :/

    • monte carlo says:

      If that is true I will be extremely disappointed in the system used to get the name out to people as I have bought 2 new vitas that I could not really afford at this time with overpriced memory cards just because this seemed to be the last chance to run my psp iso’s. (My PSP was stolen in a home burglary) I for one have followed the rules laid out to get the released game name and have been waiting patiently as instructed and not pestering people on the site like others. I hope that joining the forums and checking the site for weeks has not been a waste of my time not to mention my hard earned money. Not looking good for my intended birthday present for the kids 🙁

  16. curi0us hacker says:

    if by chance the firmware gets patched, can I still access the psn store on 3.01? I know it has been discussed before. I just registered. Hopefully there is a way around it.

  17. adodisco3 says:

    wololo u suck…game leaked again on your forum psp fifa 11 …Damn U really suck…

    • wololo says:

      The dev of the exploit himself is the one who made the information public. There’s so much damage control I can do… he is the person who found the exploit and is free to do whatever he wants with the release. At this point he thought it was better to make the release official because of a leak. Personally I wouldn’t have done that and I think the release would have gone fine, but it’s his choice.

    • someone says:

      Wololo did nothing but try to help everyone get this, and you spit in his face for it?

      *** move, dude. Like a whiny infant. Not cool.

  18. Wilson Wimpee says:

    When is the explot plss I always miss it plss man I really want to hack my svita im 17 just private message me pls I really want homebews and emus 🙁