PS Vita hack: Dual Firmware Boot prototype by Katsu. Vita downgrade a possibility?


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  1. Mr Genius says:

    Wow Amazing !!! im the first to say keep up good work i think vita it’s time…

    • gazza says:

      Wow lets crack the Vita !!!
      Then what, put the 10 or so good games on it woweeee!!

      • Franz says:

        No put ps2,psp,pc,wii. Homebrews on it vita is capable of all this stuff if a psp can do n64 emulation

        • RSRazer says:

          Dont make statements you cannot accurately prove. hardware capability alone does not warrant any guarantee that any form of modern emulation is possible. my experience wih n64 on psp is horred at best. the vita in theory should be capable of up to gamecube spec, but wii emulation is jumping the gun a bit. even a high end pc has some issues using dolphin from time to time, and we are talking specs 5-7x the ones on the wii. psp, 1, and 2 are not improbable though. i even heard someone mention an xbox emulator before. the joke is that we dont even have a stable emulator yet for the pc, so that isnt a probability either.

  2. tunganhdo says:

    I feel so happy because we now see some progress in Vita hack. But I feel so sad that there are no new Vita games coming out.

    • UE says:

      Please change that statement to “no new games you want coming out” or “I haven’t heard of any new games coming out”

      because there are games coming that have been announced, some of which look quite cool.

      • Smoker1 says:

        While some people would like the Games Sony is coming out with, there are some people who look at those Games and think they are boring, uninteresting or even stupid. Mostly what Sony is doing is Re-releasing Games from the PSX and PSP.
        Example, the only Street Fighter Games are SF vs Tekken and those that were on the PSP and PSX. Where is the Street Fighter IV? What about bringing CAP vs SNK 2, or Marvel VS Capcom 2? Would like to see God of War 1, 2, or even if possible 3 on it. 1 and 2 is being planned on the Vita, but they can not say when. heck they could even take Hyperballoid HD or Magic Ball/Magic Orbz to the Vita. Or even Chicken Invaders.

        • telgarDrakore says:

          Please keep such stupid comments to yourself. Toukiden, Y’s, Terraria, Terraway, Sonic All Stars Racing. Tons of good games have either just came out recently or are coming out in a few weeks. Just because you dont like anything thats coming out means ***, almost every genre has had at least one good game come out last year and better is coming this year.

          • JiachengWeng says:

            And Borderland 2!!!!!

          • AAA Gamer says:

            Where’s the GTA III remake? The only close GTA game that we have on the Vita is Retro City Rampage. I was interested in Dragonball z: Battle of Z, but that game is like another version of Dragonball Z: Budokai. It has no characters and the fighting style sucks.

        • BinaryMonkee says:

          I agree I thought I was the only one who thought that Vita games suck *** I like the product but the games Suck. Japanese games in general don’t appeal to me at all in general. They’re made for 3 year olds.

    • sdfsf says:

      hey, PS3 is already hacked for some years but games still coming out

    • gunblade says:

      Waiting for Japanese games to make it to the us took to long vita got boring. Was going get nasne from play Asia but idk now as most time one wants to have fun playing a video game.

  3. capcomlegend says:

    nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kazuya101 says:

    Perhaps there was some motivation from acid_snakes 10 days of hacking article??? ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Sarge127 says:

    What did i say? Number and Possibility control!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Oguri says:

    I’m all for hacking the vita as long as piracy of vita games start popping up :p

    • Oguri says:

      **As long as piracy of vita games does not start to pop up

      • Smoker1 says:

        You know that will never NOT happen. Look at all the Consoles that were discussed here on Wololo and see what the end results were. The only intention was to bring Linux or Homebrew to the Systems, but the Ultimate Result was Piracy.

        • jake says:

          Piracy is inevitable with hacking. It will ALWAYS be the result. How? Theoritcally let’s say the vita is hacked to play unlicensed games and use a USB to move homebrew from your pc to the vita.
          You can download the official games (although not licensed to you) on the PSN (ppl have already released some links to games but since no hack it’s useless for now).
          After downloading it you would then plug in your vita drag it and voala!
          You can’t stop it ๐Ÿ™

        • Franz says:

          Yup and its not all about pirated games im sure thats the big picture but how about customizations like ctf on psp i mean who wouldnt want that like ability to free up the volume max power etc.. Ios has jailbreaks and is still selling like hot cakes even 3ds has hacks now vita with cfw wouldnt hurt i think it will help

  7. X-eye says:

    It is exciting wololo it’s also sad. I’ve posted about this before, that the problems of our little gaming world is part of the larger problems of the world in general. So until the bigger problems are solved hacking and piracy is going to continue and maybe escalate. And you can justify it anyway you like so you can sleep at night the fact is hacking for homebrew Always Leads To Piracy.

