10 Days of Hacking, Bonus Day: ePSP


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  1. H4ckNsl4ck says:

    good read as always

  2. perfig says:

    very informative, waiting for more news

  3. veelk says:

    Is there any disadvantage brought in by PSP emulation?
    Like any added lag, graphical or sound issues?

    I mean, I do own some digital PSP and PS1 games in my Vita, and they do look/sound perfect, but who knows?

    But honestly, I do feel something about the controller response. Maybe the buttons are just physically different than a PSP, but I don’t feel as if the Vita responds lightning fast to my button presses while it’s emulating PSP/PS1 games. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Vita’s more than powerful enough to take on the PSP emu, they even say the emu runs faster than the actual thing.

      I’ve never noticed any input lag.

      • veelk says:

        It’s difficult for me to tell what it is. But let’s say for example I’m playing a classic sidescrolling platformer.
        The jumping accuracy just doesn’t feel as good as the same game on a PSP, or any other system with a similar game.

        Sidescrolling shooting, like MegaMan for example, on a PS2 controller it feels, with a bit of exaggeration, as if the game is reading my mind and my character shoots before i’ve pressed the button completely. While on a Vita I feel heavier and am not as agile. Similar to how I would feel on an emulator running on a PC.

        I would have to try something like the Vita TV to be fully sure i’m not going insane or that it’s just the actual buttons on the Vita.

        • jake says:

          Other than the possible factor that you’re not playing the game on its original dedicated console, the fact that the PS2 Controller uses Analog instead of Digital may have something to do with it.

          So the Vita TV may have some difference because of the PS3 Controller using analog as well (but since Vita is digital it may just see light touches as full on attacks D:)

    • Sky Yuki says:

      There’s an issue with PSP EMU going to live area
      Then back to PSP EMU then there is a lot of lag (SONY ISSUE)

      Bad english

    • Stranno says:

      It works even better. I usually host the adhoc game from Vita and it works better than hosting it from PSP.

  4. L2SSnake says:

    I got a comment on this too, i got tekken 6 from psn, and anyone that plys tekken will notice that game is RUNNING WAY TO FAST, like ps vita is speeding up the game sometimes so much that i cant follow, damn i wish CwCheat is here, i want exploit game so much. I cant w8 for some type of homebrew that i can use on this OFW 3.01. I have full faith in ps vita hacking community. And this is just a start.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      some benchmarking suggest that the Vita emulates the PSP’s CPU at close to 500MHz, rather than the normal 333MHz of the PSP, this is the reason why changing CPU speed on the vita has no effect, the Vita will always lock it down.

      • L2SSnake says:

        So i will have random increase in speed, is there any way to fix this on OFW ?

        • Acid_Snake says:

          not that I’m aware of

          • shapeshifter0100 says:

            But if its emulating at 500MHz won’t it be equal to the 333MHz of the psp plus psp on ofw runs at 300MHz or something..
            My point being the vita cpu has to emulate the entire cpu,gpu and other hardware of the psp and kermit being the medium and upscale it for the vita screen etc
            So is this true or do psp games/homebrew run even faster on vita as everyone says?

  5. lotusfly~ says:

    You guys go through all this stress just to be able to play psp games? It is sad that sony refuses to make AAA titles available for the ps vita, and expects people to shell out money for a dedicated handheld which by the way is an amazing device. Meanwhile you guys hack it all the name of “ethical hacking” to play psp games? Are you guys kidding yourselves? *smh*

  1. December 11, 2014

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  2. December 11, 2014

    […] 原文刊載於http://wololo.net/2014/01/25/10-days-of-hacking-bonus-day-epsp/ […]