10 Days of Hacking, Day 3: The PS2


I like beer.

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  1. Bobo says:

    What will be the next? Xbox classic?

  2. AlienM says:

    There was also an exploit which used a flaw in the PS1 driver software.
    You just had to find a way to copy a special file to the memory card and load a specific PS1 game.
    Then the installer for FMCB could be executed.

  3. jlo138 says:

    You can easily run ps1 backups on a slim ps2. You just need to tape and plug the 3 specific points to allow the disc tray to open while the game is spinning. Load and official ps1 disc and wait until the Sony ps1 intro passes, then stop the disc by hand and insert the burned copy and it plays. Basically it uses the official disc as your boot disc. Only downside is that you can damage the motor in the long run since you stop the disc when it’s trying to read it. I’ve read some say it damaged the motor rather quickly and others say they’ve done it for over a year without any issue.

  4. Rah says:

    Great article. This is my second favorite disc-based console ever 🙂 Number one is Sega Dreamcast :D. Dreamcast was a hackers dream 🙂

  5. reprep says:

    it is now possible to execute FMCB from a PS2 HDD. It is called FHDB.

  6. iCEQB says:

    Here you can read how they pulled off the autoboot of Swap Magic:


    Datel was basically the one who figured it out and THAT’S one heck of a hack 😉

  7. fate6 says:

    You should have mentioned the IMO far superior PS2 HDD-OSD :3

    all that is needed is a HDD capable PS2 and a download of a HDD image with the hacked OSD pre installed after that simply restore the image to your HDD and your done, or you could install it yourself but then you came back to the needing a way to load an elf dilemma

    • Acid_Snake says:

      If I were to cover every PS2 hack out there you’d probably not gonna like the length of the post. I keep this short with the hacks I consider most important and/or most funny, basically, the hacks I like.

  8. dragar says:

    great article, very interesting indeed. swap was my method of choice, although i used an action replay disc that came free with a playstation magazine i purchased.


    no love for openps2loader

  10. z32jutsu says:

    How about the PS1 independent exploit by hermes ? I remember that’s one of my first experience in console scene

  11. David says:

    I can’t believe that it was so easy. I always thought the whole prozess is much more complicated than just a “simple disc swap” And there was really no hardware modding necessary? I should have known that 10 years ago 😀

  12. Hazer7 says:

    Where I’m from: every game store(Like Gamestop) has a huge market for modding. They import mod chips in bulk and they make a huge profit by modding PS2’s. Now they make profit by softmodding PS3’s which basically cost them nothing at all.

  13. joao says:

    actually the ps2 scene is still going, infact, it has even more homebrew releases than the ps3! check out psxscene.com

  14. Leires says:

    There’s currently a third way (though this is a history, i understand, not a tutorial) to install freemcboot to your memcard, and that’s with Sony’s PS2 -> PS3 memory card adapter. Plug it into your PC, download the proper driver and files, and zoom zoom zoooooom!

  15. jrazorman says:

    Man Ps1 and Ps2 hacking/modding is where i got my start! this takes me back! Back then i felt pretty proud of myself to have learned what a ELF file was and how to load them. Man that was the good old days!

  16. Thrawn says:

    Oh yeah the swap disc, still have an unopened box of swap magic 3.6 and swap magic 3.8 coder lying around.
    The possibilities with swap magic are awesome, you can either swap the disc with a burned copy or execute a custom elf which gives you another chances like usb loading (which sometimes is rather slow but some games run like they were made for usb loading like BLACK) or via smb which is in my opinion the more versatile and faster variant with much higher compatibility.

  17. Charles Fasano says:

    I remember when I used a file from Tony Hawk’s PS 3 to allow me to use a USB Keyboard in FMCB.

    The PS2 is an awesome system.

  18. warfather says:

    please wololo make threads faster i love your threads not acid_snakes pointless threads, i always check you’re website every 5 min for new and exciting news! acid_snakes threads are pointless we read about these in the past…

  19. Ghost says:

    I find it interesting that there is no mention of game shark or action replay. Where do they fit in hacking

  20. hermes says:

    cogswaploader ftw! also games that used higher tocs so swapmagic couldnt boot them, then you needed cogswap and use the largest orig ps2 copy (gta vc always did the trick for me).

  21. Joe says:


  22. ronaldo says:

    Esta chipada

  23. Quiana says:

    That takes us up to the next level. Great potsing.

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