Yifan Lu dives deep into hardware analysis of the PS Vita


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  1. BOOGIE2988 says:


    • Bobby_Chad says:


      Back to topic, there is a video of how to open up a vita, however, what he is doing is going a little bit further which is cool!!

    • >_> says:

      ……(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……..”…\………. _.·´

  2. bayou billy says:

    Vita is getting hacked next year by yifan or someone this has gone to far!

  3. bayou billy says:

    idiot@ booger2988

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      You must be new to the site. This has been a tradition dating back years. To get first on this site with as many followers as Wololo has is something special and should be cherished as an “OG”. try checking some of the early posts and you will see that it is one of the unspoken gaems.

      Can I get a second from an OG?

      • ps4beast says:

        well thats a load of *** ive been on here for years and everytime i put first i get told to grow up! im nearly 30 years old i thought it was the done thing

      • titegtnodI says:

        The only comments I’ve seen about the people who post “FIRST!” are usually “***” or “dude, it’s always been a tradition don’t you know?”, dating back to since people started saying first on every blog post made. It’s not unique to this site, it’s everywhere on the Internet and is often considered “annoying”.

    • gunblade says:

      lol boogenation

  4. hashcheck says:

    Could you read the NAND the same way we can read a 3DSXL Nand

    • Yifan Lu says:

      You can read the nand the same way. Except the 3DS has nice unfilled pads that you can solder wires to while the Vita has tiny 0.5mm resistors that is hidden under a base mount that you need to remove.

      • imbapete says:

        man! you are sick!
        this is so cool! i wish i know some of this stuff so i can help out.. too bad that i only love gaming not programming 🙂

  5. mma_jedi says:

    Great job YifanLu. It has to start somewhere. I say by 2015 we’ll be having VCFW..from SoMeBoDy or abother

    [[crossing fingerz]]

  6. gunblade says:

    right on yifan lu thks… i could zone at the vita board for days looking at how it works weird iam i guess lol

  7. alpmaster says:

    If Native can get us the ability to have sund on PSX then i would care. If its just to get vita roms then i could care less =D

  8. jake says:

    By native exploit… do you mean… A “proper” PS Vita hack? Like back with PSP cfw when you had to buy games like GTA ect?

    • oreo says:

      I believe that when they say a “Native” Hack it means one that doesn’t go through the psp emulator inside the psvita’s software.

  9. SSJ-Vita says:

    It’s really good sony decided to take extra measures to make sure their chips would remain in place extending vita life and all, but can’t seem to shake the idea that maybe they took extra measures to help keep it from being fully hacked. It’s hard to believe that 2 years in and the vita is still deathly allergic to being anything like a normal handheld touchscreen :/

  10. Yifan Lu go to Jail!!! DOnt hack Vita! When someone hack Vita developers will go to another console and Vita will die like PSP!!

      • S0N_0F_A_S0N says:

        Ah, I see, stupidity is the best way to get a response/reply from you, lol.

        This guy though XD XD

    • afehst says:

      whoawy, you stupidness hurts, i mean when a jailbreak came out for the ps3, sony gave a update to it, and the jailbreak was gone, and let’s be honest, there are not much games for the psvita out yet (after two years), and especially not great games, and it’s a little bit annoying that whenever you bought a psvita, for a lot of money, that you also have to give like at least 40 bugs for a game that isn’t worth it

    • Yifan Lu says:

      If I pass “Go” on my way, do I still get to collect $200?

    • Darth_Vexen says:

      Literally, the best thing that could happen to the Vita right now is getting hacked… maybe that way the sales would improve.

  11. franz says:

    wow keep doing ur thing i know somedaity willeadl to something i remember when they said ps3 is unhackable lol look at tht scene now nothing is unhckable

    • trininja says:

      Uhm, the circustances why the PS3 was hackable are different than for the Vita. Sony did a mistake with a magic number that was fixed and not radnom, so it was possible to get into the PS3.

      But I think as soon as someone can get the JTAG on a Vita working with the first commands, the rest will be just a matter of time. But until this day, well, live with what you have. The JTAG thing is always difficult, I can remember my old hacking days on the X360 and how hard we tested the JTAG for month, heck, years until someone found the bug we needed on an old console with an older software version.

      Question is, has sony eFuses on the Vita? Nobody could tell by now, and if it is so, there might be a problem in the future.

      • Chuck says:

        But they patch the keys ihe ps3 still theirs a work around it like ode, true blue etc, if dark alex or guy liek geo hotz try to break the vita its go get done or some progress will be made but their to scared cause of sony… Every device that i know of gaming console hanheld etc pc are all hackable as far as i know well not the newest focourse ps4 and xbox one thats just my point nothing is unhackable

  12. poe says:

    Excuse me if I got the wrong guy, but wasn’t yifan yu the one who had a donation drive to get a vita dev kit and then we heard nothing more? What happened to that money?