    • AAA Gamer says:

      Lol, what will they pirate? “Frobisher says”?! All the Vita games suck except for Killzone Mercenary. Know why? They put in a lot of work for Killzone: Mercenary and maxed out the Vitas capabilities.

  8. Edzo says:

    Always nice to see a glimpse of hope

  9. salvador34 says:

    still watching and reading when the story of PsVita goes into climax ……

  10. shapeshifter0100 says:

    This is a very interesting find
    Its similar to ps3,nandroid backups, ios shsh blobs (for A4- devices) and booting a pc bios from a flash drive
    If the vita scene gets as awesome as ps2 and psp ill definitely get one ASAP
    The consoles scenes after ps2 weren’t as easy and awesome imho ,the ps4 and xb1 also dissappoint …..hopefully the vita will revive the old glory consoles once had , before they got overshadowed by PCs

  11. perfig says:

    Interesting news! got my vita last week and im on ofw 2.1X. should i update to last ofw?

    • TheGreenRacist says:

      Yeah, why not! You can always dump your NAND on a flashcard and downgrade your firmware to the old version. AND IT ONLY TAKES 10 MINUTES! Praise Jesus!

    • trunk208 says:

      I rather not if you want to make it go for kernel exploit etc etc it to play homebrew, back up games etc. Then I prefer you to get the exploit.

  12. daggdroppen says:

    Wow! I love to read about progress about opening the VITA =)

    Many thanx from Sweden =)

  13. Aeroth says:

    WOWW!! You rock guys, soon your 10 days of hacking will be extended to 11 days with vita \o/ Keep up the good work xD

  14. mike says:

    is it possible to know the proceed about the boot of the vita, like katsu did, when the vita start, it will read the mem for the rom which already set by sony, if we can make the simily stuff instead the officially rom, properly we can do some downgrade or etc.

  15. titegtnodI says:

    This is fantastic news :). I’m really glad I donated lol ^-^.

  16. fresno says:

    A real electronic streap-tease.

  17. L2SSnake says:

    This is exciting time for ps vita community, this is truly peace of art

  18. dominosmd says:

    I Hope this don’t lead to the vita getting a firmware upgrade i have been buying alot of games from the store now that we can get back on it SONY please don’t upgrade unless it’s gunna hurt the VITA side im sure I’m not the only one buying mad vita games right now

  19. SSJ-Vita says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks and keep up the great work! Yeah no pirated vita games, only interested in homebrew and a better browser, or like android.

    • jake says:

      Personally I just want to backup my games to my ms because:
      I prefer digital rather than physical BUT:
      PSN is 500x more expensive than retail eg (no joke im serious) Fifa Football at Warehouse (a shop in NZ) was $19.98 while PSN was still $98.99 or something like that (close to $100 tho)

      • Sky Yuki says:

        Heyyyy and you know what
        After you brought physical for a while
        It’s broke and you have to buy a new one yay
        Not really
        It’s just i want to back it up but i can’t because of piracy ๐Ÿ˜›
        The loading speed is really different from retail and second hand disc
        And then i just broke one (UMVC3) because of unknown problem

  20. jake says:

    Anyone getting the feeling of the PSPs’ “Time Machine” app by DAX(?) where if you had a pandora batt with your psp you could eg. Hold X while turning on for Version 5.00 or Hold L for 3.71 or hold [] for 6.60 pro b-10 or leave for 6.60ME1.8?
    that was cool

  21. Sky Yuki says:

    Hmmm i’m not sure if the hacking goes fast
    Or the time just go fast

  22. Tonimascu says:


  23. PSVH says:

    Vita hack would be a good thing… :)…

    but it becomes certainly a hardware hack $$$ ;(

    A “powerfull portable” “gaming” device 4 homebrew with a nice screen
    and “real” buttons would be nice

    but why we all so Happy about scene progress?

    Developers should think about it to offer A “REAL” GAMING FLATRATE and by real i mean real all games off a Platform!!!

    The question is only how much it may cost or schould cost???

  24. Plastic says:

    Undiluted Platinum 2 anyone?

  25. Bob says:

    I think that PSVITA would be better if they just stick to VHBL.

  26. 110706 says:

    Is this guy Katsu the same Katsukitty guy with the recording mod for Vita?

  27. Haseeb Ali says:

    Please tell me one thing, please please please tell me that is this hacking for playing pirated PS vita games on PS vita?

  28. etertay says:

    Honestly the vita is dead..piracy aside being able to run emulator s natively is the only thing that potentially could give the vita some real worth.

  29. LilSniperMan9 says:

    I mean what the *** Killzone Im walking down and some ISA scum spawns in front of me they really need to fix the spawns ASAP!!!

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