10 Days of Hacking, Day 1: The NES


I like beer.

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  1. Abdou005 says:

    I swear that i cried when i saw the “NES” image <3. Brings back happyvchildhood memories. Thanks again of this awsome series of articles

  2. Dmaskell92 says:

    Really informative, fantastic read.

  3. alpmaster007 says:

    Awesome article Acid_Snake there were 2 typos I saw the third paragraph first sentence has was when you do not need it. Also at the end the word conclusion. That was really cool to find out about the NES:D

  4. Qfel says:

    Really interesting article! I hope “10 Days of Hacking” will go pretty in-depth, as it’s a broad, yet fascinating topic.

  5. Gameblamer says:

    Here I did a tutorial how to dissable the 10NES chip a long time ago….

  6. rainof89 says:

    I’m tempted to try this hack on my nes :p

  7. decookaaron says:

    Man this brings back memories. NES and SEGA Master System. And then SNES and SEGA GENESIS. I still have all my consoles to this day. My Mom was a district manager and got them for cheap. So she would always get the newest thing that came out. Until she got hurt. So I keep them in remembrance of her. She doesn’t have much time to live. So I will never get red of them. I even still have the cases and boxes for them. 🙂

    • Tid says:

      I’m not exaclty in the same situation, but really I do understand it pretty well 🙂 Never let go off them.

      • decookaaron says:

        Oh trust me I’m never getting red of them. I love these consoles. Eventually I will put them all behind a glass show case with the year of make,year of release, when I got them and who I got them from.

  8. pploco1996 says:

    Wish I was born in that time… I was a N64/PS1 child

    • jake says:

      I was apparently about 3yo when I was playing PS1.. (it was my older brothers console) I’m not sure now if I had the “unplugged controller” but damn… I really thought Devil from Tekken 2 was glassy (hence the mirrors behind or whatevs)

  9. jd20dog says:

    i remember using the Gyromite cart to run famicom games on the ness
    depending if its an early copy of the game it has a famicom to nes adaptor in the cart with the famicom cart chip inserted in it

  10. Nightstar1994 says:

    NES used to be known as Pegasus aroudn here in Poland.

    It was a ripoff though. But really nostalgic :’)

  11. Tid says:

    Excellent piece of reading, really. I learned a lot ! Makes me want to get rid of the 10Nes chip in one of my NES consoles, that would stop the infinite reset I reckon.

  12. Darkenvy says:

    I spoke to a guy on youtube who flashed his own home-brew to connect two NES’s through the internet. Really cool. I think he was either using a Arduino or a pi.

  13. Calsolum says:

    It all makes sense now!
    back when i was a kid i noticed that over time my games would stop working and blowing on them made them work, eventually it would get so bad that i’d spend about 10 minutes getting it to work, one time i even broke the damn spring or something so i had to use a fixed length matchstick to keep the cartridge inside to play my games.
    So nintendo and their anti-piracy chip was to blame for my frustration.

  14. David says:

    Now I remember as well, I had to problem with the cartridge that it won’t stay down as well after a couple of years.
    I bitterly regret that I’ve sold all my 54 cartridges many years ago. The NES was the best console ever, togethet with the GameBoy 😀
    Nice article. Thanks!

  15. LennyVita says:

    The NES was an amazing console, a great first choice for the 10 days of hacking. that damn 10nes chip, people had to blow a lot of cartridges just to get some good gameplay. JK!!

  16. Frezzno says:

    Interesting reading. Well done. Keep up the good work.

  17. SSJ-Vita says:

    Got the NES, game genie and a gold edition Zelda I bought from my cousin for 2 dollars years and years ago…Yeah I’m gonna have some fun!

  18. Adams Myth says:

    Interesting read and there’s a lot of information there. Surely you might want to put your sources too.

  19. Speedbump says:

    Great read thanks a bunch!

  20. wickedchew says:

    why is it conclution?

  21. PsxPWN says:

    I had a friend in school who let me borrow the game genie before it was sold retail because he was a beta tester. The game genie for NES was the best thing ever allow me to cheat on every game I had. Those were the days. Also the pro action replay was another device
    that helped me beat all those impossible Nes games by creating save states.

  22. katnap says:

    What a cool article. Good to know there’s a solid history behind hacking of the sort many of us think is cutting-edge. Thank you.

  23. Seth says:

    Reminds me of the method to hardmod a pandora battery. I like this article 🙂

  24. Mr Dan. says:

    I read the comments about old consoles like the NES and see that people actually still care about these console. But alas i never used these when i was really young i am 14 now.