    • Thorwak says:

      No that was SKFU IIRC. I fail to see how it would be relevant even if it was though? Were there any promised made of a certain result?

      • poe says:

        If you read the post, yifans was asking for donations. If he had a previous project that he asked for donations for, then after he got the money, nothing was ever said about it – then I wouldn’t donate again. Especially for buying a vita devkit,you expect some sort of reassurance that the money was spent on what it was intended for. Though, since that was not yifan, you can disregard this and my previous posts.

    • wololo says:

      That was skfu.

  13. Thorwak says:

    Credz, Yifan Lu, for starting from scratch, and for sharing the experience! If you keep it up (and can keep supplying new hardware to wreak havoc on) you definately will learn a lot and eventually most likely produce a proper dump.

    I agree it’s a bit weird there’s no (public) dump to be found yet btw. Perhaps the dump will turn out to be completely random data (encrypted by HW controller) and a dump has to be done in SW from the OS to be useful?

  14. TVT says:

    S***t…I spilled my coffee..I read “Yifan Lu dies” in the title.

  15. 110706 says:

    At least hes trying something. And man that sentence about PSVita and PS4 NAND says alot about how interested hackers are about Vita…no wonder it’s 2years already, a Slim Vita was released, and still no sign of CFW even for old Vita.

    All we get is some trash VHBL stuff and TN-V. People are excited about emu *** on their PS Vita. When they can simply get PPSSPP, crank the graphics filters to max, set to 1080p and make a crappy PSP game look better than a game made for Vita. Cant belive people are wasting their own life with developing VHBL and TN-V eCFW ***. And yet those are pretty much the only ones who keep Vita “scene” “alive” a bit. PS Vita the first hack proof console? nah less likely. No one seems to give two flyings about it. “Vita has been out for 2 years, and nobody has even dumped its NAND yet (at least not publicly), while it happened for the PS4 2 weeks after its release.” That looks promising! 0.0

  16. Hazer7 says:

    Wait, I thought you were only allowed to call it a jailbreak if its by Hotz?

  17. user says:

    But here’s the thing. This hack is running through an exploited game. Which may get patched just like the PSP 3000. I mean if that’s what he is trying to achieve, then I don’t really think it’s that exciting, because once Sony releases a patch, you gonna have to decide whenever you want to continue playing online, or will you stay on the exploit and play the homebrews.

    Or did I read it wrong? I mean, I couldn’t find any mention on installing the hack on the PSV it self. If it just going to run through an exploited game like on the PSP 3000, then it’s not really that exciting.

  18. Vincent L. says:

    Keeping a hot air gun over the chip ? Nice way to *** it up. If you need to desolder surface-mounted chips on a limited budget and not a lot of experience use Chipquik, not tools that can destroy your electronics.

    • wololo says:

      I think that type of comment is what we need. I think this is mostly unknown territory for YifanLu (and for me as well), but clearly some people (including you) have experience enough to let us avoid the most obvious mistakes. Things that sound obvious to you given your experience, are probably not to 99.99% of the people on this site, so that type of comment is (would have been) valuable.

      • y-seyf says:

        So, I would recommend you to use a 6 Watt thin soldering iron, because these make it much easier to solder to very little connections or pads and they are cheap to get from ebay (got mine for 8€). Trust me, I had a similar issue with the connection pads to be very little when I soldered my WiiKey Fusin to my Portable Gamecube with its FFC Cable and its very little connector.
        Also, use Soldering Paste (I don’t know the english word, but it is like soldering flux with a thicker consistence that makes it musch easier to apply to little connections and it would not flow into unwanted spots.

        And pay attention to the condensators on the vita’s MB ’cause these are likely to blow up easily when hot air is applied (have experience with similar case pf desoldering something).

        I wish you much luck and hope you succeed on it, because i like the idea of finding more stuff out about the vita than just about the psp emulator sandbox thing 😀

    • 110706 says:

      Someone on his blog also told him to use Atten 858d+ for example instead of a regular heatgun. Looking at some youtube footage, it’s definately a night and day difference. Yifan should listen you people advices.

  19. nevercall says:

    whenever there’s an update about HACKING… I always get eager to try it myself…

    so guys, can u please LIST THE STEPS on how you get the knowledge to hack a device STARTING FROM NOTHING?

    starting from the most basic, like did you take a course or just studied it yourself? projects, etc…. until the time you got enough knowledge to hack a device… 🙂

    thanks and merry christmas

  20. nevercall says:

    whenever there’s an update about HACKING… I always get eager to try it myself…

    so guys, can u please LIST THE STEPS on how you get the enough information to hack a device STARTING FROM NOTHING?

    starting from the most basic, like did you take a course or just studied it yourself? projects, etc…. until the time you got enough knowledge to hack a device… 🙂

    thanks and merry christmas 🙂

  21. wisest.guy says:

    certainly one of the more entertaining comment sections i’ve read in awhile lol.

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